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     The opening paragraphs to LNP’s front page story on Thursday with a large picture of Smucker and an “insider” story online, “Breaking down US Rep. Lloyd Smucker’s record after 8 months in Congress,” (click here).

     Bob Walker and Joe Pitts were laughably terrible and an embarrassment to Lancaster County for years. The only reason these two spent twenty years each in Congress is because the Steinmans, owners of LNP, donated huge amounts to their campaigns and somehow made the public believe these men were slightly rational through their “reporting” and “editorials.”
      Smucker is identical to these two and Beverly Steinman donated $25,000 to his campaign last October and of course Smucker wrote legislation specifically to give LNP millions of dollars through the CRIZ.
     I have said for years that the only reason Lancaster County has been noted for being “ultra-conservative” and “ultra-Republican” is not because of the Amish or the Mennonites – it’s because of the Steinman family and LNP using their power and influence to back these idiots and telling the public conservatism (and racism) is good for the country.
     Run this greedy, racist, lying company masquerading as a news organization out of town!
LIP News will return this Tuesday. Have a great Labor Day!



     There were ongoing domestic issues between Hatcher and his wife, who was not identified, Stedman said. 
From the LNP article online, “DA: Man shoots son, then self in 2 of 3 deaths investigated by West Hempfield Township police Wednesday,” (click here). In today’s LNP print edition the byline for the story names “reporters” Lindsey Blest and Jonas Fortune.
     That is the stupidest thing I have read recently. Both Blest and Fortune need to re-take Journalism 101. In fact, everyone at LNP needs to re-take Journalism 101! Absolutely pathetic! How can his wife not be identified?
     Speaking of wives, this email in today (thank you):
     I hear a custody complaint has been filed in the Prothonotary’s office against Amber Martin. My source also tells me it outlines/timelines her affair with Scott Martin. I hope someone can get a copy before she requests the record to be sealed.
     Thank you and yes the complaint has been filed:
     Do you think LNP will cover it? They haven’t even told the public that State Senator Scott Martin married the Lancaster County Treasurer who is now Amber Martin! Why would the public need to know that? Two elected officials?  I guess Scott Martin’s current wife could not be “identified!”
(Click here for his volatile Twitter account)
     In a special report in Sunday’s LNP, reporter Michael Deibert examines Mexico’s drug cartels and a shift in the distribution pipeline that enables them to move cheaper, more potent heroin from the mountainous Golden Triangle region across the border and into our neighborhoods.
From the front page of today’s LNP print edition.
     Michael Deibert? Are you serious? Oh, this should be fun! Save your reputation and quit now, Michael!


  1. huh? says:

    OK Robert. Is your last name Walker? Whatever you say…

  2. robert says:

    He was writing about his experiences in the NBA. And he did more than carry the coaches playbook.

  3. huh? says:

    PS and Robert you know damn well why Wally Walker got the publicity and column.

  4. huh? says:

    Robert – basketball isn’t the only professional sport.

  5. Frank Lee says:

    Forty years of idiot Lancaster County voters. The Republican Party knows a flock of sheep when see them. And here they have a whole County full.

  6. robert says:

    Name the players from Lancaster County that were in the NBA before Wally Walker???

  7. Talking says:

    Your headline: 40 years of idiots is spot on. Well done. Could not have said it better myself.

  8. Frank Lee says:

    I alway’s got a kick out of “Our Bob” Walker. Pandered to and owned by the Pro-Life Religious Right in Lancaster County. Upon leaving congress, he goes to work for a lobbying firm that represents the interests of the N.O.W. which is pro-choice.

  9. huh? says:

    And before Walker was Edwin D. Eshleman. And where ever you saw Eshleman, you would see Walker trailing close behind. Like a dutiful wife following her leader. It was truly pathetic but Walker with his Hapsburg grin never far behind.

    And who can forget Walker’s brother, a basketball “star” – meaning he carried the playbook for the coach – Wally Walker who had a column in guess what? The LNP. Telling all of us who were waiting with baited breath what the NBA was like. Considering that there were any number of previous Lancaster athletes who came before, it was little Wally Walker who got an LNP column.

  10. huh? says:

    Whoops, I see that it is a special to the newspaper.

    Looks to me like the LNP is going after ‘special to’ rather than hiring real investigative journalists and real reporters.

    Trying to look “deep” while in fact dumping experienced reporters and saving tons of money in salary and benefits.

    • Becky says:

      In the print edition it says:

      In a special report in Sunday’s LNP, reporter Michael Deibert

      He is not listed as an employee under their contact list but that is not always updated regularly. I did notice that they had an ad for an “investigative reporter” since last October (true!) on their careers page and that very recently came down. Their wording above implies he is an LNP reporter. I don’t know for sure. We will have to watch…

  11. huh? says:

    Michael Deibert isn’t an LNP employee is he?

  12. Frank Lee says:

    DA Press Conference

    DA: At this time we are not releasing anymore information pertaining to this shooting.

    LNP: OK