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    Posted on November 21st, 2017 Becky 6 comments

         I’ll keep this upbeat this afternoon and wish everyone a very wonderful Thanksgiving! LIP News will return this Sunday.



    William E. Cooper, Jr.

         William Earl Cooper, Jr. was shot and killed in the city on October 27th. Does anyone care? Does anyone care that his family has received no justice and a killer continues to walk the streets?
         LIP News will publish this afternoon and then go on Thanksgiving break and will return on Sunday, November 26th.



    1. In answer to your question; No. No one other than his family, friends and loved ones care. It’s painfully obvious all these shootings, stabbings, unsolved homicide stuff only serves to make Lancaster look like a crime ridden shit hole. So why talk about it? People don’t want to convention in a shit hole with a classic rock cover band music scene. Let’s talk about Tuba Christmas and the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Lighting!

    2. A dead black man in Craig Stedman’s jurisdiction…Yawn….Move along. Nothing to see here.

      A politically well connected white guy executes his baby daughter…Stedman springs into action to protect the killer.

    3. Another example of why Stedman is unfit to be a judge at any level, except maybe at a county fair.

      From the LNP article about the theft of handguns from Kinsey’s, Stedman is quoted as stating,

      “To the perpetrators and their friends and family: All need to know that theft of each individual firearm calls for state prison, and with an arsenal such as this being taken, they could be facing a large part of their lives behind bars. They should seriously consider their next step and stop things before they go even further,” he said.

      If they now know they could spend most of their lives behind bars, how much “further” could things possibly go? I’m sure that comment has the burglars ready to turn themselves in. NOT!

      Stedman is an idiot.

    4. Happy Thanksgiving Becky. Enjoy your time away from the crap that goes on in Get Away With Murder City.

      Because as you sadly know, there is always a new story and a new death to ignore after the requisite forty eight hours pass.

    5. Soon time for the Dick to go home
      And hand Lancaster to his clone
      She said very sly
      I’ll please Dale High
      All else I’ll call you by phone”

    6. 🙂 🙂