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    Posted on October 31st, 2017 Becky 11 comments


         This picture is from the front page of LNP’s Friday print edition and tells you everything you need to know about Mayor Gray and mayoral candidate Danene Sorace and the CRIZ and the Marriott Hotel/convention center. That is Mayor Gray embracing S. Dale High. I wonder which one(s) will end up in jail?
         There will be much more tomorrow on Sorace and the CRIZ.

    [Editor’s note: This is a cropped and enlarged photo from the Governor’s Awards for the Arts on Thursday night taken by LNP photographer Suzette Wenger.]


    **   Very quickly to Diane Enck Gamber’s comment below so I can move on to serious news:
    —  Essentially what she is saying is that the police are stupid. So these neighbors are constantly harassed but the perpetrators have a scanner so they know when the police are coming and they make out to be Pollyannas? And the police can’t see through that time and time again? And could the harassed neighbor record the loud music and play it for the police (I wonder how the perpetrators hear the scanner over the loud music)? Do other neighbors hear the loud music and also complain? Can they show the litter and the dog poop to the police – and the other things she “can’t mention?” Again, she is basically saying the police are stupid and easily tricked – and I don’t believe this story for a minute.
          As to nosy people who want to listen to the “misfortune emergencies” of others – that is a crock and just plain nasty. They listen to it for their own safety and the safety of family, friends and neighbors. I suggest you listen to mayoral candidate Zac Nesbitt’s answer to the question in last night’s debate and I will have more on the encryption at a later date.    



    *    I agreed with everything Republican candidate Cindy Stewart said last night (actually everything every candidate said except Sorace) except on one point – the encryption of police broadcasts. She stated she favored it for first responders’ safety.
         I totally disagree – and I am going to explore the below poster’s absurd (this is at least the second time she has told this story) and nasty comment on Lancaster Online under the story about the police “security zone” being unnecessary later today (click here).



          He [Tony Dastra, independent candidate for mayor] repeatedly called out the city for giving “massive tax breaks” to the downtown Marriott hotel.
    From the LNP article, “Sorace, Stewart, Dastra, Nesbitt make their case at forum to be next Lancaster mayor,” (click here).   
         At one point, Dastra called it “disgusting!”
        Sorace [Danene Sorace, democratic candidate for mayor] said there’s a misperception that she will continue all of current Mayor Rick Gray’s policies. Where a reset is needed, it will happen, she said.
         Absolute nonsense! The “reset” should have happened years ago! She is Mayor Gray’s clone without any of his smarts!
    Please check back later today.



    1. You are a bitch from hell to harass and bully someone who is disabled. Get your bullshit with my name off within 24 hours or my first call will be to the ACLU, Satan bitch. You are such a BITCH to add to my suffering. You are like a high school mean girl. And, PS, I am making a copy of this message to you.

      Part of a comment into this site from Diane Enck Gamber that was only published in the comments on this site because it was so profanity laced.

      But let me help Diane out – the number for the ACLU is 212-549-2500!


    2. I think she will find, if she calls the ACLU, that there is this funny thing called freedom of the press, freedom of speech and the first amendment.

      I also seem to recall a few pile on Becky moments that she partook in on the LNP comment area.

      And finally, her disability, whatever it is, doesn’t shield her from internet chatter. If she decides to wade into the comment pools then she opens herself to getting splashed. That’s just the way it goes.

    3. Good answer, huh? Unfortunately, these internet trolls don’t think the law and common sense applies to them! 🙂

    4. (Frankly) “Where a reset is needed, it will happen, she said.” I’m guessing Ms. I’m-Not-A-Rick-Gray-Clone didn’t get into specifics as to where the is “reset” would be needed?

    5. Knock knock

      Who’s there?

      Mayor J. Richard Gray

      Mayor J. Richard Gray who?

      Mayor J. Richard Gray the whore lawyer who defended child molestors, puppy mill operators, and drug dealers.

    6. Becky, I don’t agree with you all the time. And when I don’t, I usually say so in this comments section. Perhaps she ought to come here and be civil and express opinions. As for her disability, I raised my kids to look past someone’s disabilities to see if the person was worth knowing. So many people rely on ‘disability porn’ to excuse their behaviors. Are her brain and thought processes disabled? If not, then it is irrelevant what she suffers from unless she is specifically posting about her disability.

      And who the heck is Gail Jenks over there at the forum?

      That photo of Gray and Dale High, arm in arm, is just so cringe worthy. Because remember? Gray was going to take time in case a ‘reset’ was needed regarding the PSP and con center/hotel. I personally know people who voted for Gray based upon those particular fake truths that he spread to get elected. In mere hours, his lie was exposed.

      Now Sorace is saying the same kind of thing. How soon will she be dressing like Dorothy and linking arms with High etc. and singing “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.” Who would be the tin man? The cowardly lion? The scarecrow?

    7. Again, Dr. Phil says you don’t engage stalkers. But Gamber’s behavior is sooooo unbelievable!

      And Richard Musser – I told you once just don’t come here. If you think I’m impressed by your use of the “c” word for me – I am not! Get lost! You are a very sick individual.

    8. You would think that somebody who constantly criticizes LNP for bad journalism, including for failing to be unbiased and, just recently, for sinking to low levels in printing harsh quotes about a local school principal, would practice what she preaches. Your site is becoming nothing but a gossip forum for you and your followers. It lacks any professionalism whatsoever. Your posts are far from being biased, you do not post both sides of any story, only the side that supports your own agenda and narrative, most of the time, you don’t have any original material, just criticism of what others are doing, and you use your site to pick-on and attempt to publicly humiliate those that you do not like or those that criticize/challenge you instead of taking the higher road or recognizing, a point noted by one of your beloved commentators, that, if you decide to wade into the comment pools then you open yourself up to getting splashed. A mature and professional person would ignore the banter and move on. I am sure you would be the first to blast LNP if they started sharing some of your comments with petty remarks and personal attacks. Why don’t you be the person you judge others for not being.

    9. Whatever! 🙂

    10. Exactly the response I expected…if I was talking to my 13 year old niece…

    11. Oh, please! 🙂 🙂