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  • * – *** BREAKING *** – * NOT A TREAT TO BE FOUND!

    Posted on October 29th, 2017 Becky 4 comments
    *    I thought I recognized Whitted’s name. Oh, my heavens! Click here for LNP’s 2013 article, “Problem prisoner gets 4 to 8 more years for spitting on guards – LCP inmate would likely have been released this year on original charge.”


    Phillip Michael Whitted

          The Lancaster City Police have not released any further information on the murder of William Cooper, Jr., but they have released the name of the man who has now been arrested and charged for taking a sawed off shotgun to his brother’s house. A pit bull in the house then attacked him, his brother and his brother’s wife and he has been in the hospital until today.
         Click here for the police press release. The police say the above photo of Phillip Michael Whitted they provided is from a previous arrest.

    WE NEED IT –

    (Click here)


         On a serious note, what a pathetic performance by Mayor Gray! Lancaster Police Lt. Todd Umstead went before city council twice before Tuesday’s meeting. He said the police were worried about an “ambush” attack and talked to the city solicitor about what could be done about people hanging around the police station. They wanted to fine ($600) and put people in jail for “hanging around” the police station. Council spent at least 15 minutes on it at both at their committee meeting and then for a first reading at the first council meeting in October.
         At Tuesday’s meeting, the great lawyer Mayor Gray announced that he also met with the solicitor and the police and lo and behold – they felt they already had the tools in place to deal with the “problem” and for council to forget about the whole thing!
         You can watch his absurd performance on the video of the October 24 city council meeting on the “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page (click here). What a waste of time and money! I wonder how much the city solicitor charged for all those meetings?



          I don’t mean to brag – but I found the “hidden candy corn” on the front cover of today’s LNP Sunday Magazine! Perhaps LNP is overworking the magazine editor, Ted Sickler, since they made him features and special projects editor for the entire paper.
         Today in the magazine there are two full pages of leaves (really!) and nothing but other stupid childish puzzles. Wow! It is just awful!


    4 responses to “* – *** BREAKING *** – * NOT A TREAT TO BE FOUND!”

    1. Note to all the LNP “reporters” who read this:

      Carl Bernstein: “The role of the press is to find the best obtainable version of the truth.”

      Just imagine if a DA or police force told Woodward and Bernstein, ‘nothing to look at here. And so they said, OK, and fed the public bullshit lies instead of Watergate truth. If you want to have a stellar career in journalism, don’t accept what the DA, police force, mayor etc etc etc feeds you.

      Think for yourself. I realize that journo school is nuts and bolts. Re-enroll and get a history degree. Or a sociology degree. Or a human rights degree.

    2. I’m confused Becky. Mayor Dick told us over eight years ago that “Frankly the quality of life in Lancaster continues to improve!” It doesn’t sound like it has. Think maybe J. Dick was “fibbing”?

    3. Hmmmmm….fibbing? According to the definition I found….a fib is “a lie, typically an unimportant one.” On the other hand… lie is “to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive.” Either way…not true that the quality of life has improved!!!

    4. 🙂