*** – ** – * AFTER ALMOST 25 YEARS!

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     The composites certainly resemble East Lampeter Township detective Joseph Edgell! Maybe that’s why ADA Christine Wilson looks like she is going to faint. Seriously. Watch starting at about the 18:53 mark on the WGAL video (click here).

Composite sketches of killer at different ages (25, 45 and 55) based on DNA according to DA Stedman.
Click here for whokilledchristymirack.com and an “explanation.”

 *** And you have 40 more to go, Stedman! Click here for LNP’s, “Here’s a list of 41 unsolved homicides in Lancaster County since 1992.” And LNP’s list is not complete!   

** What a bunch of nonsense! Get out, Stedman!

 *   The founders of this country built a system of checks and balances into the government. The final check on that system should be the press. When that check fails, crime and corruption follow.   
     It has in Lancaster. How many years has this been going on? How many crimes have been covered up? Can you buy your way out of a murder conviction in Lancaster County? You don’t think you can?
On Sunday, December 15, 2002, the Sunday News ran the article “A mother’s dying wish” by Barbara Hough Roda. In the newspaper’s archives the full title is this, “Knowing she might not live to see the 10th anniversary of her daughter’s unsolved killing, Gerry Mirack asked an editor for an interview to tell her story of the terrible pain of losing her ‘Chrissy.’ And of her fears that justice would never be done. A mother’s dying wish.”   

    Christy Mirack, 25-years-old and a sixth-grade teacher, was sexually assaulted, beaten and strangled in 1992 in her townhouse. No one has ever been charged with her murder.   
     In Roda’s article, there are the following paragraphs – and this phrase – “the family does not know to this day who that was.” Those eleven words send a chill down my spine every time I read them. Those words are beyond my comprehension. How and why could they not know who it was? And how could Roda write those eleven words without demanding an answer from the police for a dying mother ten years after her daughter was murdered?
From an article from 10 years ago on this site (click here).



(Click here)

     Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman better have something good. I mean very, very good.
     If he disappoints her family and friends after all these years just to blatantly further his campaign for Superior Court Judge, it will be inexcusable! Absolutely inexcusable!
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34 Responses to *** – ** – * AFTER ALMOST 25 YEARS!

  1. Frank Lee says:

    huh?….Yep! And LNP being the Republican and pro Con Center Democrat ass kissers they are, won’t question him on it.

  2. huh? says:

    So basically Stedman spent taxpayer money for this swashbuckling nothing of an event to get his world war III headline right before the election?

    Got it…

  3. Curious says:

    I saw that in an article – I believe WGAL’s or another TV station website. I will see if I can find the quote.

  4. Frank Lee says:

    Top Ten Reasons “how could Roda write those eleven words without demanding an answer from the police for a dying mother ten years after her daughter was murdered?”

    10. Pete’s Eats needed more column inches.
    9. Asking a question like that could tarnish Mayor Dick and Gail’s art awards
    8. Woulld have to bump Favorite Halloween Costume photo essay
    7. Pointing out Stedman’s opportunism could lessen his chance of being elected superior court judge.
    6. Couldn’t get ahold of Dale High for question approval
    5. Look. She’s dead. It’s not like asking a question like that will her back to life
    4. No way anyone could give a heart warming answer to a question like that
    3. It wasn’t addressed in the press release
    2. Oh pick, pick, pick. Everybody’s a critic
    And the number one reason “how could Roda write those eleven words without demanding an answer from the police for a dying mother ten years after her daughter was murdered?”

  5. Frank Lee says:

    After posing for pictures, Superior Court Judge on the Republican Ticket hopeful-Lancaster D.A. Craig Stedman-said they are looking for a man he believes has hair, and male genitalia. A composite from the DNA sample narrows it down to a Caucasian male who candidate Stedman says was of voting age when Christy Mirack was murdered. He urged everyone to go to their polling place this November 4th and contact him after they vote if they see any white males with hair.

  6. huh? says:

    There are any number of examples where Lancaster government employees don’t follow through. All sorts of examples – which are usually brought to light by people who post under articles. And videos.

    Under the Cooper article, someone commented in a way that it was known to them who the shooter was. Instead of the paper checking that out, they removed the comment. BTW Becky, I think the paper deleted it because the whole thread was deleted. In other cases when someone deletes their comment themselves, the rest of the thread will remain.

    Diamontoni is just the latest of many who have been protected by the LNP in his cremains into mass graves debacle. Susan Baldridge refused to refer to commenters correctly when she did the follow up story.

    It’s just one big circle jerk. LNP LPD PSP etc etc etc.

  7. Curious says:

    Your site says click here for whokilledchristymirak.com. Did they spell her name wrong?

