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    Posted on September 11th, 2017 Becky 46 comments


         Judge David Workman issued an Order in the custody battle on September 7th cancelling a pre-hearing conference scheduled for this morning in Gerald Green’s custody suit against Amber Martin. Is it any wonder? Look at the number of attorneys that were copied in on this mess!
         The order is immediately below and below that is a continuation of another portion of Attorney Wendy Chan’s answer as to why she should not be removed from the case. The only thing that seems to drive Chan is her hatred (and that is not too strong of a word after you read it) for Scott Martin.
         This is astonishing and disturbing behavior by two attorneys!



    PART 2 –


         There is more below from Lancaster Attorney Wendy Chan’s response to Attorney Rebecca Cheuvront’s “Petition for Special Relief” to remove Chan from this child custody case between Gerald Green and Amber Martin (see part one of this LIP News exclusive immediately below on this site).
         It should be noted that I have not read Cheuvront’s petition and do not know if it was written in the same scathing and shocking manner that Chan adopted in her answer:



    1. May 2015?

      This crap shoot might clear Amber’s name. Gerald and Amber filed for divorce together and picked up their divorce documents from the prothonotary office together.

      I worked there at that time and saw them both times. They did not appear to be two people that hated one another. They were very civil and even hugged before they left the office.

      What kind of attorney would submit this and think it’s ok? Even if what Wendy Chan wrote is half true she is basically bragging that attorney client privilege was compromised. What a fool.

      Becky, can you verify that Gerald never signed a verification form for these documents? That is a critical piece of evidence and you may end up helping both Gerald and Amber.

    2. I will try.

    3. Has anyone talked to Gerald? He may be the key to all of this. I kind of interested in what he has to say.

    4. My daughter cheers with Amber’s daughter. This past Saturday, Amber, her husband Scott and Jay (which is Gerald)were all sitting with each other at the football game. I even commented to a friend that it was nice to see a blended family act that way. For goodness sake, Scott and Jay were playing football together with all 4 kids during half time. I even took a picture of it because I take pictures of all games for the cheer families. This is so absurd and pains everyone who knows this family. Scott Martin may be a state senator but for someone to use Amber and Jay’s children to hurt Scott is beyond forgivable. Amber and Jay have not been together for a very long time. Both are good people and both love their kids. May God be with their family as they have to deal with this horrendous situation.

    5. I wonder if either of these attorneys are going to be sanctioned in some manner. This airing of their dirty laundry in a custody case is beyond shocking.

    6. I talked to Amber about this on Saturday. I told Amber that my daughter works in the Prothonatary’s office and has told me countless times how unprofessional people are and how procedures mean nothing and people run to call reporters the moment anything good is filed. My daughter said the Clerk of Courts office has busy bodies that collude with the Prothonatary’s office to try and dig for dirt on political enemies. Daddy Justice is on speed dial is what I was told. But even Daddy Justice sees this for what it is and thinks both of these attorneys should be ashamed of themselves.

      Is this seriously what we pay these people to do? Try and hurt people’s children? Even my daughter could not believe that any Lancaster County judge would hear any case with Scott or Amber mentioned. I hear the judges are just as bad and like being in everyone’s business and equally enjoy the gossip? Where is the justice in that?

      Amber thanked me for telling her and Amber just said she hurts for her children and feels good people will see this for what it is.

    7. Stop Cryin' Amber

      I think Amber & Scott would see a lot of their problems go away if they would just come clean and admit they had an affair for years before they divorced their spouses. Everyone knows the truth. It was the worst kept secret. The fact that Amber parades their marriage and children around as if this family has always existed is disgusting. They should humble themselves and admit to the affair instead of continuing the lies. The continued lies are what drives and motivates people to continue to dig into their lives.

      Both Chan and Cheuvront have obvious conflicts of interest. Chan because she sued the county when Scott was commissioner and Cheuvront because she represented Heather. Cheuvront should remove herself immediately.

      Becky, Are you able to produce a link to the full documents or at least from the last paragraph forward of each? I’d like to review the signatures and verifications.

    8. To the Stop Cryin’ Amber commenter-

      Do you know these people because I actually do. What proof do you have of an affair? How do you know there was an affair when both Amber and Jay said there never was. Yes, Jay even said there never was and he and Amber were done years before Scott ever came around. What ex husband would say that if it were not the truth? Where is your evidence to the contrary? When you say that everyone knows the truth? Since when did rumors automatically become the truth? Why would Amber and Jay file for divorce together? Why are Amber and Jay constantly at the girls practices together? The people that actually see Amber and Jay on a normal basis know exactly what happened and see two parents working for the betterment of their children. How you can even post something so awful with no proof is beyond me. People do not care about the truth. They simply care about gossip because they have no lives.

