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    Posted on September 10th, 2017 Becky 40 comments



    Attorneys Wendy Chan (left) and Rebecca Cheuvront

         It doesn’t get much uglier than the custody battle going on between Gerald Green and Amber Martin. Martin was previously married to Green and they have two daughters together. Martin, who is the Lancaster County Treasurer, divorced Green and then quickly married State Senator Scott Martin who married and divorced his previous wife, Heather Martin, twice.
        Gerald Green was represented by Attorney Wendy Chan and Martin is represented by Attorney Rebecca Cheuvront. The two attorneys once worked together in the same law firm and that did not end well at all! Accusations are flying in every direction!
        Cheuvront filed a “Petition for Special Relief” against Chan to get her removed from Green’s case because of multiple conflicts of interest.
         Chan did withdraw – but two astonishing parts of her initial answer to the petition are below and there will be much more coming in this explosive LIP News exclusive. Where “Father” is used it is referring to Gerald Green and “Mother” refers to Amber Martin.




    40 responses to “*** LIP NEWS EXCLUSIVE *** GREEN VS. MARTIN”

    1. What makes you think she withdrew?


    3. I hear she got fired.

    4. I do not know the circumstances but apparently Green has a new attorney:


    5. Gerald Green fired Wendy Chan for what Wendy Chan submitted to the court for this case and for another unrelated case that Gerald is also involved.

    6. Seems that way with the entry of Gearty the day before Chan withdrew.

    7. A few observations from someone that read these pretty awful documents. I am not in the business of embarrassing children so I would never write about this topic but feel compelled to provide some insight.

      1. Wendy Chan was forced to withdraw because Gerald Green fired Wendy. Gerald fired Wendy from both this matter and another unrelated matter to which Gerald is a party.

      2. If you review the documents and know anything about proper filing etiquette, you will see that Gerald Green never signed a verification form consenting to any of the claims found in either documents Wendy Chan filed. Gerald Green’s signature is no where to be found. I even asked the girl at the prothonotary’s office where Gerald’s verification was and she said nothing was ever given to them with Gerald verifying anything submitted. What court allows someone to submit documentation with no verification form? Guess because Scott Martin was named, the gossip was just too good and standards no longer mattered. Shameful as these people have kids and custody is no laughing matter.

      3. Reviewing court transcripts, Gerald Green never showed up to his custody court date. This was also confirmed by contacting the prothonotary’s office. If Gerald Green filed all this juicy gossip and Scott Martin is a bad guy, wouldn’t one think Gerald would have shown up to the court date?

      4. If you read what Wendy Chan submitted to the courts, you will immediately see Wendy’s responses were almost all about Rebecca Chevront and Wendy’s lawsuit with the county where Wendy sued the county because all 3 commissioners fired her for some unethical things. Wendy even referenced an opponent that ran against Scott Martin. What does that have to do with the matter at hand? Absolutely nothing.

      People with no agendas outside of caring about the truth would recognize this is exploitation of the highest degree. I feel bad for the kids.

    8. Well said. Thank you, Amy.

    9. Seems like there’s a lot more going on here than it seems. Should be interesting to see what happens next. Has anyone talked to Green about this? I’m sure his story would shed light on this.

    10. Exploitation of another’s pain….Hallmark of a sociopath.

    11. I read the document you posted and it looks like Wendy Chan didn’t give a shit about her client. Reminds me of other “people” who just can’t let things go.

    12. My impression of Scott Martin is that he too would exploit something like this about a political opponent. Through a third party naturally. Doesn’t make it the morally right thing to do.

    13. To the commenter who sent in a comment using the name “Huh?” – that name is kind of taken around here! The way I know it’s not huh? is because that commenter always includes an email address that I recognize and unfortunately this site has a troll that sometimes likes to pretend to be other commenters so the email address is helpful with that commenter. Anyway, could you change your name and resend the comment or give me the okay to change the name on your comment?

    14. Maybe it was my mention of other “people” who just can’t let it go. Funny thing is if it is such a person, I rarely think of that person and wasn’t referencing them in my post. It’s very sad that one’s life can be stuck so badly.

