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**   And High Associates and LNP do not want the public to know about what went on with the over $9 million in CRIZ money they received for the Marriott Hotel expansion. They filed the below to try to help keep Robert Field of NewsLanc.com from getting the documents (click here for the original).



(Click here for the LNP story.)

*     Could someone explain this to me please? High Industries and LNP ( the “PSP Partners”) were given over $9 million dollars of CRIZ money for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel expansion. What the hell is going on?



From the Tornado Alley Website (click here).

From this site in November of 2011 (click here).

     Over 10 years after they published “Adverse winds at play in Tornado Alley,” LNP still does not employ a minority reporter. Are they “nervous?”
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2 Responses to ** -* HOW MUCH CHANGE?

  1. Frank Lee says:

    This benevolent 600K to five communities. CRIZ money the taxpayer already gave to High?

  2. huh? says:

    I’m not surprised that they want to try and continue to hide their for profit profiteers. The purchase of those three building – at least one if not two of them – before CRIZ was ratified (or whatever they call it) screams fraud and collusion to me.

    Especially since High set up a seemingly shell corporation that has only purchased three things… those three buildings. Why did someone feel like that had to be hidden? Are they that inept that giving a fancy name to a fake company whose address is the same as High’s will hide that purchase forever? Confidential? What a bunch of maroons.

    How far in advance did they get the word that the CRIZ money was coming their way? How come we never see the name of that special little three building owning company’s name anywhere in print? Hmmmmmm???