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    Posted on October 11th, 2017 Becky 15 comments


          District Judge Bruce Roth announced in open court this afternoon that he expects a full apology from me and that I am the worst reporter ever!  And then he took a very cheap shot. Details will come tomorrow!

    **   The first comment under the story on Lancaster Online is below. Is that ever correct! Unbelievable!


     *** BREAKING NEWS ***



         Mayor Gray stated at last night’s city council meeting that Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler is leaving (the LNP story shown above is in this morning’s print edition and not currently online).      You can watch last night’s meeting on the “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page (click here).



    1. Our new Attorney General seems like a class act. He needs to learn of the accusations by Salder’s ex. He must not know, right?

    2. I would hope not! Looking into it…

    3. OMG!!! LNP took the comment down!!!

    4. I don’t see the comment. Will mine stay up?

    5. OK. I have a serious thing to write here and I hope that his ex wife still reads your website, Becky.

      The one person who needs to comment on the above article about Sadler leaving is his exwife. It would be pretty powerful if she were to go to the LNP, read the article and then post underneath it. Let’s see then if the LNP takes it down.

      Interesting how they monitor certain articles while leaving the racists to play in other comments under their articles. Why the hell they have continued to protect this man by totally ignoring the abuse allegations is beyond me.

      Was he handpicked by the LNP to head up the LPD? What about the new guy?

    6. As I shared my thoughts with my oldest son, I feel not hate for his father, my ex husband Keith Sadler or for that horrible retired State Trooper Anthony Suber, my reminder of the damage they caused my vision lives with me each day. Maybe just maybe they will hold themselves accountable but LOL…I am not holding my breath. Be bless my friends and family.

      Becky, thank you a million times for speaking the truth and not letting my cries go on deaf ears. Continue the amazing work you are doing.

      Be bless always,

      Rosaura T. Thomas
      “Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”

    7. To Ms/Mr Hug 🙂

      Each time I post a comment on LNP News they delete it. I want to thank you also, I feel honored to know many the truth.

    8. Ms.Thomas. That’s because they aren’t a real newspaper. A real newspaper would have investigated at some point in time. However, thanks to their crack investigative skill. we know that he likes oldies and mac n cheese.

    9. I am in Lancaster in DJ Bruce Roth’ s court for Delonte Shaw-Cannon’s preliminary hearing and can’t use my computer to post so please be patient.

    10. I’d suspect most readers of LNP would be shocked to learn that they routinely delete message board posts that are true, but not friendly to the interests they support. That they haven’t reached out to Sadler’s ex to interview her, research her story, etc., is unconscionable.

      The question now is: Will the Attorney General of the State of PA, once he learns of these accusations, allow this man to take a position with the AG’s office?

    11. Thank you Mr. Lee. Many will continue to protect abusive men like my ex.

    12. It was up for some time but now it appears that my comment has been taken down as well:

      “I guess he is everyone’s problem now. I wonder how the Attorney General and/or the Governor will tolerate the abuse allegations? What about the state-wide media? You have to hope that at least 1 PA news outlet will run with this story even if our local monopoly media outlet chose to ignore it? Do you think LNP would jump on the bandwagon if someone else picked it up not too look even more foolish? The Weinstein bombshell wont help his cause.”

    13. “Class Act”…”Once they learn of the allegation…”???! Are you kidding me? That is how he GOT the promotion! This is PA, folks! Bullies RULE. And whether he is guilty or is being slandered by an angry ex, his hiring by the Attorney General’s office is a slap in the face to every single woman in Pennsylvania! The mere fact that he will not even dignify his ex-wife’s allegations with an acknowledgement says more about his character than if he just, flat out lied about it. And the news media is a huge part of the problem…not the solution. A judge in Chester County shoots and kills an innocent, helpless dog, with no negative consequences, and is involved in Porngate, and the closest anyone will find the story is a newspaper in Pittsburgh. A female Attorney General outs male misogyny and she’s in jail??? The A.G.’s office, the judiciary, the news media, and the Commonwealth itself, have lost all credibility with me. Meanwhile, can someone PLEASE tell me why Craig Stedman and another judge in PA bullied, defamed, embarrassed, wasted taxpayer $$, etc., to go after a female MDJ in Mt. Joy who was on the Judicial Conduct Board, when they knew damn right well they have no jurisdiction over other judges? What the hell was that all about? Because, you know that if two female judges ganged up on a lowly, fair and judicious male judge, they would be disrobed, by now. Oh. Freudian slip. I meant disbarred. But now Stedman is, astoundingly, a candidate for Superior Court judge? You mark my words, he is going to “win”. That vote is counted and over. Gov. Wolf has been on a never ending treadmill of corruption ever since he took over, and he will never be able to catch up fast enough. Meanwhile, I have said it before and I will say it again (before I am mysteriously killed in a one-car accident): Law enforcement, and the legal profession – including lawyers and judges – is the ONLY profession I know of where the so-called professional “courtesies” extend to illegalities….and beyond. GOD, I hate this state!

    14. Wonder who clued in Roth that you wrote about him?

      Feet to the flame, Becky. Feet to the flame. So, Roth is raking in the dough from his judgeship as well as his private practice. Wonder if he is triple dipping?

      Basically in Roth, you have your judge, jury and convictor.

      And what happens if the guy in jail that he wouldn’t let you bail out for a hundred bucks is maimed there? It’s happened before.

      As far as Rosaura’s ex husband goes, if anything ever comes of her story statewide, watch as Susan Baldridge writes the BIG story at last and credits no one but herself.

    15. Many questioned if my allegations against Keith was a lie? For years I avoided the Blind Institute, here in Philadelphia, PA, afraid to be a target, afraid to walk with a Cain. I never travel alone but I wanted to help others. For two years I stood side by side with another survivor of Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence. Two years I listened watched how the Legal System in the courts of Philadelphia failed this young woman. I was amazed when the FOP attorney tried to have me removed from the court room. I was not their to testify, I was their to support my survivor. Imagine going in the courts- of Philadelphia and all you see are cops and sheriffs, who walk around like peacocks. If Mayor Gray did his homework just maybe he would not leave the mayor office in embarrassment. As for Keith, remember the words of my mother. “YOU CANNOT COVER THE SKY WITH YOUR HANDS, GOD SEE EVERYTHING.” Thank you again Becky. Be bless always.