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     @Frank Lee…I agree with your assessment 100%. Same Ole, Same Ole Sorace is a Gray clone with LESS intellect than he has…that does not bode well for the future. Her GOP challenger seems to be mailing it in. Dastra, regardless of his worthiness, cannot win as a 3rd party outsider with little or no backing. This race was decided when the City Dems endorsed Danene. I hope they will be held accountable later but it is unlikely.
This comment in under “AND CHRISTINA HARTMAN!” below.
     I agree about Tony Dastra. As much as I appreciate him live-streaming city council and other meetings, he can’t possibly win. I do hope he runs for city council the next time a seat is open.
     Please don’t split the vote in November as the Democrats did in the primary when Kevin Ressler and Norman Colon split the vote so Sorace won. If you are unhappy with what has happened under Mayor Gray and Sorace, then vote for Cindy Stewart. I agree she is a very long shot but if nothing else, it will let people know that they are not satisfied with what has been going on for years in the city – with money being poured into the six block magazine section only and crime being virtually ignored.
     One quick note about this morning’s piece – there was this in the LNP story on McCaskey principal Jimenez where they are quoting an unnamed retired SDoL teacher who didn’t want her name used because she still substitutes in the district:
     She said that those who fell in line with Jimenez’s orders were his “henchmen.” Another popular term among teachers was “FOB” — Friends of Bill. If Jimenez’s “friends” would catch another teacher speaking out against the principal, there would be consequences.
     Obviously there are those who like Jimenez and there was not a single quote from anyone who does. That is outrageous and why I call it a character assassination piece. Unbelievable! And to put “He’ll squish you like an ant” in the headline is totally over-the-top and inappropriate! Does anyone at LNP know what they are doing?
*    This press release just in from Christina Hartman’s campaign. Dump the schmuck, Lloyd!



(Click here for the “insider” story online.)

     LNP, desperate for answers regarding the strange happenings with McCaskey Principal Bill Jimenez, take a really low road! They name exactly one former teacher in this article and one parent who has two sons in the district.
     Talk about character assassination! Wow! LNP’s journalism standards have been thrown out the window.
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  1. Concerned says:

    Please tell me that your not buying into the crap. The non affordable care act was started by the Demobrats, now that it is going down the tubes its BLAME everybody else time. Did you not hear your previous president stand at the podium and say you can keep your doctor and that premiums would go down by at least $2500.00 well as we all have found out that’s all been lies upon lies. As for Christina to now blame everybody else I’m not surprised. And for her to say universal health care that”s a scary thought.

  2. huh? says:

    So, why are they doing this? Oh gee, maybe to bolster their defendants’ status in Murry vs. LNP? They are going to dig and dig and dig to “prove” they are big time investigative press.

    They are so fuckingly stupidly transparent. #SAD 🙂