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     The bottom line is I obviously read her site. I do think she addresses topics that need to be discussed. But not everything is a grand conspiracy among an elite few.
Part of a comment into this site from “Interested” several weeks ago.
     Actually, in regard to LNP, I believe you are wrong and everything they do is self-serving instead of serving and protecting the pubic and holding officials accountable which is the definition and purpose of journalism. I will present that case next week and the actions being taken to hold city council members accountable.
     It’s a very busy season, of course, and I ran out of time to answer the same commenters question earlier today under the below post about Tony Dastra and the city treasurer position and that will also come next week.
     Have a wonderful holiday and LIP News will return on Tuesday!


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  1. Interested says:

    I completely disagree 🙂