    9. Stop Cryin' Amber

      To PMJC – I don’t know how to make an emoji on this platform but if I did, it would be a lot of those laughing faces with tears.

    10. You can insult me with emoji faces or whatever but you still have not answered my question. You want to openly write whatever you want about people, back it up. What is your proof outside of the rumors you were told? I actually know Amber and Jay. What proof do you have? Tell us all. You don’t care about making your mean comments about children. Back up your claims!

    11. Stop Cryin' Amber

      Take a breath, PMJC. For someone who knows the parties via cheer practice, I find it odd that (1) you are so emotionally involved and (2) that you even know about LIP News to show up here suddenly when the custody news broke open. Where have you been for the last year defending these folks when the affair, divorces and marriage were published and discussed? If you only just met them via cheer practice, maybe you don’t know what you think you know. I’m not going to go back and forth with you. Read the website.

    12. My daughter has participated in MANY activities with Amber and Jay’s girls. I have known both Amber and Jay for a long time so do not discredit me at all. I care about those girls because they are friends with my kids. I am defending the children and also Jay and Amber because I care about both of them and think people like you should be sued. So are you writing that you only know about Amber and Scott Martin’s alleged “affair” because of this website? Is that what you are saying? So you have no other proof outside of what has been posted here?

    13. PMJC – I believe Stop Cryin’ Amber knows quite a bit and lots of people saw these two in public. And you can’t sue an anonymous commenter on a website so that comment demonstrates that you are not very smart! And I do not appreciate absurd threats!

    14. Becky – who are the lots of people that saw them in public? When did they see them and what were they doing? It is neither absurd or a threat to simply ask people to prove what they write about others. It is actually the responsible thing to make people stand by what they claim about others. Do we care about gossip or do we care about the truth?

    15. PMJC – I am not going to name names – but you have an attorney stating in a court document that it was “public knowledge.” I’m not saying the tact Chan took in her response was appropriate – but again – you have an attorney stating in court papers that it was “public knowledge.”

    16. These rumors have been on this website well before this “lawyer” (and I write that loosely) ever published this smear document. PMJC brings up a good point. What evidence is needed to just assume gossip is true? So Chan thinks rumors can constitute public knowledge? Gerald Green fired Wendy Chan for what Wendy Chan submitted to the court. Does that not make this document fraudulent? Wendy Chan better hope her public knowledge is willing to take the stand. This is clearly defamation without any credible proof or witnesses. Not to mention both the Green and Martin divorce cases cited the reason for divorce as irreconcilable differences and no fault.

    17. I am curious PMJC – if Amber and Jay get along soooooo well – why did he file for custody? Why put this before the courts? Why couldn’t he and Amber work this out amongst themselves if they’re such good buddies?

    18. We shall wait for PMJC’s response.

      But from a technical standpoint, Gerald Green did not file for custody. Gerald Green did not even show up to the hearing. Gerald Green has submitted no verification forms to the courts. How this all started is only speculatory on my behalf so I will not comment as Gerald’s unrelated case has nothing to do with this topic. I will just say, guy did not sign anything and he did not show up to court. That makes this even more suspect.

    19. Stop Cryin' Amber

      “Fault-based divorces are somewhat rare in Pennsylvania, especially since the state legislature amended Pennsylvania’s Divorce Code in 2005, permitting couples to divorce by mutual consent, a form of no-fault divorce. Pennsylvania courts don’t consider marital misconduct when dividing property, so the consent option is usually the easiest, least stressful and least expensive method by which to end a marriage. If you nevertheless want to file for divorce on fault grounds, Pennsylvania law does not make the process easy.”

    20. Thank you for the copy and paste. I do know the law. What I don’t understand is how both Gerald and Amber filed for divorce without attorney involvement? Look at the court website, neither had an attorney of record. If there are so many pictures and witnesses to this affair, why has no one produced anything of any merit or value? We are basically saying that if enough people play “pass the rumor” than it is both true and public knowledge? This has less to do with the people involved but more to do with what we find to be acceptable practices when discussing other people lives. The Martin’s are public figures. Gerald Green and the children are not.

    21. Stop Cryin' Amber

      Jay did hire Chan for custody purposes. For whatever reason they parted ways. Jay has hired new counsel so he obviously wants to move forward with a custody schedule.

      A verification or exhibit can easily be erroneously not included in a filing. Very sloppy work on Chan or her staff’s part though, if true. Maybe the Prothonotary’s staff misplaced it by accident. Maybe it got caught up in other papers during scanning. Maybe Jay hired another attorney for competency reasons and not based on the Chan/Cheuvront issues in the petition. Maybe Jay didn’t fire her but instead Chan realized the conflict of interest and recused herself. Maybe Jay is being paid off.

