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    Posted on November 2nd, 2017 Becky 15 comments


         Several commenters have now stated on Lancaster Online  that they think the composite sketches of the murderer based on DNA look like Christy Mirack’s brother, Vince. I don’t see it but I’m bad at these things. However, if there was the least possible hint that her own brother committed this horrific crime, I believe that he would have been eliminated by a verified alibi or true DNA test 25 years ago.
         That brings up the question: So the general public is just supposed to keep an eye out for someone who looks like the sketches? And if they see someone, what do they do? Tap him on the shoulder and ask for his name and number so they can give it to the DA? And there are thousands, maybe millions of men who resemble these sketches. And we don’t have a clue how accurate they actually are (see the New York Times articles linked to below)!
         This was an inexcusable election ploy by District Attorney Craig Stedman and the press should call him out for it! Instead, LNP’s huge headline on the front page of the print edition this morning was a huge lie:

         No, sadly we are not “closer to the killer”. LNP is ridiculous and pathetic and they pander to Stedman and refuse to print the truth about his actions time after time after time.
    —  Click here for the New York Times article, “Building a Face, and a Case, on DNA,” and here for their companion article, “I’ve Just Seen a (DNA-Generated) Face.”



         From a new website about Lancaster District Attorney Craig Stedman (click here).
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    1. This comment came in from “Frank Lee” on the post below and I am also moving it here!

      After posing for pictures, Superior Court Judge on the Republican Ticket hopeful-Lancaster D.A. Craig Stedman-said they are looking for a man he believes has hair, and male genitalia. A composite from the DNA sample narrows it down to a Caucasian male who candidate Stedman says was of voting age when Christy Mirack was murdered. He urged everyone to go to their polling place this November 4th and contact him after they vote if they see any white males with hair.

    2. “Friends List” Like a certain State Senator who used to reside in West Lampeter Township. WLT police were called to his home multiple times. One of those times was Thanksgiving weekend 2015. His wife at the time apparently kicked him out in the yard and was throwing his clothes and possessions out of the window. The neighbors saw. The police were called.

      Multiple Right to Know Requests were made to the WLT police department. WLT responded by saying they consulted the Lancaster County DA and due to an ongoing investigation were not able to release the information. In case you didn’t know, Craig Stedman was Scott Martin’s campaign chair for his senate race.

      Start listening at 14:30 mark. smart-talk-41816-c-13th- senate-district-debate?in= witf/sets/smart-talk-41816- 13th-senate-district-debate

      I wonder what the finding of the “ongoing investigation” were?

    3. Ida, it would be helpful if you focus your comments about the DA and not elude to things you know nothing about. West Lampeter police department is a solid group of men and women that do not play politics. Cops that have been discredited over lies that they covered up alleged responses to a certain home. The police have never responded or been called to that home. We realize that information does not fit the narrative but do not bash good cops because you do not like the politicians involved. Even claiming that the DA prevented the department from providing information is absurd and is just another tool to make the public distrust the very people sworn to uphold the law. There was never any ongoing investigations with this home and no one would have ever said that.

    4. West Lampeter, so you are saying that Ida is repeating a rumor that is false?

      Do you know firsthand that fact?

    5. West Lampeter – Are we not here discussing the corrupt DA? I’m just mentioning another “friends list” allegation. I did not say a bad word about the police. They are just doing their job and responding the way they were directed. No issues with them.

      I’ll just refer you back to segment 3, 14:30 mark. It speaks for itself.

      There is written documentation out there. Fingers crossed someone sends the actual paperwork to Becky.

    6. Huh? – Correct.

    7. Ida, if there is written documentation out there as you claim, why do you not have it and are not producing it? Why does someone else need to produce support documentation for allegations you are making? You are most certainly discrediting the police department because the DA can not order the department to do anything. For you to even write that shows you do not care about the officers you are lying about even in your round about way. No one cares if you want to discredit the DA all day long. Just do not circulate rumors that cause distrust for a department that has done nothing wrong and did not hide anything. Police were never at that house for anything and to say otherwise is irresponsible and only hurts the department in the long run. I get that you wish to promote one politician over another but that on air interview proved nothing and only hurt the department.

    8. Glad to see Ron Harper back on web! I don’t always agree with him but he generally does a really good job of exposing things we all should be aware of.

    9. 🙂

    10. West Lampeter, for discussion’s sake, perhaps paperwork did exist but has been disposed of. And perhaps cops were called but there is no official record because it has been destroyed. Couldn’t that be a possibility? I get the impression that Scott Martin might be the person being discussed here. I’m thinking of how his heroin fueled sister drove high and killed her family and then the same family tried suing the driver of the truck. Correct?

      That takes a lot of chutzpah. So who knows if that same sort of chutzpah demanded destruction of any and all records? At least it is in the realm of possibility… or not.

    11. WOW huh? Now your spreading rumors about the cops disposing paperwork. And then say there is no official record because it was destroyed?? WOW, just WOW. In your world is everyone corrupt?? Becky, some of your commenters aren’t any better than the trolls on LNP. And I like how Mr Harper implies Stedman has never had a real job. Has Mr Harper ever had a real job?? In the 20 years that I have know about him, I don’t believe so. West Lampeter…cudos on backing the cops. Becky….cudos on allowing the post. Shame on the rest of you for acting like the trolls of LNP.

    12. regular reader: If you read my entire post, this is not the act of “spreading rumors” but rather suggesting an alternate scenario.

    13. Yea Im wondering the same as huh? Even when reading the comments you can tell they are trying really hard to cover that ass lol they claim they have no parts but you cant erase the memory of many that remember, know, & saw them arguing while clothes are flying. That be hard to forget. O n dont bother to write back a whole paragraph or anything at that my mind is pretty much set on how i feel. Woe onto Lancaster if that corrupt d.a. becomes a judge.

    14. Not only Lancaster but woe unto “statewide” tried to fix before i sent n forgot

    15. Hey West Lampeter…. does Joe Eisenhour still need any of you cops to blow into his car’s interlock device? Just remember, you may think you’re smart, but you did allow a cop with a convicted DUI to remain on the force. Don’t be offended when we don’t feel your department is credible. And if this is Steve Heinly behind the name, then boy do I have some stories about him. Bet his wife would love to hear!