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—  10:02 am – The Lancaster City Police are beginning their presentation on the budget.
—  9:47 am – Randy Patterson said a “Bee Keeping Ordinance” will be on the agenda this year.

—  9:22 am – Randy Patterson just stated he will still be in his job next year – “It will be on my list next year.”


9:00 am – The Lancaster City Council budget meeting is now live on the “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page (click here).

3 Responses to 2018 BUDGET MEETING!

  1. Frank Lee says:

    Mayor Dick’s clone and Dale High’s marionette. “Tell the nice folks what we talked about Danene”

  2. talking says:

    Danene should really try keeping her mouth shut. I realize that her questions are an attempt to show her intellect and engagement on issues; however, every time she opens her mouth, I realize what a dunderhead she is.

  3. talking says:

    Guess what Randy Patterson just admitted to…private property owners have actual rights and they cant be dictated to by the whims and wants of the Mayor/City Council for the sake of pandering for votes.