  8. Curious says:

    Thats funny. I would think he would be the one to faint. I am surprised they havent contacted that Facebook poster or tried to get pix of cops working that year, etc. Sounds credible, but also sounds incredible. I would think they’d want to get that out of the way fast. Also surprised it only costs 4500 to put those composites together. I wonder how accurate they are. Of course, the Unibomber was turned in after a sketch that looked like anybody, so who knows? But he was turned in by his brother after a reward was offered. I wonder if anyone will come up with reward money. Very sad story.

  9. huh? says:

    There are companies that do physical DNA predictions. I’m surprised, looking at the comments under several of the outlets for this conference, that people are ignorant of that fact that hair, skin, eye color etc. can be accurately predicted.

    And based on the DNA results, they can use ethnic resemblances from the majority DNA. And compose a pretty decent result in picture form.

    The one difference between the detective and the composite photo is that they part their hair on the opposite sides. I know that is a small difference but if DNA can predict cowlick whorls, I think it can predict which side is the natural part.

  10. Curious says:

    What made you connect the composite with that detective? Has anyone called her father or brother to ask what cop she dated? Sounds like they are tired of keeping quiet to protect the investigation. Did the paper have family reaction? I missed the newser because I am not on Facebook. Cannot read LNP comments, either. I assume D.A. was not asked about timing of this announcement, or when they got a DNA composite. Also, why hasn’t the Facebook poster contacted the D.A., or vice versa? D.A.’s always check Facebook posts of suspects…why not victim pages? Also, I was unaware DNA could come up with what a person looks like. Shows what I know ….

    • Becky says:

      I saw him standing at the press conference and thought hmmm… I googled a picture of him and wow! And Christine Wilson was acting very, very strangely at the conference. But let me also add that those composites could look like millions of men!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Is he the cop the Facebook poster was referring to?

    • Becky says:

      I don’t know who the Facebook poster was referring to (and apparently he didn’t remember the name). But the resemblance is somewhat amazing.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Look on LNP at the comments. One person said they gave a lead and they did nothing with it, and that they(the cops) know who it is. Maybe this is the way for them to out the person, since they have no evidence to match to.

  13. PAisCORRUPT says:

    Wow is right. That Facebook post explains EVERYTHING – including the FOP support. I may have been wrong about the reason for this “news” conference. It may be just to “shore up” that “FOP” vote. I predict an 80% turnout at the polls…79% of them cops. Just remember this: If he loses the election for Superior Court judge, he will probably never run again…or win if he does run. If he wins the election, he will be on the bench forever. There is ALOT at stake here for Stedman – his entire career. There is much MORE at stake for voters: A judiciary free of bias, partiality, dishonesty, favoritism, cronyism, etc.

  14. Frank Lee says:

    As they say in comedy; Timing is everything. If LNP was a real newspaper and the “reporters” more than press release rewriters, they first question asked should be; how long have you known this?

  15. PAisCORRUPT says:

    Huh: Anything a candidate for a statewide office does is statewide news. As a local politician, the rest of the state is unaware of his local actions. Please call the Harrisburg Bureau of the Associated Press, ask for the editor on duty, inform them of the news conference, and your concerns as outlined above. Otherwise, he manipulates the media.

  16. huh? says:

    Wow. Just wow. That is quite a post on the Mirack facebook page.

    And about the recent Cooper murder, it’s been over 48 hours. And nothing. Just add him to the list…

  17. huh? says:

    And while they are at it, ask him if he was a part of the porn email receive and resend gang.

    • Becky says:

      Wow! Talking about posters on forums I hope somebody asks him about the recent unsolved murder of William Earl Cooper, Jr.

      And on Mirack’s Facebook page, someone just posted this:

      I remember her well. In 1992 I was working at Turkey Hill in Bridgeport @ store #2 where two cousins pizza is now. Christy would often come into the store get coffee and minor things. Everyone always looked forward to when she came in. She was so outgoing almost to the point of being bubbly. I remember her always having that beautiful smile on her face. And lighting up the room when ever she entered. I only remember her down at one point for a few days when she came in she was visablie troubled. When what was bothering her she said about some guy she went out with a couple time was hasseling her. He ran into her once at the store while i was there. She couldn’t get away fast enough he started to follow her out of the store but stopped when dispatch sent him a call. He was a East Lampeter township police officer. I can’t remember his name i can’t place his face. When I heard of what happened I knew what happened. But knowing and proving are two separate things especially when the one is a cop in the department investigating the crime. My heart broke that day. I knew they would never catch her killer. I knew Christy and her loved ones would never see justice done. It breaks my heart to this day. It also infuriates me that he got away no is still getting away with it to this day. Id like to be able to tell him. Sir one day you will meet your maker and will have to attone for what you’ve done. You snuffed a beautiful shining star out of existence all because you were a child and couldn’t handle being dumped. I hope the devil shows you no mercy. With any luck after 25 years you may have already met the man.