    22. Stop Cryin' Amber

      Just like there is plenty of talk at the PM cheer practice, there is also plenty of talk over at the
      L-S practices. Has been for YEARS. Just because some of you know Amber and Jay, some of us know Scott and Heather.

    23. Such fine, upstanding citizens we have for our elite elected officials and lawyers. Just wonderful role models for our children. Yes, this is absolutely sarcasm.

    24. What I find weird in these documents is that it seems like it has nothing to do with custody and visitation and everything to do with attorneys airing their grievances against each other. Maybe I’m not getting or understanding the whole scenario but if I hired an attorney, I’d want them to focus on what I’m paying them to do for me. This all seems to be miles away from custody and visitation. More of a cat fight than a custody case.

    25. Chan hates Martin for reasons that apparently are ethical, political and personal. So Amber is trying to get Chan booted because she knows that Chan has had it in for her now husband Scott Martin.

      The mention of Lancaster Catholic High School and Scott’s apparent ties are interesting. If Martin is married, divorced, married, divorced and then remarried… why the Catholic church or high school is allowing him to parade the Catholic religion for his own purposes is troubling. Unless he has obtained an annulment for his previous marriage and unless Amber also has obtained an annulment (these are Catholic Church annulments) Martin is not a recognized full member of the Catholic church. In fact, he would be considered next to excommunicated unless he has gone the Catholic church annulment route along with his new wife.

      I see mention of St. Anne’s Home in Columbia via the nuns there and taking land from them. If this is true then he must trot around family values and in particular harsh anti-abortion public rhetoric to keep the Church from making a public statement opposing him or in some way disallowing him from touting his Catholic-ness.

      What a mess all of this is. But nary a peep… no, not ONE peep… from the newspaper that owns him and owes him.

    26. PS the only way publicly that one could know if they received annulments would be if they were married by a priest – Martin and Amber.

    27. Stop Cryin' Amber

      huh? – I agree about the newspaper. I would believe that two elected officials getting married would be front page news. The whole county should be rejoicing in their matrimony. Most couple announce their marriage in the newspaper. It seems curious that these two chose to hide it and not publish an announcement (other than duck face kissy pictures on FB).

      I wonder what the GOP committee people are thinking? They were told in early 2016 that there was no affair/relationship (both were still married) and anyone that spoke opposite would be sued. Then comes March 2017 and BOOM married.

    28. Funny that they had to tell the committee that there was no affair or relationship. Why would someone ask about that? Hmmmm…. and of course they threatened to sue. Of course.

    29. Gotta love Internet balls and nosey people who have nothing better to do than slander others sticking their nose in places it doesn’t belong. So let’s try the transparent route
      My name is Amy Marie Sayler. I live at 918 Pierpoint Drive in Pasadena MD.

      PLEASE feel free to contact me should you have any questions on comments regarding my sister, Scott or my ex brother-In-law who my family is still quite fond of.

      For those of you so interested in perpetuating lies why not try doing something positive and good for your community instead of getting off on spreading rumors and hate. Make better use of your time and “facts”

    30. Amy, your sister Amber and Scott are both public, elected officials. This is not a question of nosy people! Just thank your lucky stars that the monopoly news source in Lancaster, LNP, doesn’t touch Scott or Amber because Scott has done them so many favors! Yes, this county is that corrupt!

      P.S. If you want me to take down your telephone # please let me know.l

    31. Actually, I just took it down. Why don’t you include your email instead?

    32. Amy – my condolences to your family. I hope my comments have not offended as my intents have always been to produce facts. I know nothing about your sister outside of what Jay has shared and that has always been positive. While I am sure these games are upsetting to the family, such unfounded defamatory claims lend themself to, “the more they run my name down, the more my price goes up.” For the sake of the internet trolls, let’s hope they have mounting evidence or your sister is sure to prevail in substantial ways.

    33. Oh, for heaven’s sake 2015? ! The only thing this site has done is publish court documents. You don’t get any more “factual” than that. Are you saying Amber can sue commenters to this site? Good luck with that. That is just so totally ridiculous and pathetic! Have you ever read the comments on LNP or their Facebook page? These hidden threats are absurd!

    34. Who is Jay? I assume Gerald Green in this filing. How do you know him?

    35. I am rather surprised that these documents are public quite honestly. As far as dirty laundry goes, she can thank the infighting attorneys for that!

      It’s good that everyone loves everyone. So how can all these loving people stand by while these lawyers drag Amber and Scott through the mud for their own selfish purposes? And why would all these nice people drag each other to court to prove one or the other unfit as a parent.

      I am betting that this case’s docs get sealed soon. If Martin sees himself as big time political future, in the national arena, there are other newspapers that would not shy away from reporting on this.

    36. It’s great to see Amber Martin and her husband are showing their true colors. They are nuts and their lawyer is a criminal! Wow the 3 stooges!

