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  • ** – * OH, THAT RED HAIR!

    Posted on November 25th, 2017 Becky 13 comments


          In his “confession” attached as an exhibit to the lawsuit and republished below, Arthur Larsen, Jr. states that he has “broken laws,” and yet he was never charged. Why he wrote the “confession” is unknown, however he never repaid them the money he stole or the Cincinnati Insurance Company would not be suing him for it. And apparently the Clipper Magazine Stadium is still out $57,314.
         Why wasn’t Larsen charged with a crime?


    **   Apparently the Cincinnati Insurance Company gave up trying to sue Arthur Larsen, Jr. as they could not find him. From their attempt to serve him there is this from the Sheriff’s Office (click here):
         Spoke to mother of #5 [individual being served], who states #5 does not live with her and she does not know his current whereabouts. Def. has had a lot of complaints filed against him and our experience is that all the addresses that Def. gives are bad addresses, usually lead to a post office box. Post office does not have a forwarding address.

    *    On March 8, 2004, the Cincinnati Insurance Company brought a lawsuit against Arthur R. Larsen, Jr. (click here). The company insured the Clipper Magazine Stadium and paid a claim in the amount of $100,000 – their policy limit. Larsen was the Systems Director there and responsible for the computer equipment and the Cincinnati Insurance Company wanted to recoup their loss.
    From the suit:


    HE STOLE $157,134 –


    Left: Arthur R. Larsen, Jr., Right: First Assistant District Attorney Christopher P. Larsen

         Who stole $157,134 from Clipper Stadium but was never criminally charged?
         Could it be because it is Arthur R. Larsen, Jr., the brother of First Assistant District Attorney Christopher P. Larsen?
         How does this corruption go on day after day in Lancaster County? Isn’t there a newspaper there? Does anyone hold these public officials accountable?
    Please check back later today!


    13 responses to “** – * OH, THAT RED HAIR!”

    1. They look like twins.

    2. What in the world is going on here?

    3. White collar crime. Probably next to murder, the easiest thing to get away with in Lancaster.

      That big ol’ apology note? Probably written to avoid criminal charges.

      So, who is stuck with this? The taxpayers of course. I wonder if he ever paid back the money he stole.

      So much stuff swept under the rug by the LNP, hidden from view, you name it. If anyone thinks that no one notified the newspapers about this, they are stupid as stumps. These kinds of things are always leaked to the press to force the white collar criminal’s hand.

      Those Larsen boys sure are something aren’t they?

    4. How does writing a confession/half-a$$ed apology prevent criminal charges? It should have been a slam dunk for the prosecution!

    5. I’ve worked with a woman who was a crack addict. White collar exec. She stole 32,000 from the company we worked for. When she was caught she wrote a similar note and agreed to enter rehab and use her pension fund to pay the money back. No criminal charges were ever filed. Kept “in house” so as not to embarrass the company. I would bet that this Larsen note was never meant to see the light of day. By now the statute of limitations is probably expired

    6. One would hope that the attorneys in a District Attorneys office were righteous people. Where else is it more important to have people who are honorable and hold justice in the highest regard? Clearly, there are “issues” with the Larsen boys. Art is a fraudster and Chris is an adulterer. So appropriate that they are living together.

      Worse, though, is that the DA, Stedman, knew all this and still has gone to the wall for his first assistant. He campaigned for Larsen several years ago when he had thrown his hat in the ring to become a local judge. He’s allowed him to remain as his first assistant. Really…WTF?

      Thank god for the work you did, Becky, to derail Stedman’s superior court run.

    7. The stadium didn’t open until 2005. He did this as an employee of Clipper Magazine.

    8. Wonder if Larsen wears a hairpiece?

    9. So, he hid out and was unfindable and the insurance company just walked away from not collecting the money he owed to them? He certainly seems to be able to be found just via his facebook page.

      Wonder if his brother will make him take it down like he made his long suffering wife take hers down?

    10. Yep the Larsen Criminal Gang raised by their parent to be Law Breakers because they have money to pay to get there Boys off the hook Always have been shoody and always will be because the money talks here in Lancaster county and who gives it to keep them from being charged and this needs to be looked into by the Attorney general.

    11. Anonymous Too is correct. The Clipper Magazine versus the stadium. But it is an honest mistake because so many business entities are so intertwined in Lancaster.

      There has to be more to this story. There is a part of me that (maybe naively) believes that there has to be something else that was connected to this that kept it from being raised to the level of criminal prosecution. Was it because Clipper magazine decided to handle it privately? I think they would have to go to the police themselves to make a complaint about the theft.

      I wonder if there is a backstory… medical bills, etc. that reduced him to a common thief.

    12. There is a lot more to the story. I worked at Clipper Magazine at the time and believe me, it was for his personal gain and not for medical bills, etc.

    13. he also used Clipper’s servers to run porn sites…look into it.