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    Posted on October 28th, 2017 Becky 4 comments

    “NOT RANDOM”    

    William E. Cooper, Jr. from his Facebook page in September of 2014.

    *     Lancaster city police Capt. Mike Winters said police don’t yet have a suspect for what he said was not a random act of violence.
         Winters said investigators spent the day doing interviews, processing the crime scene, reviewing video footage and tracking down possible witnesses.
    From LNP’s “updated” story, “Police identify 31-year-old man shot and killed in Lancaster city,” (click here).
         If they have video from a Lancaster Safety Coalition camera (which they should – see below), it should be released to the public! Captain Mike Winters does not have a good record when it comes to solving murders!
    An insert from the Safety Coalition camera map. The blue arrow inserted at the murder scene is mine.



    From left to right: William Murry, a Livescribe pen and John Nodecker.

           As soon as I saw this story online – “Martic Township man charged with using ‘pen’ to take audio, video recordings at courthouse” – I thought of William Murry’s lawsuit against LNP and the statements that former Manheim Township Superintendent John Nodecker had one of these pens and used it to make the illegal recording at the heart of Murry’s suit (click here).
         Murry’s attorneys also saw it and yesterday filed a brief in the case using the information. Amazing! See below and click here for the original.


    4 responses to “* WHO MADE THE ILLEGAL RECORDING?”

    1. The fact that the LNP actually printed the story about the Martic man raised all sorts of suspicions for me.

      Do you think they thought that somehow it would justify their actions? Do you think they are going to blame Nodecker and excuse themselves?

      Is Murry’s lawyer playing into their hands? Can he prove that the LNP knew that Nodecker, if that is who did it, planned to do it beforehand OR if he showed up at their doorstep and they can say it was all him and that’s who Murry should be suing?

      This is going to be very interesting to see it played out.

    2. I don’t think LNP reporter Lindsey Blest had a clue about the pen and the lawsuit. The DA’s office issued a press release and she copied it as they always do (see link below). I think the DA wanted to scare people from doing it – because it has become so “easy,” and put out the release that includes two felony charges and $20,000 cash bail! Fox43, PennLive and ABC27 all did a story on it.

      Martic Man Charged with Using ‘Pen’ for Illegal Recordings at Lancaster County Courthouse

    3. Regarding the shooting and murder of Mr. Cooper, they say it wasn’t random but they have no suspects.

      Why does that NOT make sense? To me anyway.

    4. huh? I think I can answer your question. In LNPspeak, random means: That means I could get shot if I go to Lancaster.
      It wasn’t random means: Oh. Well then who cares? What a relief. I’m safe, so I don’t have to avoid Lancaster.