    15. Wow!!!!!! I want Wendy to represent me! Slash and burn take no prisoners!!!!! She is what we need! It is obvious the only negative was written by Amber Martin the CHEATER! And her disgraceful husband Scott lies to the Catholic churtand takes advantage of all Catholics . Who many times did he cheat? How many times divorced? How many illegal gifts did he accept? Rebecca the criminal being investigated by the attorney general! Just wait till that becomes public! Hahahaha. Too bad Mr green has always been a sucker his wife cheats on him and still controls him. How sad! The full truth will be exposed shortly. This is not over. Thank You Wendy . Finally someone with no fear!!! You go Wendy!!!!!!

    16. Mike?

      Are you really Wendy Chan? I can assure you that no one in the legal community has anything of quality to say about Wendy Chan. And I would remind you that Gerald Green and his children are not public officials. Your comments are both tasteless and speculatory.

    17. What a joke! Does anyone contribute besides Becky Cheuvront trying to defend herself from her obvious crimes?
      Amber Martin goes from nothing to county treasurer are we really that stupid? Amber Martin cheats on her husband and marries a county commissioner Is she a good role model?
      Scott Martin has been divorced how many times 3 or 4? Is he a good role model?
      Are they doing what’s best for all the children involved?
      Gerald Martin seems to always be the sucker his wife cheats on him and still controls his life. How sad!
      Becky Cheuvront at best is only a Thief but regardless she is a criminal! Is her husband still in jail? Is her daughter still in jail?
      Wendy Chan has put the spotlight on all these snakes and they can’t handle it. Good job Wendy not being afraid to stand up and fight for what is right. Wendy is the only one who has done nothing wrong. Don’t let this slimy people try and drag you down. Stay Strong! Keep fighting for our County and for what is right!

    18. “Allen” it looks like you sent in two almost identical posts so I chose the longer one to publish.

    19. Amber Martin was on the school board then a Township Supervisor, business owner and then the county treasurer. “Allen” your comments only showcase your bias and you mention “Gerald Martin?” Learn how to proof read. Amber Martin married a state senator and Gerald Green is a good man. You obvious know nothing about Gerald. Wendy Chan will certainly be fighting. To keep her law license.

    20. Stop Cryin' Amber

      So, I guess Jay didn’t miss a court date as Amy claims above. The docket shows the only hearing scheduled so far was cancelled.

    21. What a joke! Wendy stay strong! You did nothing wrong! That’s why they attack so much. How sad they are. It’s obvious where all the negativity comes from no one bothers to look at the facts. The truth will prevail keep up the fight. Go Wendy!

    22. Go Wendy!!!!!! Truth is right! They ignore the facts and attack any attempt to save their shattered image. Good job standing up for the truth. Wendy is a credit to our county. Wendy is a member of the Lancaster women’s republican club and a good Christian. Can the others say the same?

    23. You are not correct. There was a court hearing on Tuesday, August 22 which is where the conflict of interest came up. Gerald Green was not there. Nice try! The hearing that was cancelled was for the attorneys to bring their attorneys because anyone with an ounce of common sense would see this as disgraceful.

    24. attorneys to bring their attorneys?

    25. Wendy for President!

      Why doesn’t anyone address the facts? Wendy did nothing wrong but fight hard for her client. Wendy did everything anyone would have wanted if there wife cheated on them and left them for better opportunities. Unfortunately Wendy was Great and her client was weak! I would want Wendy on my side she is a bad enemy to have. Hahaha
      Wendy please continue to speak the truth and stand up for everyone in this county who has been taken advantage of for far too long.
      Wendy you are a credit to your profession and we need someone with your strength and morals in Washington. Keep up the fight.

    26. Oh, please! Hmmm…It would seem Jackson, Truth, Allen and Wendy for President are all using the same computer! Must be a big family! 😉 🙂

    27. The family just got even bigger! Boo Hoo Amber! 🙂 🙂

    28. Amber we all know all the negative reviews come from you or your criminal attorney so back off and let the citizyof this county have their say! Wendy Chan did nothing wrong but I guess the truth hurts. Sorry Amber.