  18. huh? says:

    If the press is invited, statewide press, then maybe one of the reporters will ask him why he is doing this now? Whether it is an election ploy to get statewide attention?

    We know that the local LNP and press won’t do anything but sit there and lap up whatever pablum he is dishing out. I DO hope that more than just the local press will be there.

    And I hope they not only put him on the spot for the timing of this but also ask him why so many unsolved murders in Lancaster? It is absolutely outrageous that so many go unsolved. And so many disappear from the front page never to be mentioned again.

    And I hope that the state press who might be there, ask him why Cutler’s step brother in law was treated with kid gloves and also why that doctor who killed his lover and dumped him in a York church parking lot got less punishment than some of the many defendants who are cooling their heels in jail for much much less.

    I’m betting it will be a ‘closed’ press conference that only the LNP and other locals attend. Too risky to allow more than them in.

  19. PAisCORRUPT says:

    Definitely doing it for STATEWIDE publicity, so it needs to backfire STATEWIDE. Good thing I have “friends” at the AP. Pretty white girl murders (solved) are ALWAYS more newsworthy (!) than old ladies or young black men. DESPICABLE!

  20. PAisCORRUPT says:

    Oh.. And I hope it BACKFIRES!

  21. PAisCORRUPT says:

    I’m calling bullshit, already. Unless a suspect is now in custody, this is not only bullshit, but exploitation of the WORST kind by ANY public official, let alone a judicial candidate. Therefore, I hope the cries of EXPLOITATIVE BULLSHIT are LOUDER AND OUTNUMBER those from sheeple, old people redneck Republicans voting along party lines and too STUPID too figure this out. IT IS BULLSHIT!

  22. PAisCORRUPT says:

    This IS very, very tacky. And if a reporter does does not ask him about the timing of this, we will all know what a sick ploy this is for votes. And if he is asked, we will all know its because someone read this comment. Put another way, I’m not buying any of this bullshit.

    • Becky says:

      “But she [East Lampeter Township Police Lt. Renee Schuler, who heads the murder investigation] and Lancaster County Detective Joseph Geesey provided little in the way of new information at an interview held at the District Attorney’s Office last week. Although police initially proceeded under the assumption that Christy knew her killer, they won’t rule out a random killing now.”

      “But last week Schuler and Geesey would say only that the killer is male. They wouldn’t say whether there might have been more than one assailant. Dozens of men have been interviewed by authorities, though officials will not say specifically how many. Investigators said they are looking at specific individuals.
      “They would not comment on how many people have been exonerated by DNA or other evidence.”

      “Geesey would not comment on the crime scene last week. Police remain quiet as to what weapons were used in the crime, and will not comment on information from sources early on that one instrument was a kitchen cutting board.
      “‘She was beaten,’ Geesey said. ‘She was beaten in anger, but…I don’t think we should get into specifics.'”

      “The most recent tip came in Dec. 2; investigators refused comment on the nature of that information.
      “Schuler said East Lampeter Township detective Joseph Edgell was assigned to assist on the case about 10 months ago. Geesey continues to work with the department, which is aided by local municipalities as well as state and federal law enforcement when the need arises.”

      “For most of the past decade, it was Mrs. Mirack – a native of Sunbury who moved to Shamokin as a child – who kept in touch with police for updates on the investigation.
      “‘She always felt like she was on the outside looking in,’ her son said.
      “Schuler wasn’t sure when last she spoke with the Miracks; Christy’s brother, who also lives in suburban Philadelphia, said his mother hadn’t talked with Lancaster County officials in at least a year.”

      “‘We didn’t talk,’ Christy’s father, 64, said. ‘We didn’t say nothing to nobody.'”
      The last thing they wanted to do was jeopardize the case.
      “Now, her father sees things differently. ‘Nice people finish last.'”

      “Schuler said the Mirack case will remain open until it is solved. Investigators believe it can be solved.
      “But, Schuler added, ‘We need (the public’s) help. We are not an island. We need phone calls and letters to continue.'”

      Mrs. Mirack died on November 4, 2002. She is buried next to her daughter, Christy.

      The Murder of Christy Mirack

  23. huh? says:

    … gee, how convenient. Right before election day, “someone” has guaranteed that his name and face will appear across page one of his local paper.

    Wonder if there is enough information that he can drag it out for a few days guaranteeing that he will be in the news nonstop.

    A lot cheaper than having to pay for campaign ads.