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     It is never a good day when you have to call a lot of lawyers and know the odds of them actually speaking with you are below one percent – so:
—  As noted below, I left a message with Luke Murray’s defense attorney.
—  The woman who answered the phone in District Justice Jeffrey Mensch’s office said they have nothing to do with the charges being withdrawn. She said that if all the parties agreed to withdraw the charges then the Judge would do that. She suggested I call the District Attorney who was in their office on Tuesday for the preliminary hearing.
—  Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Crossland was the prosecutor for the preliminary hearing and was not available when I called today and the woman who answered the phone indicated it was not likely he would call me back. I asked if I could call again tomorrow and she said that would be fine.
—  I sent an email to the District Attorney of Union County, D. Peter Johnson, and received an automatic out-of-office response. If I do not hear back from him tomorrow, I will contact his assistant as he indicated you should do if you need immediate help.
     I hope to have better luck tomorrow!
     As a side note, I spoke with someone who worked closely with lawyers for years the other day and he told me he really doesn’t like lawyers. True story!


George Lepley, Jr.

      Apparently East Hempfield Township Police Officer Luke Murray and I were both calling his lawyer’s office at about 1:45 pm today. I called George Edward Lepley, Jr. of Lepley, Engelman & Yaw LLC in his Williamsport office this afternoon and asked for him and gave the woman who answered some brief information as to who I am and why I was calling. She put me on hold for some time and when she came back she asked, “Luke?” I said no, it’s the reporter and asked if Luke Murray was also calling in?

Luke Murray

      She did not give a firm answer and the lawyer was busy so I left a message. Ironically, the law firm has a department devoted to obtaining Protection from Abuse orders. They state on their website (click here):
     At Lepley, Engelman & Yaw, we have years of experience drafting petitions for a PFA and successfully representing our clients at the hearing for a Permanent PFA. Please contact us for a consultation if you have been a victim of domestic violence.


East Hempfield Township Officer Luke W. Murray

     Come on LNP, go after them like you went after Manheim Twp. Charge them with sunshine act violation, hound them at every turn, suggest that the auditor general get involved, pat your yourself on the back for ‘investigative reporting’ and you might get another weekly reader award!! Can hardly wait for the first story!!!
Posted by Manheim Township School Board President, Mark Anderson, under the LNP story, “McCaskey Principal Bill Jimenez placed on paid leave,” (click here).     
     Good for you! Can you imagine if LNP went after Mayor Gray and city council the way they went after Manheim Township because they were trying to look like they are a real newspaper? I caught city council breaking the Sunshine Act right after Tony Dastra began live-streaming their meetings several months ago and not a word from LNP!
     And imagine if they told the public the truth about Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler and how someone on Gray’s staff did not vet him properly! And speaking of domestic violence, as posted here yesterday all charges were withdrawn against East Hempfield Township Police Officer Luke Murray’s at his preliminary hearing Tuesday afternoon (click here for the LNP story which does not give a clue why they were “withdrawn” and I will try to find out more today.) I will also try to find out if Murray gets his job back or gets fired.
     Thanks to the commenter who indicated where I could find Murray’s photo. Hopefully I have the right one above – you said his name is clear but my eyes are old! If that is not him, please let me know and I will make a correction.
Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Charges against East Hempfield Twp. cop withdrawn; victim will not testify

    MIFFLINBURG — Housebreaking and different expenses towards an East Hempfield Twp. police officer have been withdrawn after the prosecutor stated the sufferer and her household have refused to testify.

    Union County District Lawyer D. Peter Johnson introduced in courtroom Tuesday that the fees towards Luke William Murray, 38, of Ephrata can be dropped. The 15-yr veteran of the pressure had been charged with housebreaking, legal trespassing.

  2. huh? says:

    OK. First I am not on the fence about this Luke Murray deal. Why? Because that guy has a track record exemplified by “Cheaterland.” If the information about him there was not true, he would have hired an attorney and had it removed. But he didn’t and it’s there.

    I might have gone with a heated argument between the two and when cooler heads prevailed, she withdrew the charges.

    There are enough stories and cases that show how a person in a place of power convinces a victim to drop charges or ‘she will ruin his life.’ And so she does.

    And the next time when the guy breaks into her home, he will be the only one capable of leaving.

  3. Frank Lee says:

    But…..but …..but Jay….it’s LNP. The Goal standard of excellence in Journalism…

  4. Rednek says:

    Frank Lee……you are a hoot!!!!

  5. Jay says:

    Because Frank I know who he is that’s why I know it’s him.

  6. Frank Lee says:

    Jay. Not to worry. LNP’s crack investigative team is already on it. Probing, never taking no for an answer and riding the cutting edge of journalism. BTW. How can you say that’s the correct photo of East Hempfield Township Officer Luke W. Murray when LNP didn’t provide one?

  7. Jay says:

    Yep that’s the Correct Pic of luke murray Becky.
    I would like to know also who pressured who to drop those charges if I know who in that dept it is one of two who did either the Chief or one of the female lieutenant in charge.

    • Becky says:

      Thanks, Jay. I was pretty sure or I wouldn’t have posted it but good to hear it is him! I will try to find out what happened with the charges! Unbelievable!