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    Posted on December 9th, 2017 Becky 3 comments
    —  10:02 am – The Lancaster City Police are beginning their presentation on the budget.
    —  9:47 am – Randy Patterson said a “Bee Keeping Ordinance” will be on the agenda this year.

    —  9:22 am – Randy Patterson just stated he will still be in his job next year – “It will be on my list next year.”


    9:00 am – The Lancaster City Council budget meeting is now live on the “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page (click here).


    3 responses to “2018 BUDGET MEETING!”

    1. Guess what Randy Patterson just admitted to…private property owners have actual rights and they cant be dictated to by the whims and wants of the Mayor/City Council for the sake of pandering for votes.

    2. Danene should really try keeping her mouth shut. I realize that her questions are an attempt to show her intellect and engagement on issues; however, every time she opens her mouth, I realize what a dunderhead she is.

    3. Mayor Dick’s clone and Dale High’s marionette. “Tell the nice folks what we talked about Danene”