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    Posted on September 27th, 2017 Becky 11 comments


    Art Morris

          Art Morris, please put your website back up! The public needs it. There needs to be a history of what LNP and High Industries are doing to this city and the money and tax-breaks Mayor Gray and his administration and city council are handing to these companies.
         You said nobody is willing to stand with you. I do not believe that is true. You said it exposes you to comments and social media criticism.
         As the former mayor of Lancaster, I find it hard to believe that criticism and disagreements are new to you. You are stronger than that and we need you there representing the public’s interest.
         You also said no one shows up for city council meetings. People do care but feel that there is no way to stop the freight train that just rolls along because of LNP’s power – and that city council rubber stamps, oblivious to the wishes of the citizens. It can and will change!
          Tony Dystra live-steamed yesterday’s CRIZ meeting and there are 33 comments under it on his “See-through City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page. 33 good, well thought out comments.  Several people noted they could not attend a 3:30 pm meeting because they are working. People do care. 
         Your site was concise and to the point regarding the huge amounts of money and tax credits given to LNP and High over the years. This is important information that the public needs to know and have on record.  Please put the site back up.
         There will be more tomorrow, but thank you again to Tony Dastra for live-streaming yesterday’s CRIZ meeting and city council meeting!  They are eye opening! Click here to watch the below video.



    —  Here’s some good/fun news (click here)!

          Democratic mayoral candidate and Mayor Dick clone, Danene Sorace, better put that hard hat on as she answers questions about the CRIZ and the Marriott expansion!
         You can ask F&M’s Dr. G. Terry Madonna why he said Hillary was going to win!
         And you can tell Republican mayoral candidate Cindy Stewart to keep up the good fight for the ignored people of Lancaster.



    ***  There is this from under an article featured earlier on this site, “REF SPEAKS: Swan song minus two,” (click here):

          Please, please tell us Robert! My guess is one of these three:
    1. Randy Patterson
    2. Patrick Hopkins
    3. Pat Brogan



    **   On a lighter note, there is this from the LNP scout story linked to below:
          Winkler’s [actor Henry Winkler’s] keynote address followed Gray’s speech. At Winkler’s request, media coverage of his speech was not permitted.
         Say what? That is absurd and for LNP to “honor” his request is ridiculous. Then stay at home, Winkler and LNP!


    *    The below excellent comment was posted on Lancaster Online under the LNP story, “Appeals board hears case for lower Lancaster Marriott assessment ,” (click here).    
          I agree with everything except the final paragraph about former mayor Art Morris. Morris has taken down his website regarding the Marriott and I spoke with him this morning. That will come later today.  

    Chutzpah. A Yiddish word that had become part of our regular vernacular. Defined as “shameless audacity” and “impudence”. I don’t think there is a better word to describe this one. PSP may have reached a new low with this request, and they start with their bar below ground in my opinion, and of course, good ole Art Morris tags along. My comments:

    -PSP sold the W&S Building to RACL for $7.5 million…they only paid $1.2 million and that was its appraised value at the time. That said, they took $7.5 million and then constructed “at least” 300 hotel rooms, a lobby, a bar and a restaurant. I don’t mention the “shared” space they control for nothing. They are now asking for an assessment of $12.3 million. In other words, they value their 300 rooms ($4.8 million in additional value), in a 13+ story high-rise tower, at only $16,000 each…less than the price of a Honda Accord!

    -Total construction cost on the hotel was closer to $60-$70 million…tough to nail down what is hotel, what is CC and what is shared space…you know, all of the space that PSP did not have to spend their own money building and they get to use/control for a mere $100 a year. How do you go from $60-$70, million to $12.3?

    -Remember, we are closing in on 20 years…almost halfway there. That is the timeline where PSP as built into their agreements with RACL a minimum price of $20 million to buy the $60-$70 million hotel. How can they reconcile their request here at anything below that $20 million and that represents a value of THIRTY CENTS ON THE DOLLAR!

    -How do you compare, even at the same, or similar, room count, a 13+ story, center city building against a 3-4 story suburban one? One costs far more to build and therefore should have a higher value.

    -Does a tax-free property have to pay for the reassement process? Why should the County bare the cost for an owner who does not have to pay taxes to appeal their assessment?

    -Art…your time to object EXPIRED over a decade ago. During that time, 2 elected leaders showed real spine and backbone in bucking the local power elite and questioning this project and its financial underpinnings. Did you support them? Did you ask questions? No you did not! You helped run them out of office and with it lost your creditability to ask questions now. I know it’s tough to be out of the limelight but crawl back into your hole please!




         Click here for LNP’s ridiculous article noted above and please check back later today!


    11 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE – ONCE A LIAR…”

    1. Why in the world did Art take down his website?

    2. Sigh… If anyone knows Art, PLEASE speak to him about it! I offered this morning to pay whatever it costs him to keep it online and he declined! 🙁 🙁 His “reasons” are coming later today.

    3. Fonzie asks the LNP not to cover his speech, and the LNP obliges. LOL! Only LNP would kiss ass and agree to that. Hmmm.

      “At the shooter’s request, LNP will not provide details of the crime”

      “The knife welding man requested LNP not include any details about him

      “The ring leader of what Lancaster Police are calling one of the largest heroin dealing operations they’ve ever shut down, asked LNP to not include his name in their report.”

    4. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    5. Oh, my gosh! Maybe it was Mayor Dick himself who sent that to Robert! Talk about an “unquenchable ego!”

    6. Does the write’s name rhyme with;

      Dom Krapp?

      Bic Cray?

      Fat Hogan?

      Blandy schmeterson?

    7. As far as I am concerned, Art can sit in the sark in his basement with his website. there was a time when people did go to meetings and they questioned this project. Art Morris was no friend to them. When two elected officials tried to lead the charge against this project, Art Morris was an outright enemy to them. Art Morris has ZERO credibility to now question this project.

    8. His website has facts and figures that are so important and I’m not sure they can be found elsewhere. I understand your feelings but maybe it’s time to let them go? He apparently was the only person who spoke out – in person – against the re-assesment. Lancaster needs that voice!

    9. Art Morris was just as much of a Dale High lackey as Charlie Smithgall and Mayor Dick.

    10. You are correct about the facts/information here but then he should be more than willing to share that information for the greater public good with folks like yourself, NewsLanc, etc. Obviously, he is not that concerned about it and now appears to me at least to have very likely caved under PSP pressure.

    11. Interest in the Penn Square Partners marriot project is one of the main driver’s of me coming to this website. I also appreciated the information on Art’s website and very much love seeing what he is doing at the council meetings. I fully understand the discouraging feeling of fighting the battle by yourself and I am definitely to blame for not making it to council meetings (although I will never be able to make one at 1530). I also would have thrown in the towel long ago if I was in his position.

      I remember visiting Art’s website several times to see if there was an event calendar or forum to communicate and get involved and I do not remember the website having these items. If the website is put back up with a link to a facebook group where people can aorganize/discuss in preparation for council meetings maybe Art could have some confidence that he would not be attending council meetings alone with no public support.

      I have never met Art, but I know my father thinks very very highly of him from his time as Mayor.