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    Posted on December 4th, 2017 Becky 7 comments



         It is ironic that LNP wrote about an unsolved murder today because I am so tired of LNP giving these families basically false hope and failing to hold DA Craig Stedman accountable, that I was going to and I will ask LNP reporter Tom Knapp on the first Monday of every month about the progress that is being made in finding Christy Mirack’s killer.
         So, Tom, today is the first Monday in December and you reported they’ve had 70 tips since Stedman grandstanded and exploited her family with DNA composites six days before the election: What progress has been made, Tom?
         One of the worst cases of this was when Lindy Biechler’s unsolved murder was investigated by the Vidocq Society in Philadelphia. This was the infamous “don’t buy any green bananas” story (several screenshots from this site with links are below). That was in April of 2006 and we’ve never heard another word about it since.
         Former LNP columnist Carol Petersen said this in her final column (click here):
         Journalism, at its best, is the protector of the people, asks the hard questions, doesn’t take “No” for an answer, keeps asking the question that the person at the mic during a press conference keeps dodging, and presses issues. Good journalism should make polite society just a little bit uncomfortable, because good journalism isn’t polite. Good journalism is bold. Good journalism isn’t an arm of any administration or political party. Good journalism isn’t an extension of the PR department of the police department or the mayor’s administration — no matter what party holds the office — and shouldn’t run interference for local Big Business’s ambitions.
         With today’s absurd article, and the 41 plus unsolved murders in the county since 1992, the Managing Editor of LNP, Tom Murse, should resign. He should resign because he has failed repeatedly to do the above and his news organization acts as the PR department for the police and the DA’s office. He has failed time and time again to protect the public. He and his publication are the antithesis of what journalism is supposed to be about!
          Resign, Murse!
         I cannot find the follow-up article with the quotes from my articles below online, but the prior article from April 2006, “A national team of investigators takes a fresh look at a baffling murder – The brutal slaying of Lindy Biechler, 19, in her Manor Township apartment has confounded authorities for 30 years. Now, the Vidocq Society tackles the mystery,” is here.
         Archived on this site and below: “Green Bananas” is here; “Yellow Bananas” is here, and “WHO KILLED LINDY BIECHLER?” is here.



    **   I just checked his Facebook page – the photo is still there:


     *   “Most details must be kept internal while a major investigation is open to preserve the integrity of the work being done. I can assure, and have full confidence, the state police are very committed to solving this case,” Stedman [Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman] said.
    From the LNP article linked to below.
         The old “integrity” line. What a bunch of bull! The article states Pitch’s home was “ransacked.” So, the authorities should have fingerprints/DNA unless the killer(s) wore gloves. Did he/she wear gloves? What was the killer(s) looking for? What did they take?
          He was shot four times. What kind of gun was used? Was it one of Pitch’s own guns? Did he have guns in the gun safe? Were they taken? What kind of guns were they? What else did he have in the safe?
         Where are the answers to these questions, Stedman and LNP? Stedman has no integrity and LNP is a sorry excuse for journalism!




         LNP has this huge front page headline in the print edition about the unsolved murder of Dennis Pitch one year ago (click here for the “insider” story online, “1 year later: Police still investigating fatal shooting of Salisbury Township man, family waits for answers”).
         Is “reporter” Lindsey Blest blind? Is everyone employed by LNP blind? It is one year later and still not a mention of a huge gun safe! The below is from a post on this site on December 9, 2016 (click here for the original).
         What in the world is going on? There will be much more later today.



    1. Unless they say otherwise, the LNP is restricted on what they report by the District Attorney. Time and time again, they don’t even address the obvious that a normal newspaper would address.

      I figure that they tread lightly so that the DA will give them information enough so that when they write an article they have enough information fed to them by the DA and his minion.

      BTW, I heard an intro to a story on the national news that sounded like they were going to address the company who did the “portrait of a killer.” It was in reference to the same company that Stedman spent thousands on. If I find it, I’ll come back and give you a link.

    2. Thanks, huh?! I’m going to come back to Christy Mirack later today.

    3. Becky, you are being so unfair to DA Stedman. I mean, for god’s sake, he was busy campaigning for the State court job for the past 18 months. When was he supposed to be able to have time to direct the solving of crimes in Lancaster County? He may have asked his first assistant to help, but he knew he too was busy…chasing a young subordinate.

    4. 🙂

    5. This story is just so sad on so many levels. I wonder if the family has anything to say about the safe that seems to be missing from the coverage of the murder.

      Does the DA tell the reporter what to write and what not to write? Or is she so inept and so “Christianly educated” to bow down to authority (especially male authority) that she dutifully writes, and omits, what her overseers instruct her to? We know that the overseers are up the DA’s butt and vice versa. The LNP is a perfect place for someone like her to work. Any other decent publication wouldn’t look at her twice.

    6. That neck beard on Murse isn’t fooling anyone.

    7. Murse is also the editor of The Caucus: “Casting light on Pa. government waste and fraud through relentless, independent investigative reporting.” What a sick. disgusting joke!