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    Posted on November 14th, 2017 Becky 4 comments


    Erma Kaylor

        I believe I know why DA Craig Stedman’s spokesman, Brett Hambright, is suddenly calling the Christy Mirack case their “highest priority.” That is to try to cover-up why we have DNA information on her murderer and not for any of the killers in the numerous other unsolved murders.
          Yes, if  DNA can reveal the killer’s race/ethnicity, eye color and hair color and whether or not they have freckles, then I want that information about 83-year-old Erma Kaylor’s killer! I don’t want “composite sketches” – those are basically nonsense – but the public has a right to know the other information. They not only have a right to know they have an absolute need to know.
    There will be more tomorrow.


    100% COUNTED!

    —  1:00 pm – The Department of State now states that 100% of the votes are counted with the following results for the contested fourth seat on the PA Superior Court (click here):

    —  Mary P. Murray – 912,188
    —  Craig Stedman –  907,686




    **    This above comment is posted on Lancaster Online under the article, “Lancaster police investigate shooting after man walks into hospital with 2 gunshot wounds,” (click here).
         This happens over and over again! There are all of these “Safety Coalition” cameras in Lancaster and the public never sees the videos and these crimes are never solved! It is outrageous! What are these cameras really for?
         Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman is on the Board of the Safety Coalition. Why isn’t LNP demanding answers? Why aren’t they and Stedman protecting the public?
         An insert from their camera map is below with the inserted blue arrow pointing at the camera. Below that is a screenshot from Google street view with an inserted yellow arrow pointing to the camera.




    *    We have not been able to bring her killer to justice. What we had to go on was very thin,” said Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman at an Oct. 31 news conference. 
    From the LNP article by Lindsey Blest and linked to below, “Close to 70 tips have come in since release of DNA composite of Christy Mirack’s suspected killer.”
          That is a lie! Does Blest ever question anything these officials say?
         From the 2002 LNP article, A mother’s dying wish,” there is this (click here):
         According to a 1995 Lancaster New Era story citing police, neighbors saw a car pull into a lot directly across from Christy’s home shortly after her roommate left for work at 7 a.m. A man jumped out of the car and headed toward her door. Police theorized at the time that Christy either knew the man, or opened the door expecting to see someone else, when he forced his way inside. No one saw the man leave.
         Witnesses described the vehicle as a 1984 to 1991 Dodge Daytona or Turismo hatchback, the article noted. It was faded silver, dull gray or faded white in color. The vehicle’s distinguishing features included roll-up head lamps and black louvers, or sunshades, on the back window. Police described the man as white, in his 20s, tall with an athletic build and sandy blond or light brown hair, possibly in a crew cut.
         It appeared that Christy had put up a struggle. A 1993 Sunday News story citing unnamed sources close to the investigation noted that Christmas packages, bags and cushions had been thrown about; there was a slash in a sofa slipcover, though no furniture was overturned. There was a shoe scuff mark inside, on the top of the front door; scrapes on the entryway floor suggested that Christy might have been dragged, sources said. Her elbows and knees were badly bruised.
          How is that “thin,” Stedman? And you have DNA! No wonder there are over 41 unsolved murders in Lancaster County over the last 25 years! Stedman just lies to cover pathetic, terrible police work!


         Noon Wednesday is the deadline for Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman and two of his fellow candidates to decide whether or not to waive a recount in their election race to be a state judge. 
    From the LNP article, “Stedman, fellow candidates in judicial race have till Wednesday to waive recount, if they choose,” (click here).
         I received some incorrect information yesterday regarding the recount. Stedman needs to waive it and waive it now.

    Christy Mirack

         Meanwhile, the DA’s spokesman, Brett Hambright, is quoted as follows in the LNP article, “Close to 70 tips have come in since release of DNA composite of Christy Mirack’s suspected killer” (click here): 

         “While we have received many tips, we would like more, as this case continues to be of highest priority,” Hambright said.
         Why has this case become one of “highest priority” over the 41 plus other unsolved murders in Lancaster County in the last 25 years? And how serious are these “tips?” And how did 60 tips yesterday morning suddenly go to 70 by yesterday afternoon? This is grandstanding by Stedman again at the expense of distraught family and friends of the victim!
         This comment in by email yesterday:
         I think the whole composite thing is bullshit. Is it possible someone comes forward with a name now? Sure. But good police work should have solved this years ago.
    There will be more later today.


    1. Would love to see an LNP article entitled, “Lancaster. The Go To Place To Get Away With Murder.”

      It’s doubly sad that apparently Blest doesn’t do the most modest of homework… reading the paper’s previous story that cites all of the information that has come before. Police solve murders all the time with just half of the information and no DNA evidence.

      Then again, it seems that Lancaster police don’t like to partner up with other agencies to try to solve these crimes. It makes you wonder if they have even compared the DNA results with any databases that exist. That this murderer supposedly never did anything before or after that gave the authorities to collect his DNA… it makes you wonder… could this be a one and done by someone smart enough to cover his tracks or mess with existing databases to hide his tracks?

      And why this particular case? It’s too obvious to even comment upon.

    2. I’ve often wondered if the murderers in cases that appear to be solvable are working as informants for the DA/Drug Task Force/ or other police agency and the DA’s office doesn’t want to have to deal with the embarrassment of admitting some dirt bag they are protecting and paying has committed a felony.

    3. Stedman needs to repay taxpayers for the dna “composite” out of his campaign coffers. It is voodoo science, at best, and actually hinders investigations. See, for e.g., the NY Times article.

    4. PAisCORRUPT, have you ever known Lancaster to be on the cutting edge of anything?

      The DNA evidence is definitely a plus. As far as making a “composite” based on DNA results… that’s the voodoo part. Yes, he can say that based on the DNA, the person is caucasian etc. but much more than that is all speculation. Especially what the drawing is supposed to depict.