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    Posted on September 30th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


         He is free on $15,000 bail.
    From the LNP article, “East Hempfield police officer charged with breaking into estranged girlfriend’s home,” (click here).    
         No, that is not correct, “reporter” Jonas Fortune and LNP. Get your facts correct! He is free on 10% of $15,000. And according to his docket, someone named Marcia L. Murray put up the $1,500 cash for Luke Murray (see below).
         This sloppiness by LNP on important stories is unbelievable! Can you believe a word they publish?


    6 responses to “LNP: WRONG AGAIN!”

    1. LNP wrong again. Now; LNP right for once. That would be news

    2. 🙂 How hard is it to look that up? There is a $13,500 difference between $15,000 bail and 10% of $15,000 bail!

      Fox 43 has the most information. They state (bold is mine):
      — An East Hempfield Township officer faces charges after entering the house of his girlfriend’s step-father through a second-floor balcony door.
      — After gaining entry into the residence, the individual attempted to enter the woman’s bedroom before going downstairs — the woman, identified as Tiffany Boop, fled into another room, the affidavit says.

      I cannot find a picture/mugshot of Luke Murray but one should be coming…

      FOX 43 – East Hempfield officer charged with burglary after entering house through second-floor balcony door

    3. At least the Daily Item got the bail amount correct – although not who posted it. I think Marcia L. Murray, who his docket lists as posting the money, may be his mother.

      Magisterial District Judge Jeffrey Mensch arraigned Murray and set bail at 10 percent of $15,000. Murray subsequently posted $1,500 and was released.

      Lancaster-area cop arrested for Union County break-in

    4. police, for they are trained not to trust you.” spot on
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      Bunker Brat
      EMT at Central Medical
      Thanks Hilary. We don’t have the whole story. From what I know and have read about how he has helped people. This is Not that guy and now people that don’t even know him are just tearing him apart.
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      Bunker- Janice S. Of West Lampeter coming to his defense.

      Misty Jones of Ephrata loving her cop.

      Tiffany Boop of Union County is the estranged girlfriend in this case. He had 3 at the same time. Misty and Janice have no complaints. What’s with Tiffany?

    5. If you go to East Hempfield Township Police on Facebook. Scroll down awhile and shortly after Coffee with a Cop post Murray is in a picture with other officers. His name is clear. They were given food by Giant Food Store.

    6. His charges were ‘withdrawn’. No explanation. Did she feel pressured or was scared to follow through? Does she have a PFA? What has been done to protect her? This guy will be back on the force working as a police officer as soon as this week.