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    Posted on January 29th, 2018 Becky 6 comments

         Actually, someone or many people should know these two men’s names if they spent time in the “private club” prior to the shooting! Had they been to the “club” on other occasions? How did they find out about the “club?” Where is this information? What are their names and why haven’t they been released to the public? Someone needs to demand answers – now!




    Part of a full page ad LNP has been running in the print editions about themselves and Managing Editor Tom Murse.
         Hey, LNP Managing Editor Tom Murse, could you get one of your “world class journalists” to call the Lancaster City Police and find out why it took them three days to release information about a shooting in the city? Could they ask the police where a description of these two violent men is? Could you ask them if they were caught on Coalition cameras? Could they ask the police for details on this “private club” in a concrete block garage?
          Could you do your damn job and protect the public and hold these public officials accountable?



    **   Finally, the Lancaster City Police put out a press release on Friday night’s shooting (click here). It turns out the public was and is in danger! Is there a description of these two men? There sure as hell should be! A lot of people saw them in the “club” and there are coalition cameras in the area! From the release:
         Officers were told that there had been a disturbance at a private club located at 407 Pershing Ave. (2) unknown Hispanic males had previously been inside the club earlier that evening. The males returned and started a confrontation with a male that was working security at the club. Witnesses reported that one of the males had been holding a handgun when the security guard began to struggle with him. Witnesses stated  the second unknown male fired at the security guard with a rifle. The security guard was struck by gunfire. No other injuries were reported.  Both suspects fled the scene on foot, south from the 400 blk. Pershing Ave. 
         And 407 Pershing Avenue is listed by the county as a small concrete block garage! What type of private club is this? And where is a description of these men who both had guns, one of them a rifle?

    *  …Dustin Salisbery, who is playing professional basketball in Tunisia for the second consecutive season.
         Since graduating from McCaskey in 2003, 33-year-old Salisbery has played on teams all over the world.
         He first played at Tornado Alley while in high school, he told LNP this week.
         “If the house is lost, it will definitely be a loss to everyone, especially the upcoming youth,” Salisbery said.
    From the LNP article on Tornado Alley.
         Yes, I have mentioned Dustin Salisbery on this site (click here for the original of “A MODERN LYNCHING”). Maybe LNP reporter Lindsey Blest could ask him about his cousin Akeem Washington and the horrific injustice that was perpetrated on him by the Lancaster City Police!


         The below is from the GoFundMe page for Dave Porter’s Tornado Alley – click here for the fund (pictured above) and here for today’s LNP “insider” story, “Home of Lancaster backyard basketball court ‘Tornado Alley’ goes up for sale.”
         I’m writing this for my brother, Dave Porter—founder and creator, full-time custodian, protector and defender of “Tornado Alley” for the past 15 years. As some of you may have heard, “Tornado Alley” is in a very precarious position. It could end forever. Financially, it’s not a community-supported project.
          Some will ask about my brother’s financial situation. At this point he has nothing. His house and Tornado Alley belong to the bank. You may wonder: but what did he do with any resources he had? But, he has a car! He had to sell his truck. The car he drives (a 1998) I loaned to him when I moved to FL. Like many dreamers and visionaries, he may not have always chosen wisely. A water fountain for “Tornado Alley” instead of something “practical?” Dave is not a slick businessman. What he is, and has ALWAYS been, is a humanitarian with a heart of gold. He happily shared his sports photographs with parents and families who didn’t have the resources to pay for their kids’ photos. He recently had to sell his cameras to keep going for a little while longer.
          Dave was awarded 2004 Jefferson Award for Outstanding Community Service; the Lancaster Newspapers’ “Red Rose Award” two times—2004 and 2013. He was awarded the “Lancaster Weed & Seed Youth Service Recognition Award for Outstanding Commitment and Support to the Inner City Youth of Lancaster” in 2004. He was a “Weed & Seed” committee chairman of Youth Intervention for 5 years.  2017 Lancaster County Sports Hall of Fame Volunteer Award.
          Please help keep this wonderful community project alive! Help save “Tornado Alley”. So many kids have benefitted throughout the years. Let this righteous project be blessed and continue for another 15 years. Thank you.
    Linda Porter Curtiss



    1. Becky, Please stop. There is no time for this public safety stuff. Craig Stedman needs to get appointed. No hands on deck. Maybe next time.

    2. I think that a cool name for a band would be:

      Tom Murse’s Slimming Neck Beard.

    3. I think you secretly like his neck beard! 🙂 🙂

    4. Ha ha. One of my relatives who is clearly obese decided to grow a neck beard. He declared that he thought it was ‘slimming.’ 🙂

    5. Back in my day, we called private clubs…”gangs”.

    6. Urban setting was called….ghetto