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    Posted on November 10th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


         Two very nice Facebook posts by Independent Tony Dastra and Republican Cindy Stewart following Tuesday’s election. Stewart’s is on top and Dastra’s is below. Have a safe and happy Friday!

    *    I was just reminded that state offices are closed today for Veterans Day. So the Superior Court election will have to carry over until Monday. Sigh…


          A wedding picture is always a pleasant surprise on a cold November day. LNP has lost their court reporter, Jonas Fortune. Fortune married former WGAL producer Julie Loeper and she got a new job in Greenville, South Carolina and he, of course, tagged along. Will LNP replace Fortune?
         And speaking of the court, District Attorney Craig Stedman’s spokesman and former LNP court reporter, Brett Hambright, is using a new profile picture on his twitter account. Yikes! Was he anticipating a change? There will be more on Hambright in the upcoming days.
         And speaking of Stedman, is LNP going to pretend he didn’t run to be a Superior Court Judge in the first place? I will keep track of the election and attempt to call the Department of State today to see where this whole mess stands.
    But  there is other news to cover, so please check back later today!


    2 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE * STEDMAN IS DONE!”

    1. Always love a wedding photo taken outside of the Hamilton Club (sarcasm of course).

      Funny how the Stedman story was all over the paper and now? Where’s Waldo?

    2. AMAZING! You can barely see Dale High’s lips move when Mayor Elect Sorace speaks.