    29. The truth will prevail

      To set the record straight Dennis Stuckey the Republican Commissioner supported Wendy. Scott Martin had no choice but to fire Wendy to save his reputation. Wendy found illegal practices and took charge firing the Person in charge of the park rangers because they were illegally carrying firearms putting all of the tax payers at risk of a lawsuit. Scott Martin had no choice but defend them because they kept it quiet when they found him in the Park with a woman who was no any of his wives. Oops! Wendy received $100,000.00 from the county all in an effort to protect Scott Martins false reputation.
      Wendy has always told the truth and I am glad to see she continues and stays strong no matter what the odds. Stay strong and fight the corruption. All the taxpayers of Lancaster county owe Wendy a Thank You!

    30. Becky – I was just about to make reference to all the “Wendy lovers” and their one IP address. Thank you for shedding light on their absurdity. You will all see I have consistently stated only facts and my support for Gerald in this matter. My reference to “attorneys needing attorneys” is to the list of random attorneys added to this matter. When a judge sees a fact discrepancy that came from one or both attorneys, it is standard practice to call the attorneys in (without their clients) and have the attorneys bring their attorneys to represent them. With Wendy Chan going bye bye, one can only speculate that Wendy Chan did a few legal no no’s and knew it. Sorry to upset Wendy Chan and her support system of one. No one that is a Christian would use a custody situation to air their vendettas. No matter how much you hate someone. But nice try.

    31. Thank you for the explanation 2015? !

    32. Whatever happened to the lawsuit brought against Scott Martin for using his political connections to keep his sister out of jail?
      She was high in Heroine and killed 2 innocent people, her husband and innocent son. Why no jail time? The other driver was sued Scott Martin whatever happened.? Why no jail for her anyone else would be behind bars.

    33. And because all of Chan’s friends post without any support, here is an article about Chan and her termination. I guess Chan alleged that the commissioners did not know she was Asian when they hired her but did when they fired her? That makes no sense. Scott Martin and Craig Lehman were both quoted as saying they wanted to go to trial. And Scott Martin can not fire anyone. He was not a board of one. All of the posters hurt my head. Facts matter people and you are only showcasing how no one knows anything but gossip gossip gossip.

    34. There is only one friend of Chan posting here! Now we can add “Who Cares” and “Taxpayer” to the huge family. Listen up 10 names – pick one and stick with it or I will stop posting your comments!

    35. Gerard Martin or Jerry green? Who cares? The point is he is to weak to stand up and fight for his children. Sounds like when the going gets tough he sticks his head in the sand. The children deserve better than these 3 knuckleheads.
      Good job defending yourself and your client Wendy too bad your client isn’t as strong as you.
      These people should know better then to mess with Wendy she has no fear!

    36. Don’t we pay their salary? Why are the Martins able to pick up their children at school everyday? Don’t they work? Our tax dollars wasted I guess.

    37. What a joke the newspaper owns Scott Martin they of course favor him. He voted for the convention center because they wanted it not the taxpayers. There is the truth and then there is Lancaster newspapers. The reason everyone goes to lip news is because the newspaper cannot be trusted.

    38. Poor Amber has a headache that’s nothing compared to Hell! This life is short and eternity is forever! Remember that next time you post lies or try to bully someone. You and Scott won’t last long because you are to competitive. Save us from your crap. Wendy did nothing wrong and you can’t handle it!
      Boo hoi

    39. Taxpayer (Aka Wendy?)

      Why would you say the Martin’s “pick up their kids from school everyday?” Where did that come from? And we all know now the “Wendy Lovers” are the same person, so please spare us. No where on this website or in any published documents does it reference the children and their school. Is that information coming from attorney client privileged communication? Ut oh!

    40. Becky
      Amber Martin not only cheated on her now ex husband with Scott Martin, she also had an affair with a married police officer. There are others.
      I investigate for a living and the investigation is by a private person, who cares about our community. . Maybe Scott Martin should see what Amber does while he is not around.

      Scottie is doing same thing. Maybe it is an open marriage. At least I am convinced of this. Our citizens don’t care. But, the good people of Lancaster deserve better.

      Amber Martin and Scott Martin deserve each other they’re one and the same both cheaters and liars and manipulators. You cannot believe a word that comes out of either of their mouths. There is only one thing that is important to these 2 individuals
      ( Money )

      The relationship is very strange. I think Amber is 30 and Scottie 50. That alone tells you something.

      We the tax payers are paying for it
      Vote these 2 out of office

      Just because your a republican does not make you clean and moral.