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    Posted on December 5th, 2017 Becky No comments


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         Less than two weeks after 45 million turkeys were killed for Thanksgiving, a man killing a chicken has made the home page of Lancaster Online. It was his neighbor’s chicken so it is not known if he had killed a chicken of his own in the same manner and said he was cooking it for his dinner, if he would still be facing a felony charge with a warrant out for his arrest.
         No, I don’t condone a man beating a chicken to death with a stick – and I don’t know how those 45 million turkeys are killed every year and I don’t want to know.
         And it seems odd that it was Sidney Sweigart who committed the crime as he has the dog to the left as his Facebook profile picture and has multiple photographs of his dogs on his timeline. His last public post on his Facebook page from February of 2014 is a link to the Lebanon Humane Organization dog adoption and he says, “Great place, caring for the animals.”
         But above all, to go into this much detail on the death of a chicken is simply absurd. From the article there is this:
         “The bird showed signs of blunt force trauma and was missing a wing, Kreisher [the police officer] wrote in the affidavit.” 
         LNP figured this would be clickbait for jokes and puns and even some righteous outrage from animal activists. But a felony for killing a chicken? And maybe LNP “reporter” Lindsey Blest could spend this much time and detail on all of the unsolved murders of human beings in the county?



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    **   Note to LNP Managing Editor Tom Murse: No one needs this absurd, whiny crap! What is this doing on a news website?
          Even if you answer these questions, I don’t think I will understand you, Camera Thief. You have unfortunately jaded my now-obviously naïve belief that people just won’t take things from the woods that don’t belong to them.
         And so the next time you encounter one of my cameras, it will be locked – at greater expense to me – to try to dissuade people like you from doing what should be impossible for anyone with even a shred of basic human decency.
    From P.J. Reilly’s whine.
          The below commenters said it better than I can and I do urge P.J. to get professional therapy now! “A shred of basic human decency!” OMG! Call the men in the white coats and lock him up now!
     —  Maybe the Buck took it because he’s sick of being stalked. Seriously do people actually leave a camera in the woods for 10 days and expect it to be there when they return ? Hmmmm….Is this the mentality of people that are going to be walking around with loaded guns ?
    —  Gosh P.J. , that’s an awful long rambling letter. Please try and be a big boy through this. I know it’s tuff, your mom probably bought you that brand new camera and now the other boys took it. You need to move on, maybe try therapy, you’ll get through this. Lol!


    *    Does anyone know how to log off being a “registered insider” on Lancaster Online? You can log off Facebook and Twitter, but how do you log off as an “insider?” I can’t find a way! I don’t want them tracking me everywhere I go!


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    Get real, LNP! What a joke!
    Please check back later today.

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