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    Posted on November 8th, 2017 Becky 17 comments

    4:02 pm – Still waiting for absolute confirmation of the results. Sigh…

    —  It is time for Stedman to concede. Early this morning, several people who did not understand the results, posted “congratulations” on his Facebook page. Those have been taken down. As of  2:05 pm the results are still showing 99.51% of districts reporting with the same results as published below at 11:30 am. But Stedman has clearly lost this election!

    *** BREAKING *** —  11:45 am – F & M’s Terry Madonna’s tweet below indicates Stedman lost!

    ***  11:30 am – 99.51% of results:
    —  Mary Murray – 911,375 votes
    —  Craig Stedman – 906,917 votes

    **  10:10 am and the vote count in the Superior Court Judge race is now 99.33% complete.
    — Mary Murray has 906,287 votes
    — Craig Stedman has 902,134 votes
        This is for the fourth seat on the court (click here).


    *   Picture is cropped from the front page of today’s LNP print edition. Photo by Chris Knight, LNP correspondent. Click here for, “Sorace wins race to be Lancaster mayor; Democrats sweep City Council.”


    *** BREAKING ***

         With 99.21% of the votes counted as of 6:58 am this morning, Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman will not be elected to be a judge on the Superior Court of PA (click here). There are four seats and he is in fifth place.



    1. Mixed emotions on this one. I think Steadman is AWFUL. Not sure if I preferred a win to get him out of our hair or a loss as a blow to his ego and shamelessness?

      Not that there was ever any doubt, we are now stuck with Same Ole, Same Ole. I consider her a mental midget and I look forward to her floundering around. I don’t even think that LNP will be able to give her enough cover but I am sure they will try.

    2. I agree with you about Sorace – but not Stedman! He is AWFUL and should not be on the Superior Court!

    3. Great pic of the Dick and his clone.

      J. Dick “And you’ll keep doing what ever Dale and Peggy wan’t?

      Sorace: I sure will. I mean, frankly I sure will”

    4. Great pic? They need to get a room! lol! 🙂 🙂

    5. Never been a fan of Madonna. Snarky comment implying wow, women won judgeships in Pennsylvania.

    6. Love how the LNP isn’t “conceding” Stedman’s race.

      Guess he better not buy any green bananas.

    7. He’s in a panic. He’s never been without a taxpayer funded job, as Mr. Harper’s website so beautifully explained. He’s probably begging his friends in government to throw him a public sector job bone. I wouldn’t trust the goofy pencil tapping, Dungeons and Dragons club president to clean my toilets.

    8. umm, he’s not in a panic, he is still the DA and not up for re-election for another 2 years

    9. I was going to say – and I think a commenter said something incorrect to the effect a while back – that if he lost he was out of a job. No, he’s still the DA. I imagine he is not a happy man right now, however!

      * Edited to add – I should have corrected that commenter when it came in. Sorry!

    10. They could get a room at The Marriott. Always plenty of rooms available there.

    11. Genius, Frank! 🙂 🙂 Oh, that is good! 🙂

    12. With Jay Hoberg set to retire in January, the concern is that Stedman will be leaning on his buddy Senator Scott Martin to get ‘appointed’ to the bench. Remember this recent election is Stedman’s first ever with real competition!

    13. daisy lee myers

      Harper site was taken down. Harper on Stedman…???

    14. I will try to find out.

    15. Harper said the election is over. Stedman lost!

    16. Question: If he is still DA for two more years, couldn’t he run for re-election in Lancaster? IIRC, I may have mentioned that when I said that if he lost, the Lancaster was pretty much stuck with him. And if Lancaster’s voting in overwhelming numbers for him to get the state job, then I don’t imagine they will vote him out.

      So I guess my thoughts still stand. It would have been better to get him out of Lancaster and on to the statewide job where there would be much more opportunities for statewide media to keep an eye on him and maybe ‘showcase’ his past “achievements” in Lancaster.

    17. PS as it stands now, unless I am way off base, he stands to become a fixture in that office. And how many more dead bodies will pile up with no arrests or convictions.

      It’s way over forty eight hours since Mr. Cooper was killed on the streets. Still no arrest. It’s safe to say, based on previous experience, that it will just sit there among the rest of the unsolved murders.

      As we know, there was a comment that was removed from the LNP’s website purporting to know the identity of the murderer. A ‘regular, normal’ paper would have jumped on that and by now there would be a story on just what she meant.

      They have no qualms about basing an entire story on an unnamed source. So why aren’t they interested in this one?

      No one seems very interested. I imagine that at some point street justice will prevail when the police and the DA don’t. Who knows? Maybe some of these latest murders unsolved are retaliation murders.