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    Posted on October 9th, 2017 Becky 4 comments


    **   Oh, this is rich and just astoundingly ironic! District Judge Bruce Roth was very quick to comment under the LNP update story about a bear released from a cage in 2015 (click here)! Yes, worry about a bear and not a 20-year-old human being in a cage! Unbelievable!


    FROM 20 TO 19

    *    Have you noticed the absolute lack of hard news in LNP, especially the print edition, since Tom Murse became their managing editor for news and sports? 
         And an actual good news story happened that got very little attention and I wonder why? That would be this from the District Attorney’s press release, “Grand Jury Leads to Charges against 2 Men in 2015 Homicide in Lancaster,” (click here).
         Two men have been charged with the murder of Edward Cameron on September 7, 2015. He was one of the “UNSOLVED MURDERS” under Mayor Gray under the above tab on this site and his name has been removed and the total is now nineteen.
         Did you forget that there was a grand jury empaneled by District Attorney Craig Stedman? That’s because we haven’t heard another word since March 8th, 2017 when there was one LNP article, “Unsolved murders get another look; Lancaster County district attorney calls grand jury to aid in investigations,” (click here).
         That is partly because everything with grand juries is “super secret” or so DA Stedman tells the public and generally that is true but not everything. There will be more to come on this: How many more unsolved murders will be solved, why did it take a grand jury to solve them, how much is this costing the public and why are there so many unsolved murders in Lancaster County in the first place? And why did they announce this case when DA spokesman Brett Hambright has stated in the past that even the cases where charges are brought are “secret?”       


          And to think they released him on bail!
         —  Probably gives him one last chance to touch another little girl before his court date buuuuut once again court system is a joke. Sick pedophile.
    Posted as a comment and then a response on Lancaster Online under the LNP story by Jennifer Todd, “Mount Joy man charged with sexually assaulting girl over period of several years,” (click here).
         From the article:
         The alleged assaults began in 2003, when the girl was 3 years old, and continued through 2012, according to an arrest affidavit. The alleged incidents took place at Spath’s home. 

    District Judge Scott Albert

         District Judge Scott E. Albert released this man on $100,000 unsecured bail. And look at the charges on his docket below – just one felony and one misdemeanor charge. They could have charged him for every time he allegedly touched her over the course of those nine years but they have only charged him once.
         A suburban, 70-year-old white man. It is nice to be white in Lancaster County.
        As the commenter said, maybe he’ll get to “touch” another little girl before his court date.
         And long time LNP reporter Todd doesn’t question it at all and will LNP’s editorial department write about this incredible miscarriage of justice and how we need to protect our children?
           He began when the girl was three. Absolutely horrific!
          And does bail mean anything in Lancaster County? Is it possible for a citizen to step in and post 20-year-old Delonte Shaw-Cannon’s 10% of $1,000 dollar bail to get him out of jail – or will District Judge Bruce Roth do everything in his power to impede it and does Shaw-Cannon really, really want to stay in Lancaster County Prison?
    Please see the stories immediately below and check back later today.   


    4 responses to “** – * LET’S GIVE HIM A CHANCE…”

    1. Maybe one of your readers is a PA Prison Society member. They could go see him in jail and find out.

    2. It’s being worked on. Thanks!

    3. Maybe Ricki the bear wanted to be in a cage! – sarcasm – 🙁 🙁

    4. I’d be willing to bet that Roth is more worried about getting to the bar at the Hamilton Club after work than he is about some poor black kid sitting in jail unnecessarily.