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    Posted on December 26th, 2017 Becky 22 comments


         Just look where the money has gone back to the cash cows who use the system so they do not use there own money. Where are the start up companies who were going to fix blighted properties not properties worth multi millions THE FIX IS IN. I am sure U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker never had plans for his bill to give CRIZ money to make the rich richer.
    Posted as a comment under LNP’s story, “Task force recommends grant, loan programs to make CRIZ more available to small businesses,” (click here). 
         Oh, my! You are right about everything except Smucker’s intentions! He wrote the CRIZ directly for LNP and as a result, the Schmuck has received nothing but good press from them! It’s a deal Lancaster County officials are very used to: do favors for LNP and they will do favors for you in return!
         That’s the reason they started “The Caucus,” so they could extend their power and influence and get even bigger favors from those in Harrisburg. See immediately below on this post about the CRIZ!     


     ***   I can’t speak for their hiring practices but the reality of it is, in my opinion, they do not attract a great deal of minority applicants. Lancaster is still a provincial community that, for a number of reasons, has never supported a strong and abundant minority based middle class. It is a simple numbers game. It does not make it right but it’s just the way it is. If you want to argue that LNP should recruit qualified individuals that better represent the diversity of Lancastrians then that is a different discussion.
    Part of a comment into this site this morning.
    —  LNP tried the same explanation years ago. A commenter said they had been to a presentation by former LNP reporter Cindy Stauffer at least eight years ago. They asked her why there were no minorities at LNP. Cindy’s answer: none had applied. That is absolute nonsense and a flat-out lie.
    —  If there is no “strong and abundant minority based middle class” in Lancaster it is because of LNP!
         I will address this issue further in the coming weeks. I have had this site for over 14 years and I have been stating almost daily for 14 years that LNP is racist – and it’s obvious and evidenced every single day – and quite simply and matter of factly, they are racist and it is reflected everywhere in the county as a result.

    OVER $9M TO LNP!

       This article was also on the front page of this Sunday’s print edition.

    **    Guess what LNP and the Caucus: Over $9 million of taxpayer money has gone to a for-profit, racist company in Lancaster for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel expansion! 
           Where is your story? Where is the outrage?



    **   A quote from another front page story today by veteran LP reporter Jeff Hawkes and an “insider” story online, “Poverty rates in Lancaster County inch up in 2016, higher than most of Pennsylvania’s bigger cities,” (click here).

         Of course, Hawkes does not address the obvious, ironic and disgusting fact that LNP will not give minorities “one good job.”


         And then Hawkes goes on to quote none other than Tom Baldrige, who pays himself $262,000 a year as the CEO of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce, who broke the state ethics law to vote to give racist LNP, his wife’s employer, millions of CRIZ dollars for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel expansion. And the Lancaster Community Fund gave the Chamber millions of dollars to renovate their new building.
         And a commenter into this site doesn’t think that everything is a grand conspiracy among an elite few? Oh, yes it is – led by LNP!


         A tweet from LNP’s new “investigative reporter and investigative team leader,” Michael Deibert who has the front page story in today’s print edition and an “insider” story online, “‘Everything kind of fell apart’: Demographics surrounding poverty in Lancaster County shatter myths,”(click here).     

          Then why are you working for one of the most racist companies in Lancaster County? Where is the “tolerance and pluralism” at LNP? Will you be doing an investigation and an exposé into LNP’s discrimination in hiring for over 50 years and its impact on the community? Have you taken a good look at your co-workers?
    Please check back later today.



    1. A few points: 1. I was making a general comment that there is not an ongoing number of conversations involving a select few about manipulating all of Lancaster to benefit said few. 2. As for LNP, I am not defending their inconsistent, occasionally lazy journalism. This had been a pervasive problem for years and I imagine will only become more prevalent as our media outlets continue to evolve past print, thus leading talent to other venues. 3. I can’t speak for their hiring practices but the reality of it is, in my opinion, they do not attract a great deal of minority applicants. Lancaster is still a provencial community that, for a number of reasons, has never supported a strong and abundant minority based middle class. It is a simple numbers game. It does not make it right but it’s just the way it is. If you want to argue that LNP should recruit qualified individuals that better represent the diversity of Lancastrians then that is a different discussion. 4. In regards to Tom Baldwin, am I mistaken that the state responded to your inquiry and stated there was/is no conflict in their opinion? 5. You have not answered my question regarding the City Treasurer vacancy, which you indicated you would. I have expanded upon my points and hope you will by kind enough to do so on your thoughts.

