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    Posted on November 13th, 2017 Becky 13 comments
    —   Please see immediately below at 2:44 pm. Elissa also said that she believes the recount is being done right now. I mentioned the possibility that the candidates could “waive” a recount and she said she was not aware of that happening.
         So it looks like we go into another day without absolute, final results. Mary P. Murray claimed victory on her campaign Facebook page this morning. Attempts to reach her and her campaign this afternoon were unsuccessful.

    —  2:44 pm – I just spoke with Elissa at the Department of State Elections Division and she said the Superior Court race has not been certified and nothing is final.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    Mary P. Murray has just stated she won the seat on the Superior Court on her Facebook page!


    Posted on Lancaster Online under the LNP story by a poster previously named Ron Harper, Jr., under the LNP story, “DA Craig Stedman’s race for state judge seat could see a recount once first count is done,” (click here).
          It’s spelled “concede” but the sentiment is dead-on!
          From the article:       
         Stedman, Moulton and Giordano all are within the one-half percent margin with Murray that would trigger a statewide recount. The recount is mandatory, but would not occur if all three men waive it.
         Moulton and Giordano don’t have a chance. Neither does Stedman. Concede, Stedman!



         The above is from a post on this site in August of 2012 (click here for the original). For years under the Crime Stopper’s logo it said, “Sponsoring Partner – Lancaster Newspaper Inc.”
         That is not mentioned in either of two prominent stories today by LNP reporter Tom Knapp. Why not?
    —  Click here for the “insider” story, “With donations in decline, Lancaster City-County Crime Stoppers hopes Extraordinary Give will fund rewards.”
    —  Click here for the “insider” story, “Lancaster City-County Crimestoppers marks 30 years of helping to collar the bad guys and reward helpful tips.”
          Knapp also wrote this story this year – “Here’s a list of unsolved homicides in Lancaster County since 1992,” (click here). He lists 41 unsolved murders!
         Crime Stoppers was also mentioned on this site yesterday – see immediately below. And notice under that very recent Crime Stopper’s flyer it states “Sponsoring Partner – LNP Media Group, Inc.” So what happened?
          Here’s an idea, Tom Knapp, why don’t you and LNP hold these police accountable? And what happened to LNP sponsoring Crime Stoppers? Why don’t you tell us?
    Please check back later today.          



    1. Off topic. I saw this article online and thought of all the Pa. judiciary who swept “porngate” under the rug.

    2. Lancaster “coaltion” cameras are in place to protect corrupt, abusive cops – and the city from lawsuits, NOT to protect the public. Sorry to say this, but the people of Lancaster are idiots for buying into the b.s. and they get what they deserve in terms of the public officials they elect. I was at the initial “protest” of the cameras and there were all of 20 people there.

    3. I don’t know if this means anything, but of the 19 districts that have yet to report, 17 are from Philadelphia.

    4. Mary Murray has declared victory. She must have received official notification!

      How do you know they are in Philly?

    5. Philadelphia = 17 unreported districts (of the remaining 19)

    6. PAisCORRUPT, unfortunately, there could have been a thousand people there and they would have been ignored. The PSP, LNP, LPD, etc etc etc – when they want something, they get it. They don’t give a crap about what any well-informed citizen might say in opposition. And that includes the city bureaucrats as well.

      This crew banks on the people of Lancaster just giving up and walking away. Just look at all the shitshow projects they’ve backed and implemented.

    7. I dont know where to post this under your story, but I read the latest lawsuit against the city of Lancaster and I must say this: I have lived in over a dozen places in my 60-yrs on earth – different states, big cities, small towns and one of the first things i noticed in lancaster county – and which has only gotten worse – is the culture of bullying and abuse against women. Why on Gods earth would any man, let alone a cop, think its okay to put their hands on a woman? Kick her in the knee? It is condoned by police, judges, city officials, other men…AND some women because that is “just the way it is” here. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE????

    8. Then vote them out!

    9. Re: Stedman – I told you all the “fix was in” weeks ago. I believe my last sentence of my comment was, “You read it here first, folks”. They are just tweaking it and dragging it out so it doesnt look so obvious. I dont think the other candidate knew she was being set up for a fall. When I am right, I’m right.

    10. And BTW, the election was rigged by the Republican controlled judiciary which is, of course, the height of political corruption: rigging a judicial election. Who would look into that? Why….the corrupt judiciary. I need to change my moniker to PAisF*CKED.

    11. Do you know something we don’t know????

    12. Anonymous: All one needs to do is look at the bondage, penetration with foreign objects, “discipline” of your secretary photos, and on and on and on that was shared by email by the judiciary of PA across the board to understand how this can happen.

      I know that my outrage about this sounds like a broken record but why these pigs who have power or women who stand in front of them in their courts… why this outrage hasn’t gotten a second look especially because of all the news lately on how women are treate… it is beyond me why no one does a damn thing and once and for all name names instead of the next PA AG just brushing it under the carpet.

      If the women of Pa. really got to see what their lawyers, prosecutors, judges and associates were exchanging I think they would be sick to their stomachs. And all those defenders who knock down AG Kane and won’t pay attention to what was really happening need to finally meet their comeuppance.

    13. Obviously. It is a shame that Pennsylvanians honestly believe the Republican controlled PA “judicial system” is going to let voters choose whom they work with. Meanwhile, Murray is “not recommended” by the PA Bar (made up of corrupt lawyers), while Stedman is “highly recommended” by the PA Bar (made up of corrupt lawyers).
      The whole “recommended/not recommended” thing is a way to sway voters who no NOTHING about the candidates EXCEPT that little bit of info. It means nothing in the real world. But in the “legal world”, it means everything. Since the election is fixed, the voters will overlook any abnormalities because, at least, the “highly recommended” candidate won. Trust me. Stedman is sweating nothing right now. And the judiciary wants HIM, not Murray, because – as we, here, know – he is corrupt, (dishonest, at the least), and will do *what is necessary*.
      Why else would he be “highly recommended”?