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    Posted on September 28th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


         This is an early and short afternoon update:
    —  An emailer sent me a link to the  LNP article, “Lancaster Chamber eliminates COO job, Irwin-Bass leaves after 18 years,” (click here).

    “I need the money,” Baldrige!

          Yes, Chamber president Tom Baldrige has to maintain the over $225,000 he pays himself yearly. So he eliminated her position and her after 18 years! Nice!
           Several months ago I received a response from Robert Caruso, Executive Director of the PA State Ethics Commission, regarding Baldrige and the CRIZ board and that will come tomorrow.
    — Speaking of the CRIZ Board, I watched their entire meeting today on Tony Dastra’s “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page, (click here). What a service Dastra does and he also made an excellent comment about the public being excluded from major decisions.
         There will be more tomorrow but for the hundredth time, Mayor Gray stated during the meeting that he has walked to work for the last 45 years (and this was during a discussion about the “absolute need” for more garage spaces). Well, isn’t that special? As I have stated before, he has been very lucky to live within three blocks of his employment for 45 years. Most people are not that privileged.
         I can’t wait until this man’s current employment is over and I will not have to hear “frankly” again. Yes, there were lots of “franklys” and “honestlys” thrown around at the meeting!
    —  There will also be more on Art Morris and the CRIZ and the Marriott tomorrow.



        Managing LNP News Editor Tom Murse on his twitter this morning.
         Yes, I read the piece today by deputy opinion editor Rich Manieri and it is that stupid (click here)! Does he think he’s clever? From the piece:
         If I ran my house like this, my headshot, circled with a red line through it, would be plastered above every cash register in every business in the county.
        That still might happen, Rich, since you threw away all of your journalism principles to stay at LNP!
           Oh, and this “amuses” me:
          In May, The Caucus — LNP’s government watchdog publication — revealed the state House’s contract with Xerox for copy machines was $3 million a year. The House bought 430 machines — for 203 members.
          Why isn’t that LNP watchdog publication looking into the over $9 million given to LNP for a for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott expansion? Can you answer that, Rich Manieri and Tom Murse?


          Three of Art Morris’ videos about the Marriott Hotel are still on YouTube despite his taking down the website (see “PLEASE PUT IT BACK UP” immediately below). Listen very carefully towards the end to what he says about mayoral candidate Danene Sorace. Her relationship with LNP and this whole “deal” needs to be investigated by the state – now!
    Please check back later today.



    1. I think I can answer your last question regarding why the “Caucus” addresses trivialities in the larger scheme of things, and wont dare touch anything of meaning and importance: From all outward appearances, and knowing what we do about the incestuous financial relationships LNP has with certain newsmakers…and lawmakers, it looks as if the Caucus was specifically and strategically set up to 1. make it look like the parent company is, actually, a “news” organization, when it is not (i.e. to try to hide those incestuous conflicts of interest and; 2) and more importantly, to curry favor with lawmakers from outside Lancaster County that they do not yet have relationships with currently, but will need to cultivate as their avarice and greed only grows. They can accomplish that by pissing off and outing piddly lawmakers whose vote they do not need, to the delight and glee of the rest…who matter to them. It is just drawing their power and corruption into a wider net, while trying to fool the public into thinking they are a serious, unbiased news organization. I promise you that if onewere to gift them with a, say, Gary Hart type story about Lloyd Smucker (I am just using that as an example), the girl would still be sitting in his lap while they cover copy machines. This strategy also helps should they face legal scrutiny or any other kind of oversight for some of their boneheaded, if not downright unethical, immoral or illegal, actions over the past few years. Call it a preemptive strike.

    2. I read the story of Irwin-Bass yesterday and wondered if you saw it.

      I took a look at her Facebook page to see if there were any “coded” posts. Like the Facebook page of Larsen’s soon to be ex-wife before he apparently ordered her to take it down.

      I didn’t really sense anything but I thought it was interesting that she had a large family photo of the Obama family. As is well known, the National Chamber of Commerce was no fan of President Obama.

      I guess the the Lancaster Chamber doesn’t need a chief operating officer… so who will take over watchdogging the money there?