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    Posted on November 5th, 2017 Becky 7 comments


         Danene Sorace flat-out lied before about the CRIZ and the Marriott and LNP. (See below and click here for the original with the video and the screenshot of Hopkin’s post stating Sorace is not correct.)
         For the LNP editorial board to talk about journalistic ethics is completely unconscionable and, again, absolutely disgusting.
         I will come back to Sorace and Stedman tomorrow.

    *    Good for you, independent mayoral candidate Tony Dastra! Republican candidate Cindy Stewart shared this video on her Facebook page as well! This is from their last debate – organized and moderated in part by LNP – the recipient of all those huge tax breaks that Danene Sorace gave to them so she could get good press!
         Where are those ethics, LNP and Sorace? Disgusting!

    Marriott Alternative Facts

    I'm going to hold Danene accountable for her actions, and you should too. The horrific public meeting at last year relating to the expansion of the Marriott hotel is what drove me to enter the political arena in such a big way, and it's why I'm committed to creating a transparent government, even when our elected officials have failed to do so. I won't remain silent when individuals attempt to mislead the public on decisions that they are accountable for.

    Posted by Tony Dastra for Mayor on Friday, November 3, 2017



                             Craig Stedman                      Danene Sorace    

         LNP is talking about “journalistic ethics” again in today’s editorial (click here for, “We need to seek reliable sources if we are to separate fake news from reality”)!
         Imagine that? Where, oh where, is this code of ethics?
         So later today, let’s examine two of the political races they feature on their front page this Sunday and how honest and ethical LNP has been in their reporting!


    7 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE * LNP: SO MANY LIES!”

    1. What a joke. I’ve read strings of comments by people under their articles that point out inaccuracies and provide facts to the contrary.

      They don’t acknowledge them and furthermore if it is one of the “elite” who wrote the article, they will double down on their errors in any updates to their original articles. Especially if it concerns one of the protected classes like the coroner’s office.

      Let’s see your code of ethics LNP.

    2. huh? – You asked me to keep an eye and see if Art Morris puts his website about the Marriott back up. I just checked and he has not. I will ask him again to put it back up! As you can see, Dastra quotes him in his video! I captured a lot of his website but not the whole thing. Does anyone out there have it?

    3. A true Mayor Dick clone.

    4. She even has his arrogance and nastiness down!

    5. Does she pepper her smug arrogance with “frankly”?

    6. Regarding Sorace’s lie. Here’s the impression that I get… she is not all that well-versed when it comes to these things. In that respect, she is perfect for a job that, when asked to jump by the PSP etc., she says “how high do you want me to jump?”

      She will be easily manipulated because she doesn’t appear to have the background necessary for the job of mayor and after a few trips to the Steinman table at the Hamilton Club, she’ll be brain-bedazzled and grow to think she belongs there. And will identify with the PSP, LNP, etc etc rather than identifying with city residents and what is best for the masses rather than the chosen few.

    7. In other words; a Mayor Dick clone?