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    Posted on September 21st, 2017 Becky 8 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


               —  EVEN HOPKINS SAYS SHE’S LYING!  —


          “What’s great about CRIZ is that city taxpayers are not on the hook.”
         Stated by mayoral candidate and current city council member Danene Sorace in the below video which she put on her Facebook page within the last 24 hours (click here).
         Sorace learned one thing very well from her mentor – lying Mayor Dick: How to lie!
         On her own Facebook page under the video, city administrator Patrick Hopkins says, “Yes, the City does still guarantee the debt,” (see the screenshot of her Facebook page below the video).
         Unbelievable! Who the hell does she think she is? And, of course, there’s no mention of the over $9 million in CRIZ money that went to LNP which she led council to push for so LNP would give her good press during her candidacy! Absolutely disgusting!

    Enjoy the first in a series of videos on the tools that, if elected mayor, I will use to make sure our neighborhoods share in our economic success.

    Posted by Danene Sorace for Mayor on Wednesday, September 20, 2017




        This was posted on the Columbia Spy Facebook page under a link to the LNP article about juvenile lifers being resentenced.

     *   I remember that. It was horrific. How did he get out of jail so early? Does anyone know? From the September 4, 1978 Philadelphia Inquirer:



    (Click here)

         Seriously, LNP? This is your lead story online? The second piglet in a month to make the top news?
         LNP police “reporter” Jennifer Todd has more details about the piglet than most of her crime stories. And it sounds like the piglet, named Mack, has won the fight for its life with just a low-grade fever so the headline is all drama and no truth.
         Maybe LNP can make this piglet their mascot! Please see the information immediately below on this greedy, thieving and lying company and check back later today!



    1. I thought that Tom Knapp was their investigative animal reporter?

    2. 🙂 🙂

    3. About the guy who raped and murdered the girl. Here is what I think may have happened:

      He was sentenced in juvenile court and served until he reached 18 or 21 and then was released because they couldn’t hold him any longer.

      He went to a state like Arizona where, before about 1988, juvenile offenders who were convicted of crimes routinely went there to get their names changed. Because their records were sealed, the state had no way to know that they had been convicted of murder as a juvenile. There was a push to try juveniles in adult courts as you know but more often than not could only try them as juveniles.

      The law was changed in Arizona after a young man named James Savage who had served all the time they could hold him for raping and murdering one girl and maiming another in Vermont… the state released him and basically ‘deported’ him to Arizona. A counselor there took him to the courts and had his name changed legally. An “insider” (ahem) alerted the newspaper and the laws were changed so people couldn’t dump juvenile criminals in the state to change their names.

      It was this particular case that saw the change in many state laws to try juveniles as adults if the crimes fit the bill.

      I would bet that this person may very well be walking around free in Columbia and that his name is a new one.

      Here is a link to the article about the Vermont murder. It was written before James Savage was released, taken to Arizona, and had his named changed.

    4. PS Name change records are public records. One must appear in person at the courthouse where the change took place to get the information.

      Name changes are usually posted in local newspapers.

    5. Actually, he was tried as an adult according to newspapers from the time. I learned today that major and minor newspapers are putting all of their editions on the internet. It’s amazing. LNP only goes back to 1989 and not the full paper – just articles.

      Anyway, I remember this so well because I was working for the Sunday News part-time as a Saturday night “breaking news” reporter and was in Columbia the night her body was found. And I do remember that he got out of jail many years ago and never knew why. And that answer I have not found in the old newspapers.

    6. I remember that the boys father could not read and he was embarrassed by it and trying to learn. And they only lived three houses apart and his family moved not long after the murder. It was huge news and her disappearance was front page news for several days before they found her body. It was an absolute worst case scenario/murder for a small town.

    7. Well, if he was tried as an adult, his criminal record and how much of a sentence he received is out there somewhere.

    8. I will keep looking. Many, many years ago I wrote him a letter in prison asking to interview him. It was so depraved I was looking for some kind of answers. Never got them…