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*** Actually, Ronald Fantazier was free on bail from a previous charge when he was arrested for his 11th offense. So he broke his bail conditions – and he still got unsecured bail?


 **   Ronald Earl Fantazier has a problem with theft. He has 10 separate charges since June of 2010. He was arrested again on September 28th and charged with a third degree felony for theft. What amount did District Judge Bruce Roth set as his bail? $5,000 unsecured. Unsecured bail! He is free as a bird! 
     So all those people who comment on this site about everything that is taken into consideration when a District Judge sets bail, including their criminal history, please tell me why this man’s bail, after 10 previous charges, is unsecured? Is it because he’s white?
      Please see the screenshots below.

*    I have been checking bond requirements and I have not found one that mentions the requirement that the person posting the bail must have a full time job. This was the first thing District Judge Bruce Roth’s office asked me the two times I called last week about posting the bail for Delonte Shaw-Cannon. They stated I must have a full time job and be able to “prove” it (see the story immediately below on this site). Are they doing this to purposely “discourage” those who want to post bail?


Magisterial District Judge Bruce A. Roth

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      How can Lancaster County District Judge Bruce A. Roth be a partner in a personal injury law firm (click here)?



  1. huh? says:

    If that is the case, is this the go to judge for the police to use when they want someone to make it difficult for someone to be bailed out?

    Do secretaries routinely talk to prisoners? And since when do prisoners get to choose to live on the taxpayer’s dime.

    And if someone wanted to stay in jail, wouldn’t it be possible that the person is mentally ill and not belong in jail?

  2. huh? says:

    Are you saying that only one person under this judge has received bail in five years? I am confused.

    • Becky says:

      Crystal told me that she has been there for five years and they have only processed one individual in their office during that time. This does not include bail bondsmen who bailed people out through their office. I have no idea how many of those but apparently it is much easier for the Judge’s office and on my first phone call I was advised by her to call a bail bondsman. That of course adds to the price and as I noted, one I called had a minimum charge of $275!

  3. Anonymous says:

    To answer your question why Roth can practice personal injury law, you answered your own question when you referenced Rule 3-10. It is not that he can’t practice law period, it is he can’t practice law under the conditions listed under this rule. Personal injury law does not apply. You should really take down that post since it makes you look foolish.

    As for the bail, there is NOTHING that prevents you from gifting this man the bail money, NOTHING. With that said, he would have to sign the surety bond. If he would not sign the surety bond he could keep the money and stay in jail.

    And when did it become acceptable to show your disdain and display your dissent against something by damaging personal and public property of others! Hey, if this guy wanted to burn a flag, more power to him, but get your own flag to burn, not one the taxpayers paid for.

    • Becky says:

      I am not taking down the post as I have looked “foolish” before!

      So, this guy told the judge he “wanted to go to jail” and the judge obliged? Are you kidding me? They have only had one individual get bail in five years? That is so outrageous I don’t even know where to begin and it needs to be investigated!

  4. huh? says:

    Bottom line: this guy is being fucked over and they are making it next to impossible for anyone to help him.

  5. talking says:

    Doubt this DJ is openly violating the corrupt system we support here in PA. I don’t even think a PA DJ has to be a lawyer, although it appears this guy is one unless he is practicing without license. He is certainly not a federal judge subject to those rules and I am not even sure he is considered a judge here in PA? Furthermore, I dont think being a DJ is a full time gig with full time pay?

  6. regular reader says:

    My guess, its a standard that doesn’t take into account the value of the bail itself.

    • Becky says:

      Not to press the point too hard – but a full time job has nothing to do with whether I have the 10% amount and the full bail amount immediately at that moment which you have to prove! I believe they are using it as a way to turn people away and that is shocking!

  7. regular reader says:

    To discuss your comment about posting bail. Maybe the reason they asked you about your job is because by posting his bail you would then be on the hook for the full amount. Yes this bail is a minimal one, however, it is probably a standard question for all bail. The up front cost is only 10% but you would be responsible for the full amount if the defendant skips. They have to be sure that the person posting the bail can afford to pay the full amount. Again, this case is one of minimal bail but in the case of say $50,000 ten percent you would ultimately be responsible for $50,000 and the courts in good conscience can’t allow someone to only post ten % if they can’t afford to eventually post the full amount.

    • Becky says:

      I fully understand that and she went on to talk about the deed to my house and having a current appraisal indicating my house was worth at least the full bail amount, etc. Why couldn’t I just post the full $1,000 in cash and be done with it? Instead, I was told I need to have a “full time” job. That makes no sense as she went on to talk about providing “proof” that I had the full $1,000!

    • Becky says:

      I’ve been there (thanks):

      (E) Magisterial district judges who are attorneys shall not practice law:

      (1) before any magisterial district judge in the Commonwealth;

      (2) in any proceeding in which they have served as a magisterial district judge;

      (3) in any proceeding related to a proceeding in which they served as a magisterial district judge; or

      (4) in any criminal proceeding in the county within which their magisterial district is located. Magisterial district judges who are attorneys shall neither practice before nor act as an attorney or solicitor for any county or local municipal, governmental or quasi-governmental agency, board, authority or commission operating within the Commonwealth.

      (F) Magisterial district judges who are attorneys shall not permit their employers, employees, partners or legal associates to appear or practice before them.

  8. regular reader says:

    Like it or not, and I do not, this is a legal practice in PA and quite common. If you research the MDJs in PA you will find quite a few that are still practicing attorneys. There is one in Montgomery county that spends more time in her private practice than in her MDJ office. The rule you quoted applies to US judges, not PA judges. It has no influence on how state and local judges are governed.