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    Posted on October 1st, 2017 Becky 20 comments


         The NFL protests that have been all over the news for the last two weeks are about equal justice in this country. How can we even begin to talk about equality when LNP can’t even get their bail amounts correct? Bail amounts are at the very core of the justice system in this country!
         There is percentage bail and cash bail. With percentage bail – such as Murray’s – he is only required to pay 10% of the $15,000 to be free and that is clearly stated on his docket. Should he fail to appear when required in court, he would then be responsible to pay the full $15,000.
         Cash bail, also known as monetary bail, means that you have to pay the full amount of the bail in cash or property in order to get out of jail.
         The Lancaster Newspapers are essentially lying to the public by stating: “He is free on $15,000 bail.” That is not correct. He was only required to pay, and a relative did pay $1,500 cash, to get Murray released from jail on bail.
         For LNP to continue what amounts to be a lie under their article is unconscionable! What kind of news organization fails to correct a blatant and crucially important factual error in their reporting?

    *   PennLive states Murray’s bail correctly (click here):
         Luke William Murray, 38, of Ephrata, is free after posting 10 percent of the $15,000 bail set following his arraignment on charges of burglary, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and harassment.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         Uh, oh! A friend sent me a link to CheaterLand and there is Luke Murray (click here for the CheaterLand website and here for LNP’s “East Hempfield police officer charged with breaking into estranged girlfriend’s home,” and also see immediately below on this site because LNP is still incorrectly stating his bail amount).        
         I was skeptical, but there is a Misty Jones in Ephrata who likes this book:

    Please check back later today!


    20 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE * HOW 2 LOVE YOUR COP”

    1. This guy actually sounds pretty dangerous. Is he still on the force? Another Hempfield cop connected mess…flashback to the kid of a cop breaking and entering and robbing and beating people and then returning to high school with nary a lost step.

      Of course I looked up Ukela Urraayma on Facebook without success. Guess he must have a new alias by now.

    2. huh? – he sounds very dangerous. According to all media reports he is on paid administrative leave. We will see if that changes after his preliminary hearing this Tuesday. I am also trying to get his mugshot (he has had over a week to wipe any social media he had clean) and will put in a Right-to-Know request with Union County on Monday.

    3. This Dept has a history of male Officers dating and screwing every female officer who works there even when married and then you have the females who sleep with the bosses to get promoted but hey what goes around comes around in more ways then other.

    4. He is free on $15000 bail! If he fails to show or breaks bail conditions he owes $15000 not the 1500 he posted. Believe it or not there are other ways to look at things!

    5. I disagree anonymous. His bail amount is 10% of $15,000 or $1,500!

    6. Does anyone have a picture of this psycho? L ousy N ews P aper won’t post one.

    7. Working on it, Frank!

    8. Becky, you disagree with the anonymous comment, but in your post, you state Pennlive was correct…they also stated it was a $15,000 bail. Both sources say the same thing, Pennlive just adds in that he only paid a percentage of the bail amount. Both are correct, Pennlive just gives us more info.

    9. Anonymous – we are talking about who sits in jail waiting for a trial and who does not! Therefore, it is imperative that news organizations get their facts correct. In this case, Murray had to put up (only) $1,500 to get out of jail! He is not sitting in a cell. He is on paid vacation.

    10. Ok, but still doesn’t change what I wrote or what both of these news sources wrote….one you said was correct and one you said was wrong….both wrote the same thing….one just gave more info….. And btw, one number is the bail amount, the other is a cash percentage OF THE BAIL.

    11. No – one was correct and one was not. His bail is percentage bail and his bail amount is 10% of $15,000 not $15,000!

    12. Both Pennlive and LNP stated that it was $15,000 bail….so no, both said the same thing! Pennlive just added in that he only had to pay a percentage of that BAIL AMOUNT. You always want others to admit when they are wrong, but you can’t do the same.

    13. And you don’t think it’s significant that in fact he only had to pay 10% of that $15,000 amount to get out of jail? Nonsense!

    14. P.S. I do admit it when I’m wrong – but I am not wrong here! 🙂

    15. I never said that or anything like that, but, if you are asking, not necessarily. But that is because I do not know the man or all of the facts. I also know that the only purpose of bail is to ensure that a defendant appears in court later on,that the amount of bail is only in part determined by the seriousness of the crime (and only to extent that the seriousness would make somebody want to disappear) and that pretrial incarceration is not meant to be punishment.

    16. And, you say what you want, but both articles stated that bail was $15,000 and you previously said one of those was correct and one was wrong…..

    17. His bail amount is 10% of $15,000! Period!!!

    18. 10% is the portion of his $15,000 bail that he was required to post in order to be released…..Just like Pennlive stated and you previously agreed with in your post. Say that LNP failed to provide all of the information if you want, but you can’t call them wrong……not if you think Pennlive was correct.

    19. LNP was wrong to not include the 10%!

    20. You ain’t…well yes you will believe this given it’s L azy N ewe P eople. Someone in the comments section asked why no photo of psycho cop. This is the reply “There has not been one provided to us yet.”.