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    Posted on November 30th, 2017 Becky 3 comments


         What a misleading headline to this LNP “insider” story (click here)! It’s the “remaining” CRIZ money because LNP gets most of the CRIZ money first – $800,000 for their Lancaster County Convention Center and $527,521 for their Marriott Hotel.
         This is simply unbelievable corruption by the “media organization” that is supposed to be holding all of these city officials accountable!


         This comment in last evening:
         In my humble opinion, either Kevin Ressler or Tony Dastra should have been appointed to replace Ms. Wilson. They are both intelligent young men who have creative solutions for dealing with Lancaster City’s many issues. Mr. Ballentine was elected to serve as treasurer and he should serve as our treasurer. This life long democratic city resident is very disappointed in City Council’s actions last night.
         Did city council break the Sunshine Law? This was not on the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting!
         Why was Barbara Wilson made the Executive Director of the Lancaster City Housing Authority? What are her qualifications? What is her salary?
         Who will become the City Treasurer and how will they be selected?
         Why was mayor-elect and current city councilwoman Danene Sorace absent from Tuesday’s meeting?
         No one in Lancaster is holding these city council members accountable! Absolutely no one!
    Please check back later today.


    1. Many of the old guard will probably sell off their inherited holdings and move on to places in the sun when they have run out of ways to rake in tax payer money and run out of ways to aggrandize themselves in the face of the sheeple who are left to kiss their asses – asses that get kissed by virtue of their ancestors and not much else.

      I hope that there are more Tony Dastras waiting in the wings for Lancaster. It is going to take people like him to finally break down the walls.

    2. Any interested party – i.e. voter – can file for temp. injunction to have a court look at this. But that assumes the voters in Lancaster have a brain, or give a crap. They don’t. That is why its gotten this out of hand. People in power who do the wrong thing only do what they know they can get away with.

    3. The Hamilton Club boys are patting one another on the back as they gaze out at the sheeple of Lancaster and saying “man are we going to get fat off this hog!”