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    Posted on December 29th, 2017 Becky 10 comments


         On page A-14 of today’s print edition, LNP has the unmitigated gall to run a full page ad for themselves (screenshots of the top and bottom of the page are below). “World-class journalism” my butt! Oh, my heavens, these people are liars!
         Have a great New Year and please check back on Tuesday, January 2nd for the 10 biggest lies LNP has told this past year!



    UPDATE – 12-30-17  – There is an excellent Letter to the Editor in LNP today about MAW Communications and LanCity Connect – click here for “City residents deserve answers.”



          Based on conservative extrapolations of rollouts elsewhere, MAW is projecting an initial customer base of 4,000, followed by 2 percent annual growth, Hopkins [Patrick Hopkins the Director of Administrative Services for the city] said.
    From the LNP article in March by “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher, “Official: It’s not risky for city to put up money for LanCity Connect broadband, and here’s why,” (click here).       
         Where has MAW “rolled out” before? I asked this question months ago and a Lancaster City resident asked this question of city council in their 12-19-17 meeting. Why doesn’t the public have an answer to this simple question? Exactly when and where has MAW “rolled out” before, LNP and Stuhldreher? Could you ask Hopkins and mayor-elect Danene Sorace who is the finance chair of city council?
         Wouldn’t you want to know that before you loan a company $1.5 million of the taxpayers money on top of paying them another $3.2 million? Where is the answer to this obvious, basic question, LNP and Stuhldreher? Isn’t that your job?


         LNP – your “community newspaper,” has lied to you in the last two weeks about the quality of the water in the city of Lancaster and the millions of dollars the city has mismanaged regarding stormwater overflow, and they have lied about MAW Communications who has received $4.7 million dollars to install an internet broadband connection for the city that is at a standstill and going nowhere.
         When you ring in the New Year, ring out this racist, corrupt, greedy, lying and unethical company! Unbelievable!
    Please check back later today.


    10 responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR! – 12-30-17 UPDATE – AFTERNOON UPDATE – LNP: ALWAYS LYING!”

    1. LNP. Let’s Not Protest. They’re Dale High and PSP spin doctors with coupons.
      In just a few short days, Mayor Dick will be out and it’ll be Mayor Sorace. Funny, but when she speaks you can hardly see Mayor Dick’s lips move. Send in the clone.

    2. Expecting answers from the clone is like expecting answers from John Dick, which is like expecting LNP to demand answers and act in the public interest.

    3. barry in winnipeg

      About the “Happy New Year” greeting… In 2009, I moved from Ephrata to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and yesterday Winnipeg was officially colder than either the North Pole or the South Pole. I understand you all may have a little snow to shovel yourselves, but dress warm, snuggle close to someone you love, forget about politics, and focus on your friends and family, and do have a Great 2018!

    4. 🙂 🙂 Thanks, Barry!

    5. P.S. Please stop sending your freezing Canadian air down here! 🙁
      🙂 🙂

    6. When I lived in Miami, had to attend a biz trip in Winnepeg. I knew I was going to Canada and it was winter, but it was still 90-degrees in South Florida. I knew it was a town “with a hockey team” – but not much else – and didnt bother to look at a map. I arrived in Manitoba after a couple of flights,
      including a stop in Toronto, in the warmest coat I owned, to the coldest place I have ever been. I saw cars on generators for the first time ever, learned why they needed to be, as it was about 50-below. Ate at one of only the handful of restaurants open in such unbelievably frigid weather, and was found frozen to death about three days later. Eh.

    7. I just looked up the current temp. in Winnipeg — -21 degrees! Have mercy!

    8. Oops! I didn’t read far enough: EXTREME COLD WARNING

      Posted 2 hours ago

      Extreme wind chill values of -40 to -45 are occurring once again over southern Manitoba this morning. These wind chill values will moderate throughout the day however the Arctic air mass responsible for the extreme cold remains in place. As a result portions of southern Manitoba will see wind chill values fall back into the minus forties tonight. On Tuesday more seasonable conditions are expected as the extreme conditions depart the region.

    9. You know what they say…go live somewhere where it is really cold and you’ll keep longer. BTW, in places like Manitoba, people know that if they die in the winter that they won’t be “planted​until the ground thaws. Bodies can stack up.

      Most opt for cremation because just once in their lives they want to see what warm actually feels like.


      That’s all I got. Happy New Year!

    10. 🙂 🙂