    2. Baldrige, not Baldwin. Typo.

    3. You raise interesting points! Please give me time to try to answer all of them. Unlike LNP, I don’t have an 80 some editorial staff! 🙂

    4. The genesis of CRIZ was an effort to build a hockey arena in Allentown. It was then expanded to include like sized cities. It was then, when virtually EVERYONE involved agreed that the wording employed in the legislation was resulting in cities getting pennies on the intended dollars, that Lloyd Smucker lead the process to correct it. He was doing his job as a representative of one of the handful of cities who would qualify. I am still not sold on its long term success but please get the facts straight. This was never a program exclusively designed to benefit a few in Lancaster. To imply as much is either purposely deceptive or just uninformed.
      Becky, we can go back and forth regarding LNP and never come to much common ground. To blame them for all of the perils which have befallen the minority population in Lancaster going back generations is absurd. I get it. You hate them but nothing is all the fault of a single organization such as LNP. But I digress.
      In closing, why do I suspect you will not respond to my questions/assertions as to Tom Baldrige and the City Treasurer. I hope you prove me wrong.

    5. Interested:

      Just two CRIZ designations will be awarded initially and another two in 2016. Political insiders say Lancaster, whose state senator wrote the law creating the designation, is well positioned to be selected.

      Cities compete for Allentown arena-like incentive

    6. As far as no minority applicants go, I have asked a nationally published writer who moved to Lancaster and was job hunting if they had applied and they had and as I suspected they were apparently offered the lowest job on the totem pole… The type of work that is a slap in the face.

      Then I see they hire Lily White Deibert to report on minority issues as part of his job. Hey, a guy who speaks Spanish AND can pass the tissue test AND the last name test.

      You have always been on the right track as far as hiring practices go. The LNP serves no one but itself.

    7. My understanding was/is he certainly was credited but again, it was born out of Allentown. Niw, he was the one who amended it to benefit Lancaster. No argument there. Buy it was not his brainchild. I suppose I could have articulated that better. My apologies.

    8. The CRIZ effort began after Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray asked Smucker if he was aware of the strides Allentown was making with it’s Neighborhood Improvement Zone program.

      Staff members from Smucker’s and Gray’s offices crafted the CRIZ legislation based on that program.

      CRIZ economic development zone awarded to Lancaster

    9. Becky, I stand corrected. I like to think that typically I am fairly well versed in these matters and I knew it was born out of Allentown but the more you post the more I recall. Thank you.

    10. Bottom line regarding CRIZ for me is that they forced small business in Lancaster to, in many cases have to hire accountants and lawyers to help them fill out the mandatory paperwork KNOWING that they wouldn’t get a dime of the money. That it was already earmarked for pet projects that would further political careers.

      And despite the supposed constraints on CRIZ, if they can justify netting on a failed from the start stadium, the real gem left in the city, the Central Market, had to put out tip jars to try to drum up publicity for roof repairs. And the shady purchase of three buildings next to the hotel, one or more well in advance of the CRIZ money approval, by a “shell company” that ended up with the same address as the construction company. And of course followed by a quick destruction approval by the Historic Preservation Trust for three eminently rehabable nineteenth century buildings…

      CRIZ was tainted from the start no matter Allentown or Allegheny or Alberquerque. Someone in power to make or break political careers says hey, I want some of that and the pols say, how much? The truth lies in just who got most of the money and it wasn’t the little guys.

      And for that matter, it wasn’t​ for restoring Thaddeus Stevens home. Or the Montgomery House. It will be used to build cheap Russian bloc safe looking baloney buildings for the suburbanites to show how “edgy” they are braving a city visit.

      And like Lancaster Square, the principals will be long gone with full pockets leaving tax payers holding the bag.

    11. Huh? I agree with you 100% re the stadium. The management of that facility has declined, in my opinion. I personally embrace the notion of CRIZ but I am not sure if the recipients are astute enough to apply the proceeds in a well planned, thought out manner. As for Lancaster Square, I honestly think this is the best thing to happen to it, ever. I do have confidence in that particular project. The PSP entity has evolved too much for me to make an informed opinion. I hope for the best.

    12. Becky, I will make this easy: I will no longer contribute my opinion to your site as clearly you do not want to participate in honest, two way debate. When I make a statement which you rightfully correct me on I am the first to admit said mistake and defer to your knowledge in the contested matters. Yet you refuse to respond to issues I point out that I have to assume you do not want to acknowledge in light of the fact that I may be in the right. I will ask one more time re Tom Baldrige and the City Treasurer. I would very much welcome a response as you broached both topics.

    13. I already responded and you need some patience. Sometimes I need to eat and sleep and shop and have a life and step away from my computer.

