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    Posted on December 22nd, 2017 Becky 3 comments
    **   Are you still keeping your house and internet connections in your name only, Cheryl Dum Markle (click here and see the screenshot below from Ron Harper’s blog)? That’s not going to work this time! Are you proud of the over 1,700 filthy, disgusting comments you have sent into this site? Do you keep track of them on your refrigerator? Does it bring joy into your life?
         Didn’t you learn the definitions of harassment and stalking years ago when your husband was convicted of those crimes involving a former girlfriend? Do you have a single brain cell in your head?
          Their comment into this site yesterday:
             The screenshot from Ron Harper’s blog:


    *   Last evening serial stalkers Cheryl Dum Markle and Steven Markle posted the below on Lancaster Online under the story about Mayor Gray and city council. This time they posted as “Joe Smith – nutty.” That’s probably because Steven Markle’s own nuts are the size of peppercorns.
         Someone, I assume LNP, took it down. I am not Kirk Brown. And in a comment into this site yesterday that will be posted shortly, these two are just absolute trash and filth.



         Tony Dastra makes his case to be the Lancaster City Treasurer at last night’s special city council meeting. You can watch all nine candidates here.


    3 responses to “** – * COUNCIL WILL VOTE ON JANUARY 2”

    1. Becky, I am a tad surprised about what I am interpreting as your support for Mr Dastra. I have been in his presence on a few occasions but do not claim to “know” him. I believe he is passionate about Lancaster City and truly wants to serve. What I question is his financial acumen (what are his applicable qualifications for this position?) and, to be quite honest, his intellectual capacity. I do not want to be rude but in his remarks to City Council he comes across as incredibly kind and well meaning but not necessarily capable of great discourse or achievement. With all of the financial challenges that plague our City I would think, based on all of your strongly worded concern, that you would advocate for an individual with a great deal of experience AND an inherent skill set. If City Council (who, I believe, is made up of others lacking the intrinsic qualities that are necessary) has the opportunity to directly appoint an individual to this role, they can’t settle for a lesser candidate.

    2. Interesting points, Interested! I will try to address that this afternoon.

      I was going to apologize for the “stalker break” but I’m not going to apologize. These are sick, disgusting human beings who have been doing this for over 15 years with me as their direct target for the last five years.

    3. I look forward to your response. As for your stalkers, they are beyond my grasp of rational. I am sorry you have to deal with them and that.