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**   Missing from this report…mention of a well-spoken and rather eloquent member of the public that rose during this meeting and asked some rather detailed and intelligent questions regarding MAW. MAW is the Reading-based outfit that has been given almost $5 million in public City funds, to-date, to construct the City’s broadband network. The project has been plagued by delays and is now in complete standstill while PPL sues MAW and asks them to remove infrastructure installed to date, the State investigates MAW and the City hires a $365/hour lawyer to help defend MAW and its investment. Clearly Council had no interest in taking up the issue and was SILENT following this taxpayer’s remarks. This project is not going anywhere. These are real dollars teetering on the edge. While the speaker thanked this same “reporter” for bringing the issues to light, my question is why isn’t the press asking the very same questions that he did? That is your job!!!!!
A comment on Lancaster Online under the LNP article by “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher, “Mayor Rick Gray bids farewell, City Council passes 2018 budget,” (click here).
     When you think LNP can’t go any lower, they just do. Yes, it is his job! This is an absolute betray of the public trust and proof that this lying, greedy, corrupt and racist company is not a news organization. There will be more tomorrow.       


*    There is a special city council meeting this evening at 6:00 pm in city hall to interview candidates for city treasurer. Hopefully Tony Dastra, who live-streams the city council meetings and who is also in the running to be the treasurer, will live-stream it. LIP News will cover it briefly tomorrow and then go on holiday break until Tuesday, December 26.


     Jeremy Walsh is clever and charming and also a con man, a drug-addict and wanted by the police for several burglaries and thefts (click here). My story of my encounter with him in September is below. Was I ever in physical danger? I don’t think so. Was I foolish? Yes. Was I embarrassed? Unbelievably so.
     There will be more serious news coming later today.
      I was in Lancaster on September 19th to cover a trial in the Lancaster County Courthouse in the morning and then go to a preliminary hearing at District Judge David P. Miller’s office in the afternoon for Michael Dayquan Baker.
     I went to the public library on Duke Street over a morning break in the trial to use their computers since my cell phone and laptop were locked in an attorney’s office. I met Jeremy outside. He was pleasant, well spoken, looked clean and neat and said he had just come into Lancaster and was staying at the Water Street Rescue Mission but didn’t like it.
     I told him I was covering a trial and had to get back to the courthouse. He said he used to be a reporter.
     I came back to the library when the trial broke for lunch – and there was Jeremy. He asked what I was doing next and I mentioned the preliminary hearing. He said he had nothing to do and could he come along? I almost said “no,” but then I thought I might learn some interesting things from Jeremy and we would take a cab so I was not worried about my physical well being.
     The cab driver told us he had been in Lancaster County Prison – he didn’t mention the nature of his crime – and we had a great trip to the DJ’s office talking about all the corruption in Lancaster and I exchanged phone numbers with the driver at the end of our trip.
     The DJ’s office was very crowded and we sat on a bench next to each other. We had been there for about a half-hour when the trouble began. After playing with his I-Pad and talking to a little girl who was there with her parents, Jeremy’s head began to nod. He took something out of a small tin can – like a chewing tobacco can – and swallowed it.
     I decided it was time for me to move and I went into the DJ’s courtroom so I wouldn’t miss anything and to get away from Jeremy who stayed behind on the bench.
     I peered my head repeatedly around the corner and saw the nodding was getting worse. Finally I looked out and Jeremy was laying flat on the bench out cold.
     This caught the eyes of the constables and one said, “Oh my God! He’s overdosing in the District Justice’s office!”
     And then, of course, it happened. The biggest constable I have ever seen in my life – I mean huge – pointed to me in the courtroom and waved his finger for me to come to him.
     “Are you with him?” he asked. I said I had just met him at the Duke Street library a couple of hours ago.
     There was now a circle of Constables around us and he asked incredulously, “And you came here with him?”
     I took a deep breath. I collected my thoughts. “We came in a taxi,” I said.
     “Oh,” every Constable said at once, “They came in a taxi.”
     I’m not sure what happened next but apparently Jeremy was not truly overdosing and they woke him up and kicked him out. I never saw him again.
     There will be more on Michael Dayquan Baker coming after the holidays!


  1. Frank Lee says:

    Lancaster Constable Application

    Are you too stupid to be a real cop?______

    Are you too fat and out of shape to be a prison guard?____

    Were you rejected by a branch of the military for being too fat?____

    Are too embarrassed to be a mall security guard?____

    Training (you may check more than one) Watching


    “T.J. Hooker”_____

    “NYPD Blue”______

    “Hill Street Blues”____

    “Cop Rock”____


    “Miami Vice”_____

    Other____ (list)_____________________________________

  2. --------- says:

    Where was this special city council meeting announced? Is there any information regarding how the treasurer will be appointed (ie special election or appointment by counsel)? Who else is “in the running?”

    I believe this would be an excellent position for Mr. Dastra and it would be relieving to have someone with oversight of city finances who places such an emphasis on public ethics, accountability, and openess.

    This is theoretically an elected position and I would hope this is not a unilateral council decision. Is anyone aware what the best course of action to indicate support for Mr. Dastra? I likely will be unable to attend this meeting.

  3. Jay says:

    You mean Randall Kreiser and his gang of wanna be constable’s who have little training on what an overdose is or that matter any of it, Was there any Manheim Twp. Police Officers there or just them as usual? I’m taking a guess they were not there because they would have stepped in before the gang of constable’s would have. Even the Deputy Sheriff’s have more training then they do and I think most of them are a bit off at times but they are trained a bit more then constables when it comes to handling people and overdosed persons.