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    Posted on October 30th, 2017 Becky 4 comments


         Even on Google street view you can see the Safety Coalition camera at the corner of South Marshall and New Dauphin Streets. Does someone need to tell the District Attorney’s Office, the Lancaster City Police and LNP? Do they know it is there? Anyone?


    ***  In the below photo by LNP reporter Chad Umble of the murder scene Friday of 31-year-old William Cooper, Jr. on his twitter account, you can see the Safety Coalition camera on the pole on the very far right (there is an insert of it to the left). So why hasn’t Umble mentioned the camera in any of his reports?




    Posted on Lancaster Online under the LNP story on Phillip Whitted and linked to below.

         Yes, let’s worry about the dog that attacked three people! Ridiculous and sickening. And he is not facing charges over the dog! The police shot the dog!
         I am not making light of what this man allegedly did – showing up at his brother’s house with a sawed off shotgun with apparently not good intentions. I am just stating that I was very familiar with this man’s name from the previous charges below and that might be why the Lancaster City Police waited five days to release his name and charges.

    *    Dereck Holt has promise and potential, it was said Thursday in Lancaster County Court.
         But Holt also has “a darker side,” which came out Dec. 14 when he beat and robbed three elderly sisters, tied them up and left them for dead.
         “I don’t think you’re a bad person,” President Judge Joseph Madenspacher told the 22-year-old Holt. “But I do think you are a real danger to the community. Not because you want to be.”
    From the LNP article with the quotes in the screenshot below, “Man sentenced 12-40 years for beating, robbing sisters in Ephrata home,” (click here).



         I wrote about Phillip Whitted in November of 2013 and part of it is reprinted below (click here for the original). The Lancaster City Police finally released his name after charging him on Sunday – click here for LNP’s “Lancaster man arrested for using shotgun to provoke a scuffle in which police shot a dog.”      
         This was racism – plain and simple. There will be much more later today.



    1. Derek Holt appears to be one sick puppy.

    2. Do any of these cameras work????????

    3. Unrelated to topic. I’m unable to post under original post.
      Did police officer Luke Murray get his job back? Did Tiffany Boop at least get a permanent PFA? Is Luke Murray currently back on the streets able to prey on new young women?

    4. Rednek, see, that’s the deal. The sheeple of Lancaster once again had zero say on whether they would be put up. Zero say on who would be operating them. Zero say on who owns the films that are generated by them. And zero say on the fact that they are an invasion of privacy and apparently criminals have more information on how the system doesn’t work because the cameras sure don’t seem to be a deterrent.

      And since the people never speak out effectively on these cameras and the statistics and the secrecy, there will never be any interest shown by anyone in the media outside of Lancaster to get to the bottom of what appears to be a failed system.

      London boasts of its CCTV and films are commonly shown to the public for a variety of reasons. Whereas Lancaster has a very Germanic holdover from its roots where people assume that government knows better than they do about everything and that it is better to march lockstep than to stand out. The worst thing in the Amish community is to stand out and that germanic attitude is a holdover and how the city and cops and DA seem to prevail.

      Just look at today’s LNP. With zero irony they tell the citizenry how they can buy a piece of slate to fix the Central Market roof. Zero irony and zero second thought to the fact that the PSP has sucked up millions for that piece of shit, soon to fade convention center and hotel. The newspaper is absolutely shameless and are so emboldened to actually write such a ‘buy a piece of slate’ story instead of hanging their head in shame and just shutting up.

      A real newspaper would be writing about the corruption of private interests taking in taxpayer money while the mayor sits back and could allow the roof to fall in on such an iconic and worth-saving landmark.