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    Posted on September 5th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


     —  I was stunned to see this unbelievably stupid quote from Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler in Michael Deibert’s article which has yet to appear online. Deibert has written several books and traveled all over the world and is supposedly an expert on Mexico and the drug cartels and he is going to include this nonsense? Ridiculous!

    Steven Markle

    —  LNP finally cleaned up some of the most racist comments under the crossing guard story including those in the screenshot above. I want to point out again that “Stanley Novak” is convicted stalker Steven Markle (see the “CHERYL & STEVE MARKLE” tab above on this site) who also created the Facebook account of “Frank Williams” to back up his racist comments and is also probably  “Hugh Smith” who had this morning’s absolutely disgusting comment that was posted here.
         There will be more on the Markles in the coming days.

    —  If I had more time today, I would compare the cases of Ricardo Cruz and George Rosado – click here for, “Lancaster County’s first juvenile lifer to be resentenced is immediately eligible for parole.”
         Rosado was 17-years-old when he “accidentally” shot  and killed 15-year-old Ibram Hanna in August of 2016 with a gun he had stolen from a car the day before. Rosado was sentenced to three to six years in prison.     
          District Attorney Craig Stedman is quoted as follows in the LNP story about Cruz:
          “Debbie Rivera does not have any appellate rights and her sentence is permanent,” District Attorney Craig Stedman said in a statement following the hearing. “Her life was taken and her family will serve their own sentence as well with no second chances. 
         What about Ibram Hanna and the Hanna family, Stedman? This is one of the many reasons that will be used at a later date to detail why Stedman should not under any circumstances be a Superior Court Judge!


    *   This bizarre, front page Sunday News story by Michael Deibert (see the post immediately below) has yet to be put online. What is going on?



    Click here for the LNP story and here for the police press release on CrimeWatch.

          The number of racist comments on Lancaster Online under this story is simply astounding (one glaring example is above). How long is LNP going to let them stand?



    1. Vacation. Laziness. Having said that, they left the story up about their shameless request for a tax reduction on a building they don’t even pay taxes on all weekend too.

    2. Excellent comments under that article!

      Appeals board hears case for lower Lancaster Marriott assessment

    3. “Cinnaholic opens in Manheim Township with freshly-baked, customizable cinnamon rolls”

      Customizable? Chad Umble has been writing long enough to take the lazy way out with a word.

      I wonder if businesses pay for what are basically commercials for their companies. This is like something you would see in the Pennysaver. Glowing words about what amounts to yeast dough.

    4. Lol! I didn’t even read that “story” because the rolls don’t even look appetizing! If they are paying LNP, they should demand a better photo! Where’s the “goo,” the nuts and the glaze? 🙁 🙂 🙂

    5. huh? LNP; Lancaster’s New Pennysaver

    6. See? Even the ‘greatest generation’ was tougher when it came to something like heroin. Those tough old birds lived a long time while the millenials are dropping over like flies. 🙂