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—  Kenneth L. White was shot by Officer Todd Dickinson on February 11, 2015 and filed a federal suit in 2016 alleging excessive force and municipal liability against Dickinson, the City of Lancaster, the Lancaster City Bureau of Police and Officer Adam Dommel. The suit is ongoing and parts are below and more will be coming.
From a subpoena issued to District Attorney Craig Stedman in Kenneth White’s lawsuit against Officer Todd Dickinson:


Officer Todd Dickinson

From a document in Kenneth L. White’s current federal lawsuit against Lancaster Police Officer Todd Dickinson. There will be more to follow…


***   It is wonderful that he was found safe – but LNP – this is no longer “BREAKING NEWS” and should not be your lead story all day long! OMG!


**   Click here for “RACISM CHARGED AGAINST LCPD” on this site with a video of the encounter and click here for LNP’s, “Philadelphia cop sues Lancaster city and 2 of its police officers for violating civil rights.”       

*    Now retired Philadelphia Police Officer Sterling Staton’s federal lawsuit against Lancaster Officer Todd Dickinson is about to settle. See his attorney’s letter to the Judge dated yesterday. And there are more developments regarding Dickinson in another federal lawsuit.



     There is breaking news in the two federal lawsuits against Lancaster Police Officer Todd Dickinson involving District Attorney Craig Stedman and former Police Chief Keith Sadler. That will come later today.
     This comment in yesterday:
    Did you miss the news??? Lancaster City Police made an arrest in the homicide of Peters in December.
     No! I did not miss it and I have a lot to say about it (click here for the police press release, “Torres, Raymon – CRIMINAL HOMICIDE and 2 additional charges”)!
     This portion of a comment into this site from William Weisser yesterday who spoke to city council on Tuesday evening:
     During my meeting with City Officials they indicated that MAW has not performed a previous large scale ISP project similar to LANC-CITY connect. They did indicate MAW provides fiber ISP services to other industrial type campuses, but none were specifically named. Per the article you linked it is indicated that the city could potentially recover assets through these revenue streams (so it would be very interesting to know who MAW’s other clients are).


      That is an excellent point! This is unbelievable and where is LNP’s coverage? LNP reporter Sam Janesch, who normally covers politics, was at Tuesday’s meeting.

      And speaking of LNP reporters, I asked about the whereabouts of Tim Stuhldreher who normally covers city hall and has failed to report on this MAW fiasco.
     I received an unverified report that he is out of town on family medical leave. The emailer also stated this:
      I believe Mr. Stuhldreher is very well intentioned and intelligent. He has a difficult job.


     Understood. But at some point these LNP “reporters” have to decide whether they will abide by their personal code of ethics and the  journalism code of ethics and the truth or stay at LNP where ethics and the truth are blatantly ignored.

      I wonder what Sam Janesch’s journalism professors would tell him about LNP’s failure to inform the public of the truth about DA Craig Stedman, State Senator Scott Martin and MAW Communications to name just a few!
Please check back later today.


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