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    Posted on November 11th, 2017 Becky 3 comments


         Sometimes it takes something very simple to remind you of LNP’s power through being the monopoly news service in Lancaster County.
         As mentioned on this site – last week I dialed Franklin & Marshall College mathematics professors (there are a lot) until one actually answered the phone and was extremely helpful.
         And although he said he voted, he was not really aware that District Attorney Craig Stedman was running for a seat on the Superior Court. When it sank in, he said, “I’m sorry to hear that he might be leaving. I think he’s done a good job.”
         I said he obviously does not read this site and added, “I don’t think he has,” and I moved the discussion away from the subject quickly.
         Oh, my. To be continued…    


         Imagine waking up to this (click here)? Well, I did! So did Trump learn to lie from Lancaster County officials or did they learn from Trump? Hmmm…


    3 responses to “* US INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES FOR ONE!”

    1. It reminds me of 40-year defense attorney Mayor Gray and the police shooting of Gregory Bayne:

      Mayor Rick Gray on Wednesday cautioned against second-guessing the police officer who fatally shot a homeless man in downtown Lancaster on Monday…

      Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray: Public will get full report on police shooting of homeless man

    2. barry in winnipeg

      Off topic, I know, but, on this Veteran’s Day, let me say a “Thank you” to those who served, and add a prayer that any veteran who suffers from PTSD and is thinking of giving up, please, DON’T OFFLOAD YOUR PAIN TO YOUR LOVED ONES! I say this as a native-born Pennsylvanian whose Dad served in World War II, and whose Grandpa served in World War I, and whose Great-Great Grandfather served in the Civil War.Here in Canada, every Remembrance Day (our name for November 11th, we conclude our celebrations with this phrase: “At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.”

    3. Mayor Dick had a 40 year adversaraly relation with law enforcement. No wonder Lancaster has turned into the crime ridden shit hole it has. Crime was very lucrative for the Dickster. He knew how to defend it, not fight it.