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    Posted on September 16th, 2017 Becky 3 comments


    Posts on Lancaster Online under the LNP story, “Lititz police are seeking the whereabouts of registered sex offender with outstanding warrants,” (click here).

         “Stanley Novak” apparently can’t spell my name. Yes he can. He types it multiple times a day! Maybe I can sue LNP for millions of dollars for allowing these posts to stand?
         Jerry Puryear was not hiding at my home in Philly! LOL! And as previously mentioned on this site, all five of the Megan’s Law violations mentioned in this story were recently nolle prossed (dropped by the prosecution). LNP certainly has not reported that information. And that is a story for another day and will be coming to this site.

         Steven and Cheryl Markle have been harassing me daily for almost six years. Their sick obsession is astounding. Doctor Phil says you don’t engage stalkers – they want attention and that gives it to them. And you don’t want to stoop to their absurd level and trade mindless insults.
          But you reach a point where you have to stand up and say enough is enough. Ron Harper recently renewed a writ where he intends to sue them civilly. I intend to pursue them criminally.
         Enough. This site will now return to the news.


    Diane Enck Gamber’s intro on her Facebook account.

    ***   I think it was Chrissy Teigen who said when someone has this kind of saying on social media – they are absolutely the worst, most awful people.
         And Diane is friends with both “Stanley Novak” and “Edward Exley,” who are also both fake accounts of convicted stalker Steven Markle! What’s going on, Diane?

    **   And look who posted on Roland’s Facebook page! None other than Diane Enck Gamber (now known as “Gail Jenks” on Lancaster Online). How in the world did she find Roland?


     *    As to yesterday’s topic, it begins with Roland. Let’s just say I can recognize convicted stalker Steven Markle almost immediately.



         Thank goodness their are other news sources in Lancaster County besides LNP. Check this out from the Columbia Spy’s Facebook page regarding the LNP editorial, “School district partnership was a worthwhile experiment,” (click here). The Columbia Spy’s Facebook page is here.
         It’s a busy day so please check back often.


    3 responses to “UPDATED – “WHO FED THEM THE LIES?””

    1. Oh, and Diane, if you go to Harper’s website about Markle from years ago, you’ll see that he provides proof that two of Markle’s girlfriends had PFAs against him! Markle’s parents must be so proud!

      Steven Markle aka “the crow” is a CONVICTED stalker

    2. Richard Musser: Most normal people who don’t like a site simply stop going there! It’s that easy. Your constant, nasty, threatening and profanity laced comments cross a line and aren’t published. So why would you continue to send them? Your time would best be spent elsewhere. Bye, Richard!

    3. So did Diane a.k.a. Gail jenks really work for the police dept. In a article of a crossing guard getting beat up she comments that she has. That explains why she gets so mad about ur site n also why she is friends with ur stalker smh.