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    Posted on November 19th, 2017 Becky 7 comments
    —  feel sorry for the family to have this kind of stuff brought to them as something real is exploitation.
    Posted on Lancaster Online under the article by Tom Knapp and  linked to immediately below.
         Exactly! It is gross exploitation by District Attorney Craig Stedman, Knapp and all of his editors at LNP. It is absolutely disgusting and there will be more tomorrow.

    11-20-17 UPDATE

    UPDATE 11-20-17 – Tom Knapp’s story in now LNP’s lead article online as an “insider” story – click here for, “‘We have a face now’: Christy Mirack’s brother hopes new DNA evidence will point to a suspect in 25-year-old murder.”    


         The above is the beginning of a front page article in today’s print edition of LNP.  The story is not online at this time so I will wait until tomorrow to fully follow-up.
         I actually think the two below DNA composites look very much alike except for the eye color (the left is from this morning’s story and the right is the composite of Christy Mirack’s killer). I also think there is a slight resemblance between the confessed killer and the composite in this morning’s story.
         The blue eyes pop in both but the nose is wrong and DNA cannot determine the thickness, length or obviously the hair style of hair. I also think the composite might resemble a lot of other men in Brown County, Texas.
         But Ryan Derek Riggs apparently confessed because of the composite but the article does not state that a DNA test has been conducted and has absolutely confirmed him to be the killer.
    To be continued tomorrow.





    Click here for the above story and check back later today.


    7 responses to “* UPDATED 11-20-17 – AFTERNOON UPDATE – CONFESSED IN CHURCH”

    1. The composite and his actual photo are not too far off in some areas.

    2. I call BS on him confessing because of the composite. There is WAY more to that confession than him seeing a picture that looks like just about every 20 something blue eyed, blonde haired male out there.

      Somebody’s trying very hard either to sell the services of this composite creating company or to justify the fees paid to same.

    3. Knapp’s first sentence above is ridiculous. The first time they could look into the face of the killer? Give me a break.

      And yea, I wonder why this 25 year old murder – using technology that is not groundbreaking – is suddenly all the rage in little old Lancaster. These writers REALLY need to get out of town every now and then.

      Next thing is going to be hiring a psychic if they haven’t already. I feel sorry for the Mirack family. They’ve suffered enough along with all the other unsolved murdeers’ families in Lancaster.

      Just think about it. Hundreds of family members who will never get justice for their murdered loved ones.

      The DA seems to have opened the door to being questioned on how many of these murders have had DNA evidence investigated. And what the status of those cases are. But will Knapp consider doing that? If he does and tries to write a story about it, I’m afraid they will put him back on the dog stories again

    4. Watching TV now, late at night, ABC late night news had a segment on breaking the murder case in Texas via Snapshot technology. It’s probably online somewhere soon.

    5. LNP isn’t known for doing follow ups. I’m wondering if all this is just a ploy to tone down Craig HUMUNGOUS BREAK IN THE CASE Stedman’s expedient grandstanding the day before the election.

    6. stedman should repay the taxpayers for the dna composite out of his campaign chest.

    7. Frankly, I agree.