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    Posted on November 28th, 2017 Becky 7 comments


         Today, for a variety of reasons, I decided to finally buy Lisa Michelle Lambert’s book, “Love, Murder, and Corruption in Lancaster County: My Story,” and I also read the reviews on (click here). LNP reporter Tom Knapp has a review there – all of a sudden he’s an expert.
         And on the same day as DA Craig Stedman’s press conference regarding “new information” on Christy Mirack’s killer, Knapp went on Mirack’s Facebook page posting a request to interview family members. His post (below) was directly under another post in which a person posted that very morning five hours before Knapp that he had knowledge that Mirack had dated an East Lampeter Police Officer and was very afraid of him.
         I have stated on this site that you cannot trust posters on social media – but that does not mean that you don’t contact them to try to determine the truth or lack thereof in their statements. How can you be a “reporter” and not do so? And I will have more to say on that tomorrow regarding the recent and still unsolved murder of William Cooper on October 27th in the city and very close to a Lancaster Safety Coalition camera.
         But back to the reviews. In one dated June 27, 2016 on Amazon and a portion of it is reprinted below, the poster asks the question: “But then, is it possible that our local media and it’s sources are in league with the corruption that exists all around us in Lancaster County?”
          Is it possible? Is there any other way to explain all these unsolved murders? Is there any other way to explain “reporters” failing to ask important, obvious questions and failing to hold these officials accountable? There will be more tomorrow.
    [Editor’s note: I have not corrected the reviewer’s various misspellings of “Christy” and “Mirack” or made any other corrections.]
          … It amuses me when you look at the comments regarding Lisa’s book you realize that Lancaster County has very few real thinkers, relying instead on the printed LNP media. In our (old) Lancaster New Era, the locals read that Lisa murdered Laurie Snow. That was proof enough for them. Case closed. Same thing happened regarding Chrystie Myrak in 1993. To them the murderer was never found. Not one of the Lancaster New Era fed people had the intelligence to question the possible proceedings prior to and then after Christy’s murder. After all, the newspaper told them that the murderer was not found. And, to the shame of our local “detectives”, the murder remains “on the books”.
         Now we have Lisa’s book that in just one paragraph alone the possible Myrak murderer was uncovered. The realization that the East Lampeter Township police department had a hand in both Myrak’s death and that of Laurie Show has allowed the thinking reader to possibly connect some long hidden dots. The possible love affair between the same policeman and Christy and the raping by that – possible – same officer of Lisa Lambert allows the thinking person to draw some very important conclusions. So, to those naysayers in Lancaster county who want to continue to deny Lisa Lambert’s freedom, start thinking and stop being spoon fed by our local media who should have done some investigation on their own apart from the various local police departments. But then, is it possible that our local media and it’s sources are in league with the corruption that exists all around us in Lancaster County? I personally don’t think you have to wonder too far and too long on the subject. Lisa’s book opens up a lot of closets into which additional probing is necessary.


         Why is the Lancaster Safety Coalition’s website registered through a proxy?

    Please check back later today.



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    2. so who is this murderous east lampeter police officer?

    3. I haven’t read the book – I just ordered it! 🙂 But if you recall, when the book came out two East Lampeter officers sued David Brown, the co-author, so I think that’s a clue…

      Rape, corruption allegations in murderer’s book spur suit against publisher, co-author

    4. Going back to an A&E Bill Kurtis report, the date on which Lambert accused the officer of raping her, Lampeter Strasburg police showed him to be away on his honeymoon.

    5. However, even a busted clock is right twice a day. It needs to be checked out.

    6. Well I wouldn’t hold too much stock in that report since they couldn’t even get the name of the police department correct. There is no, and there has never been a Lampeter Strasburg police department.

    7. Personally, I think Lambert is guilty and where she belongs.

      Beyond that, I wouldn’t trust any of the other parties to her eventual conviction.

      IIRC, Yunkin has a facebook page and is out of prison a long time ago.