    14. Becky, I certainly appreciate that but you are incredibly quick to respond to issues when you have an immediate (and correct) response. I just wish you would give the same respect to your readers that you demand of those who you read.

    15. Regarding Baldrige and what interested might be referring to. Right now as a parallel comparison, FOX news is going nuts over some FBI guy (I believe) whose wife is running, or ran, for office in Virginia and his wife received a big chunk of money for her political race. Apparently FOX news is reporting that the husband went easy on investigating Clinton and in return Clinton gave her money from her own coffers to finance her race in Virginia.

      So in Lancaster you have something similar with a husband and wife team doing something that an independent newspaper should at least be questioning. But since she works for the paper and they directly benefit,nothing will be written. On FOX they might even question whether one of them got their job because of the other spouse.

      What I do remember about Patterson is how his smirking at Con Center and Hotel meetings made one VERY WELL INFORMED critic of the project come away with the district feeling that his loyalties were questionable.

    16. Huh? I completely understand what Becky is saying re Baldrige. My issue is I believe she wrote the state and they replied that in their opinion there is no conflict, thus when she says the law is being broken, well, no its not, yet she keeps on saying it is. She is entitled to her own opinion but is factually wrong yet keeps on repeating it. I was asking her for clarification. My other point is her staunch support of Tony Dastra for the vacant City Treasurer position. He is a well meaning and enthusiastic young man but as far as I can tell has ZERO qualifications to be Treasurer. I outlined my thoughts and she implied she would respond but has not. What bothers me is she states how she needs time and I respect that but she will quickly respond to points where I believe she knows she is in the right. She will ignore points that are not based in her facts. I enjoy reading her website as it does offer perspective on many issues not covered as well as they should be by LNP and will occasionally comment where I see fit. I also enjoy your perspective, Huh? as you seem like a well informed, concerned individual. I suppose I will refrain from reading and commenting in the future as I am unable to come to grips with the hypocrisy so evident here from time to time. I simply just wanted an answer to what I think are very legitimate points which she herself argued first. I hope that makes sense.

    17. You are welcome to refrain from reading or commenting! It reminds me of internet trolls who leave forums with long, heart-wrenching posts (and usually come back the next day)!

      * Edited to add – “Interested’s” comment crossed with my morning post.

    18. Interested, I get the feeling that Becky’s support of Dastra is not personal or an insider deal. I get the feeling that Becky’s support is more on the order of anything is better than the usual insider cast of characters.

      Given a position of respect, Dastra could learn while he earns. It may sound naive but it is preferable to me than another person with foregone conclusions and a puppet taking the treasurer spot. The lifers like Brogan and Patterson have had free reign for too long and no one that they have e to answer to.

    19. Huh?, I completely agree that there needs to be “new blood” in many roles in the City government. The entire MAW issue is undeniable proof of that. My point in regards to Dastra is he has no qualifications at all for a position that requires a great deal of acumen when it comes to not only basic fiduciary practices but I imagine an understanding of tax codes and municipal finance. I ran a 65 person department that had annual revenues in excess of $35 million and I did the annual budgeting along with monthly sales commission reports and expenses. Not to mention tracking revenue on a daily basis. All that being said, I am not qualified to be the City Treasurer. He actually is much better suited to be a Council member. I watched the YouTube video of the candidates and there are other outsiders who are much more qualified. It is terribly obvious. At least to me.
      Becky, I am not a troll. I have been reading your site for years. And I appreciate your response that crossed my comments. I think you are entirely wrong about the amount of influence LNP has had on the entire minority population. They are not a racist organization. But you believe otherwise. We can agree to disagree. And thank you for republishing the letter. As they stated, I too just do not think it is a violation but I certainly understand your opinion of why it could be. I would like to think you welcome other opinions and those willing to add to the discourse. Your tireless efforts to keep this site running should be applauded.

    20. Thanks, Interested. Truce. I appreciate your comments. I was feeling feisty (and cold!) this morning. This site is what it is and I do my best to be honest and factual. People can read it or not read it.

    21. Becky, thank you. Having already been outside today I can appreciate your reaction 🙂

    22. I think a better description of LNP is biased – which encompasses racism, among other things. I dont believe they are DRIVEN by racism. That is, simply, a by product of their bias, which IS driven by money….on all kinds of levels including many we casual observers/readers do NOT know about.
      Also, just because the PA Ethics Commission declines an investigation does not mean an individual or entity is devoid of ethics. Read between the lines of that letter.
      Finally, where are all these “refugees”? Possibly the per capita # is so high (if that statement is, even, accurate), because no one who is not 100% white is allowed to set foot in Lancaster County’s largest township. Hell, they barely allow women in Manor.