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    Posted on November 3rd, 2017 Becky 15 comments


         “Michael Deibert has to be one of the most courageous journalists working today. He goes to the hardest places—the favelas of Rio, the shantytowns of Port-au-Prince, the killing grounds of central Africa—and comes out with stories no one else gets.”
    A quote from a fellow author on his website, (click here).
         Why is this man working for LNP? Why? This is truly, truly bizarre. We will see what happens (and I will continue making my list of things for him to investigate)!
         Today is Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler’s last day (see below). I’ll drink to that!
         Have a safe and happy First Friday!

    100+ YEARS?

    **   I will start giving Michael Deibert things that need to be investigated! Do you think LNP will let him?
    —  The first: LanCity Connect! This is unbelievable! The below is a portion of an exchange on their Facebook page. This is disgusting! If they are being so economical (they should learn to spell “manner”), why were they sponsoring LNP concerts? How many people actually have service at the prices promised?


    *    There is a glaring grammatical error in the second sentence of his story! LNP is running this as a multi-day, front page series and an “exclusive” and there is a glaring error in his second sentence!



         From today’s LNP front page lead story and an “insider” story online, by Michael Deibert, LNP’s new “investigative team leader,” (click here).
          I have a lot of questions about Deibert, but first I have to figure out what a “sleeping bather’s hand” looks like! Seriously.
    Please check back later today.


    15 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE ** – * HAND IT TO ME?”

    1. Deibert is an enigma.

    2. OMG, yes!

    3. How can Sadler survive in any job, let alone one in law enforcement, in today’s environment that seems to be so unforgiving (and rightfully so – finally) of the abuse of women.

      Very few of the other victim’s accusations have made have been turned into a book. It’s way past the time to investigate Sadler.

    4. Could he please investigate how a D.A. got away with trying to prosecute a judge who sat on the judicial conduct board when he had no jurisdiction to do so, at tremendous cost to taxpayers, and why the news media dropped that story like the hot potato that it was, and he didnt have his law license yanked and is a frontrunner for a republican seat on an appellate court, skipping over common please and the judge’s lawyer was a former d.a. in his office married to a republican PA Supreme Court justice forced to resign because he has an off beat sense of humor and read a couple of emails that shouldnt have been sent to him by lawyers who still have theirlicenses and…and…and…the democrat female d.a. who exposed the emails lost her law license is going to jail and…and…

    5. I predict he quits over “creative differences” within weeks. You read it here first, folks!

    6. Wait! Is that a phot of him with the wife he beat up and left blind posted on the police dept. website? WTF!!!!

    7. No, I believe that is his mother or another relative. It is not Rosa!

    8. Do you really think that Deibert sets foot in Lancaster? They would rather hire a stringer who writes for a bunch of outlets than to hire someone who isn’t white who might actually be familiar with Lancaster’s minority history and its stepping into the majority population of the city.

      The LNP is stuck in apartheid. Maybe when ‘someone’ ascends into the great beyond will things change. But I predict that when she meets her heavenly maker that her family members who now rule the roost will sell of the whole shebang to USA today and retire to a country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty. 🙂

    9. PS that second paragraph makes me smile. And I wrote it myself 🙂

    10. 🙂

    11. I’m still trying to find out what a “sleeping bather’s hand” looks like! Sigh… Google has been no help! 😉 🙂

    12. Where is that line, Becky?

    13. It’s in the first sentence of his Friday front page piece (also the lead piece on this post):

      LOIZA, Puerto Rico — Spread out over several barrios extended like a sleeping bather’s hand along Puerto Rico’s northeastern coast, this city of 30,000 has long played host to the most vibrant Afro-Puerto Rican culture on the island.

    14. Having lived in Miami, and having fallen asleep while sunbathing many, many times, I would venture to guess that “a sleeping bather’s hand” is dark, outstretched and floppy.

    15. 🙂 🙂