    37. Thank You Becky for presenting the facts. Lancaster Newspapers can’t be trusted to print the truth. The paper refuses to report anything negative about Scott Martin because he is in their pocket. They intentionally mislead and never report fairly. If the truth was printed he would not be able to show his face again except possibly in prison. Thank You for just reporting the facts.

    38. What no one seems to understand is Wendy Chan was forced to write most of this to defend herself from lies presented to the court byRebecca Cheuvront on behalf of her questionable clients. Ms.Chan was accused of working with Amber Martin in the past and had the burden to prove she would never had dealt with them because of her feelings toward them.
      Wendy also proved that if Ms.Cheuvront had spoken to Amber it was behind Wendys back as an accounting showed theft perpetrated by Ms. Cheuvront while employed by Ms.Chan.
      Ms.Cheuvront was fired by Ms.Chan because of theft and other things which show her lack of any character.
      Becky I ask you to please follow this through because the lies perpetrated against the people of this county by Scott Martin, Amber Martin, and Rebecca Cheuvront must come to light. Unfortunately our local neighbors apse is biased by their greed and will protect their puppets at any cost.
      This court filing is only the tip of the iceberg. Ms.Chan will be vindicated if she is treated fairly as she has done nothing wrong. Ms.Chan has defended herself and put her former client in a position to be treated fairly by people who are not used to playing fair.

    39. Anonymous (group)

      Attorney Rebecca Cheuvront, “stole $20000 from her clients”
      Rebecca Cheuvront is Amber Martin’s attorney for her Lancaster’ county Treasury position

      To see a video go to
      Attorney Rebecca Cheuvront “Stole $20000 from Clients”
      Posted on September 4, 2017 by admin
      Attorney Rebecca Cheuvront Caught Stealing $20000 from Clients.

      Has anybody ever went to the courthouse and looked up how many lawsuits have been filed Against Scott Martin and Scott’s wife Amber Martin?

      Yes that’s right. You the taxpayer get to pay for these lawsuits and their attorneys
      Shortly after these 2 took office your property tax bill went up 30%
      And let’s not forget. Scott Martin used to work for a lobbyist. Martin worked for
      Mike Musser.
      Musser runs Community Network Resources lobbying firm.
      They had 2 employs one was Martin And the other

    40. I have seen the Daddy Justice video – and yes, Attorney Wendy Chan accuses her of theft in the Green/Martin custody petition but it is unknown if law enforcement is looking into the allegations. At this point, I think it is fair to say this:

      Attorney Wendy Chans alleges in an unrelated legal document that attorney Rebecca Cheuvront stole from Chan and some of Cheuvront’s clients.

    41. Excellent reporting Please stay strong and don’t let Martin and his cronies push you around. You are doing a public service. Our local newspaper is unfair and their greed has no bounds. Don’t be pressured by these bullies. Stay strong this Is America and we need more fair and honest journalism of this type. Practice your right to free speech!

    42. Let the truth be known

      The attorney general here confirmed there were charges to be brought against Rebecca Cheuvront but because she is Chris Larson assistant DAs attorney it had to be referred to the Harrisburg District Attorney because of the clear conflict of interest. I guess it is easy to steal if you are friends with everyone in politics. The truth about the Corruption problem in Lancaster is finally going public. In addition to LIPNews maybe other larger and equally honest news outlets would be interested. Scott Martin and Lancaster newspaper are meaningless outside of this county.

    43. Here is my question Amy: Why did I waste a perfectly good vote on your opportunistic b*tch of a sister so she could QUIT IN THE MIDDLE OF HER TERM?

    44. It really is disturbing how no one seems to have any handle on how anything works.

      Rebecca Cheuvront is not the treasurers office solicitor. So that is a lie

      Amber Martin has no authority to raise any taxes. Only county commissioners can do that.

      Scott Martin has never voted to ever raise any taxes. Ever.

      Amber Martin fulfilled the end of someone else’s term and did not run for reelection.

      I realize like the same 4 people keep posting lies but it really is pathetic. Allowing people to post lies that are 100% outright lies is simply something I can not do.

      And it is certainly a tough person to “anonymously” call someone’s family member a “b@tch.” You are a chicken!

      Get your facts straight. You are now boring the rest of us.

    45. Brittany,

      Is this your first foray onto the internet? Or journalism?

      1) Not everyone who posts as “anonymous” is the same person on this site;
      2) Amber Green was elected to a four year term in Manor Township that would have expired in 2017;
      3) Calling someone a bitch, for whatever reason, is not even, remotely, cyber bullying.
      You post as if you have some authority, but with no attribution.
      So, who TF are YOU?

    46. Get YOUR facts straight. I voted for her in 2013 for a 4-year term. I guess that makes me an idiot.