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        Let’s just say that now LNP “investigative reporter” Susan Baldrige taught now education reporter Alex Geli when she was an English teacher at Penn Manor High School. Sigh! I warned you once before, Alex! Get the heck out of LNP!
     There will be more tomorrow.


     Some days you have to have some fun and good news in between the gloom and doom. And the guy behind the Columbia Spy is serving it up! Who knew the Albatwitch liked apples? (Click here for a fun story and fantastic pictures!)
     And do you see the “Hinkle’s” sign behind the Albatwitch hunter in the above photo? Yes, the Columbia Spy has good news about that as well. It will be purchased and remain as a restaurant! Wonderful news (click here). Will they serve the Albatwitch apples?


*    The first is pursuing NewsLanc’s right to obtain the files pertaining to the $9 million CRIZ award for the Marriott Hotel expansion. The State agreed we were entitled to the information and told the City to hand over the files. The City is using taxpayer money to appeal the state’s decision through the court system and thus conceal the actions of Mayor Richard Gray and his administration. NewsLanc will absorb the costs, from $10,000 to $20,000, to pursue our rights and  the rights of the citizenry to know what has been going on behind the scenes.
By Robert Field of NewsLanc.com (click here).
     Robert is keeping his promise and he has hired a Philadelphia Law Firm to represent him in the city’s appeal. The city is paying the Lancaster firm of Zimmerman, Pfannebecker, Nuffort & Albert, LLP trying to keep these documents from the public (see below). I will follow this and also put in a Right to Know request for how much the city is paying their law firm trying to keep these documents a secret from the public.
     Where is your coverage, LNP? Oh, that’s right – you are half of the Penn Square Partners and you are trying to keep these documents from the public as well! Unbelievable!


      You can watch last night’s SDoL School Board meeting, where in the first two minutes they address the Bill Jimenez issue (click here). He has resigned. From the board:
     Last Thursday, just five days ago, the school district received a report of an alleged, inappropriate verbal statement by Dr. Jimenez to a staff member that had reportedly occurred near the start of this school year.
     They went on to say that his replacement job offer was withdrawn by the board yesterday and while “Dr. Jimenez denies having made the alleged statement,” he has resigned.
     You can also read LNP “reporter” Alex Geli’s account (pictured left) where he actually found some people who liked and respected Jimenez – click here for, “McCaskey High School Principal Bill Jimenez, recently placed on paid leave, resigns.”        
Note:  I will be squishing Geli like an ant later today!


  1. Anonymous (group) says:

    Drain the Swamp
    Becky Rumors around the courthouse when Scott Martin was commissioner
    He threaten the new commissioner in a elevator
    Because Martin’s new wife Wants to run for commissioner
    Scott Martin used to work for a lobbyist in Harrisburg before taking his senate seat
    Martin used to be good friends with sheriff Mark Reese
    Again before taking his senate seat
    Look at the sheriff
    Mark Reese case from start to finish something’s going on there
    Your article on Scott Martin’s Hands in the pipeline cookie jar.
    Martin Doing favors for
    LNP For their precious Marriott /convention center
    Isn’t that where Scott Martin and Amber Martin got married and had their Wedding reception at
    The article on Martin’s free speech Wow unbelievable
    The article on Craig Stedman And Scott Martin’s sister
    A heroin drug attic Involving a car crash That killed her Husband and son No charges

  2. Anonymous says:

    It just infuriates me to no end that an amenity receiving tax payer dollars to fund a project wont release information regarding the project. Just give it up you pompous asses! Wonder why people like me don’t trust our government leaders!

  3. huh? says:

    I would like to say something to Alex Geli if he is reading this.

    First off, Alex, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I admire what you have overcome and are overcoming daily in your life. What you have been through has rendered many people disabled and / or dead from all of the complications that can result from the illness / chronic condition that you suffer from. And believe me, I know from suffering when it comes to this.

    I was inspired by your Dear Intestines Twitter page. I admire you as a forthcoming individual and speaking for many who remain silent from shame and pain and societal negatives.

    I sincerely hope that you are able to expand on that part of your writing life and that perhaps you can move on to real newspapers. Real magazines. Real independent writing not steered by folks who have pocketbooks to protect and buildings to get financed by taxpayers.

    I mean every word, Alex. And BTW, I take back that ‘get a dermatologist to check that mole on your cheek.’ I imagine that is nothing compared to what you have overcome and accomplished.

  4. Rednek says:

    Alex Geli will be the next sacrificial lamb/newbie that has been coddled/mentored by Baldridge that will no longer be an LNP employee, once the legal repercussions hit the fan from a defamation lawsuit……pick whoever you want to file that lawsuit……the possibilities are almost endless.

  5. huh? says:

    PS Alex Geli should really get that mole on his cheek checked by a dermatologist.

  6. huh? says:

    The newspaper that is presenting itself as holding the feet to the fire of educators etc. NOW just lets the City skate on refusing to turn over papers as the State has ruled. Without a peep in its print or online pages.

    Certain employee’s fingerprints may end up all over this affront to the State’s ruling. Every day they drag their feet, means another day that damning and damaging paperwork can be lost or “misplaced.”

    This is so typical of criminal behavior. That is what the LNP would point out about just about anything EXCEPT their own cash cow and their bovines in state government who fart and shit all this taxpayer money all over that turd on Penn Square.

    But hey let’s get the populace to argue over a principal who: a) was nice to them or b) who wasn’t nice to them. Keep the populace busy with the shit stuff that has ZERO to do with the LNP. Lancastrians are just plain blind.