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    Posted on January 2nd, 2018 Becky 4 comments



         When is District Attorney Craig Stedman going to open an investigation into MAW Communications and fraud? Will the State Attorney General’s Office get involved?
         How will the City of Lancaster recoup the millions of dollars they have given and loaned to MAW? When will we learn how much MAW paid in hush money to LNP to keep them “quiet?” Will LNP apologize and give the money back to the public? Will the top editors resign?
          If you go to tonight’s inauguration, you might want to ask new mayor Danene Sorace and the city council members who said “aye” to this absurd and utterly disgusting debacle those questions! There will be much more tomorrow.


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         The below is an email response from Paul Wirth, media spokesperson for PP&L, following a phone conversation we had this morning. He also confirmed the court Agreement I posted yesterday is valid and true. 


    Becky – here is a response to your questions. Paul.

    PPL Electric Utilities is moving forward under the terms of the court agreement. 

    MAW has attached wires to PPL’s poles for the LanCity Connect project. 

    MAW did so without authorization from PPL. 

    Some of these attachments are unsafe. They are hazardous for PPL line crews, and for the public. 

    We will be removing these unsafe and unauthorized pole attachments.

    Hundreds of other companies have followed PPL’s routine pole attachment process to successfully build communications infrastructure.

    MAW’s refusal to do so puts the LanCity Connect project at risk.


    ***  Finally, here it is – “Lancaster restaurant employee fires gunshot inside bar at New Year’s Eve event,” (click here).
             Thank you to the commenter under the post below who brought this story to our attention!       

    ** LNP just went up with this “insider” story (click here). Actually, 325 people have signed it and you can read and sign it here. This is another case where the mayor and city council don’t give a hoot what the public thinks. In the last city council meeting, Randy Patterson treated the garage as a done deal. Completely, absolutely done! Tell these crooks to stop now!

    *    This comment in from “huh?” several days ago in response to a commenter’s question about Tony Dastra’s qualifications to be the new City Treasurer:
         Interested, I get the feeling that Becky’s support of Dastra is not personal or an insider deal. I get the feeling that Becky’s support is more on the order of anything is better than the usual insider cast of characters.
          Given a position of respect, Dastra could learn while he earns. It may sound naive but it is preferable to me than another person with foregone conclusions and a puppet taking the treasurer spot. The lifers like Brogan and Patterson have had free reign for too long and no one that they have to answer to.


           That pretty much nails it. I don’t think the City Treasurer really does that much – apparently being on the Pension Boards is their biggest duty – besides “signing” checks. The job is part-time and pays $8,500. We have to get someone new and honest in there to learn and keep an eye on these crooks. Yes, I said “crooks” and there will be much more on Brogan, Patterson, Hopkins and Katzenmoyer later today.



    (Click here)

         According to the last city council meeting, following the inauguration of the new mayor and city council members, they will vote for the new Lancaster City Treasurer.
    Please check back later today.


    4 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE *** BREAKING NEWS *** -*** -** – * INAUGURATION TONIGHT”

    1. As I also said in my comment, I agree that we need new perspective in Lancaster City government but he is not nearly the best qualified “outsider” to fill the position. In my opinion.

    2. “Interested,” I didn’t think you’d like my answer (and you had to wait a loooong time for it!), but that is the way I feel. This MAW deal is simply unbelievable – and no one has been watching these officials for 12 years!

    3. Well you are correct, I do not like it! But I do agree we need change AND the MAW situation is ridiculous. I am just not as enamored with him as much as you are. But I do appreciate the long awaited answer 🙂

    4. Thank you for reaching out to PPL, this is excellent information! From their statement, there must be some significant developments that have not been reported. It appears PPL has already won a significant portion of their complaint, referencing PPL’s unequivocal statement “We will be removing these unsafe and unauthorized pole attachments.” Per the portion of the December 12 hearing transcript, “With regard to exigent safety issues, we have agreed that as identified by PP&L, MAW will have two business days to respond with either approval of proposed work for exigent safety issues, or an objection.”

      My question then has the PUC already overruled any objections made by MAW, or did MAW not even bother to object, despite all the Lancaster City taxpayer funded lawyers? I’m certain MAW and/or the City will be liable for the bills associated with PPL crews performing this removal work. Will users of LANCITY Connect lose service due to these facility removals?

      My other question is what were these exigent safety issues (specifically to gauge the seriousness and risk posed to the public and utility lineman)?

      I missed this when the story first became available but the Morning Call had some additional PPL statements that were not notated in the LNP coverage when the PPL lawsuit first broke.