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  • *** – ** – * – *** BREAKING NEWS *** MAW – INEXPERIENCED!

    Posted on December 19th, 2017 Becky 8 comments

    — There will be much more tomorrow. —

    ***  The text of his comment to city council:

         … Specifically, this deals with MAW Communications and their recent issue with PP&L Utility. I want to thank Mr. Stuhldreher from Lancaster Online for commenting on this in the newspaper to keep the public informed and I hope he continues to cover this issue.
         I want to say that the recent dispute with PP&L highlights the inexperience – in addition to previous issues that MAW Communications has run into – in their installation of a new ISP in the city of Lancaster. This highlights their inexperience in the field and I believe they do not have the ability to execute a project of this scope and complexity within the city of Lancaster.
         I did search for a number of – or any sort of previous projects that MAW Communications has implemented with similar scope and complexity to what they are accomplishing here and the only project I was able to find in reference to which they completed was a small WI-FI installation in the square in Reading.
         I would be very curious to know if there are any similar projects that MAW Communications has completed? I do have a copy here of the requirements for the attachment of communication cable facilities on PP&L poles.
          I reviewed this in detail this evening. I believe it is a very reasonable document and any reasonable consultant/and or contractor would have gone through prior and had a clear discussion with PPL regarding the installation of their facilities and again it kind of brings up my question regarding how this project is proceeding and MAW Communication’s ability to execute.
         So from that I believe there are a number of reasonable questions that the public deserves answers to as regards to this topic. I would like to present them.
         First of all, I am kind of confused what the exact dollar figure – pool of money – that has been given to MAW Communications. I’ve seen various reports in the range of three to five million and I’m confused what the exact number is?
         I’m curious how MAW was vetted, such as, were they given a competitive bid for this project to do in the city of Lancaster? Did they provide previous projects with similar magnitudes and scopes for evaluation of their experience to form a project such as this? I’m also curious what deficiencies have been documented with PP&L because I do believe there are potential serious hazards to public safety and liability to the city based on improperly installed facilities on high voltage, medium voltage and even low voltage distribution poles for quite a number of reasons and I do think it would be in the public’s interest to know exactly what deficiencies PP&L has observed and documented.
         So, based on these questions I think it is my opinion that Lancaster and the city council should reconsider supporting legal fees to defend MAW Communications and push through PP&L [inaudible] lawsuit.
         I believe that the city of Lancaster should consider recouping the monies they have to date paid to MAW Communications to the maximum extent possible and attempt to find a consultant/contractor with clear experience and results in performing similar work of similar scope and complexity to complete the installation for the city.



    **   On a side note, oh, do I have a story about Jeremy P. Walsh (click here). You would think when you reach a certain age – common sense would kick in and you’d say to yourself, “Don’t do this!” Well, I did it! Moral of the story: never go to a preliminary hearing at a District Justice’s office with a man you met in front of the Duke Street library an hour before! Oh, my!



    *    Click here to watch the excellent presentation by a member of the public – it begins at about 26:00 left in the tape. I am working on a transcript and should have it up shortly.

    ***  BREAKING NEWS  ***


         A member of the public addressed city council tonight regarding MAW Communications. He said their problems with PPL highlight MAW’s inexperience in the field. He said any “reasonable contractor” would have consulted and come to an agreement with PPL on the requirements for using their poles prior to beginning this project.
          He said he researched MAW and their previous projects and the only thing similar he could find was a small WI-FI spot in the city of Reading.
         He asked city council three excellent questions. Those will come tomorrow.

    [Editor’s note: As mentioned here and in the ultimate irony, I am having internet connection problems. I believe it is coming from my provider, Verizon, and I will call them tomorrow. The internet is on and off – mostly off at least during the day. Please be patient! Thank you.]


    8 responses to “*** – ** – * – *** BREAKING NEWS *** MAW – INEXPERIENCED!”

    1. I am very happy to read that a citizen actually stood up and asked. Your blog has been a primer for anyone who cared enough to do so.

    2. PS I hope the citizen asked just whose idea hiring MAW was.

      As is almost always in Lancaster, there’s a story behind that hire that would stink if the light of day is shone upon it.

    3. FYI – that clip starts with 26:00 “left” not 26:00 “in”. following those very well-spoken remarks/questions…CRICKETS. Council had nothing to say. NOTHING. ZERO – ZIP – NADA. I hope voters hold their feet to the fire on this one…even voters that don’t care about ISP service. They will have wasted $5 million+ of our money on this one. I hope they don’t allow Sale Ole Same Ole to pass this one back to Trickie Dickie and Pitbull Pat. She was the finance chair. She approved this, endorsed this and brought it to council for their rubber stamp. She owns it!

    4. Thanks, talking! I corrected the time. This guy just absolutely nails it!

    5. I can’t wait to see how LNP spins this!!

    6. What was the response that the citizen received? Did he press the issue?

    7. @huh? The response was, as I stated earlier, NOTHING. ZERO – ZIP – NADA. City Council is clearly taking a page out of the Jim Pickard run LCCCA – public COMMENT is for public COMMENT. The public entity that holds the meeting may be required to provide for public COMMENT but there is no requirement to address those COMMENTS and its not called public QUESTIONS…therefore, there will be NO ANSWERS!!! This was not on the City Council agenda and they clearly don’t want to hear about it in general and certainly not during Trickie Dickie’s swan-song meeting or Same Ole Same Ole’s coronation. This issue will be a black-eye and a stain for some time and the powers that be will spend their time spinning things to avoid taking responsibility and blaming pervious administrations even though Danene OWNS IT! I will repeat a characterization that I made last week…when it is all said and done, this one will make the hall of fame of stupid municipal investments.

    8. Thank you ‘talking’ for the explanation. I served on a town council and when a citizen brought a concern we did not sit there like bumps on a log. Then again, we had nothing to hide and were not in the business of throwing good money after bad money.