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    Posted on September 26th, 2017 Becky 1 comment


         A sampling of the excellent comments posted on Lancaster Online under the LNP article, “Lemon Street row houses to come down for ‘pocket’ park,” are below (click here).  Can Republican Cindy Stewart pull out a win in the city? Someone has to give a crap about the people living in Lancaster!
    —  Three less properties on the tax role. Guess who’ll be making up the difference?
    —  This city does what it wants. What a stupid reason for taking houses down in a decent part of the city. The Development Authority are a bunch of ignorant people ( that was nice!) who don’t give two craps about people living in Lancaster. They don’t care what people think that live there. What a very stupid place to put a pocket park. They should pull whatever is stuck up their rear end and listen to the public, like that would Ever happen.
    —  Three less rental properties. Three less properties for the tax base. Oh that’s right, it’s in the “nice” part of town.
    —  Tearing down three properties that can be easily renovated, for a park that is a average size of a back yard in the city. Lancaster has no intentions of affordable housing! They are liars and hypocrites who are steadily screwing over the city yet they get re-elected, or re-appointed. Its long overdue to clean house and get these clowns out of office.


    Screenshot from the LanCity Connect Facebook page taken at 2:55 pm today.

    *      Poor Mark! He posts regularly on the LanCity Connect Facebook page and always stays polite but is still waiting for service! What is going on? Can someone give this man service?



          The developer behind the downtown Marriott hotel expansion has agreed to make a “voluntary payment” of about $48,500 to resolve a disagreement with the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Lancaster.
    From the LNP article, “Developer to make full 2017 PILOT payment for downtown Marriott expansion,” (click here).
          What a bunch of  hooey and lies! There are not enough words  for what a greedy, nasty, lying company LNP is! “Reporter” Tim Stuhldreher’s and LNP’s “disclaimer” is now just:
         An affiliate of LNP’s parent company is a limited partner in Penn Square Partners.
         And Stuhldreher has a second article today, “Lemon Street row houses to come down for ‘pocket’ park,” (click here).
         And Mayoral candidate and current city council member Danene Sorace keeps trying to talk about helping the entire city when everyone knows that’s not true and a bunch of lies on her part! And she flat-out lied about the CRIZ deal for the Marriott and said taxpayers are not on the hook when, in fact, they most certainly are! City Council and Sorace are an absolute disgrace!

    This Cindy Stewart?

         And speaking of the mayor’s race, there is a Letter to the Editor in today’s LNP print edition regarding county taxes from a “Cindy Stewart, Lancaster city,” (click here). Is this the Cindy Stewart who is the Republican Candidate for Mayor? 
         She states:
         Do our taxing authorities have any idea that their constituents have to pay for the mistakes of their contractor? Bureaucracy at its finest!
         Ridiculous! You go, Cindy!
    Please check back later today.


    One response to “AFTERNOON UPDATE – * HOOEY & LIES & A $75 “OTHER FEE!””

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