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  • * UPDATE *** – ** – * FUN ON THE INTERNET!

    Posted on September 15th, 2017 Becky 12 comments

      I obviously went off topic today and will be back on topic tomorrow.
         Have a great Friday!  

    I am so annoyed! Maybe I will print a “retraction” and use his name like five times! Nasty piece of work!


          Considering these deputies are supervised by deputy Lepler, you can not believe their version of this incident.
    Posted as a comment on Lancaster Online under the story, “Shots fired as fugitive tries to run over deputies before pursuit near Christiana,” (click here).
         That would be Christopher Leppler, (double “p”) who is the Republican’s candidate for Sheriff in the November election.
         That is a very strong statement – but Leppler is a public official. And where is the updated information on this story District Attorney Craig Stedman? We’re waiting!

    ***   Holy crap! $399 a month (click here)? Hey, I’ll google your name weekly for just $99 a month!

    **   If I print a “full retraction,” that will put his name back on this site after I nicely took it off! WTH?

    *    Maybe he uses “Brand Yourself!” Apparently you pay them and they will google your name periodically. Nice! And they’re in Lancaster! Click here for LNP’s, “New York firm coming to Lancaster, expects to create 100 full-time jobs .” I wonder how they’re doing with the 100 jobs? 


    A message received yesterday.

         Sigh. You do a person a favor and they decide to go on a power trip. Good luck with all of that nonsense, buddy! I’m shaking in my boots!
    Please check back later today.


    12 responses to “* UPDATE *** – ** – * FUN ON THE INTERNET!”

    1. I love a mystery with a hint or two. Would you post the initials of the person who wrote you that?

    2. K.G.

    3. Over a month ago I received and ran an email on this site of all the Facebook names convicted stalker Steve Markle was using on Lancaster Online. Yesterday, I received a (very nasty) phone call from one of those named. I looked him up and he seemed to be legitimate and not Markle and I took his name down as requested. That is the only time in my recollection the man’s name appeared on this site in over 12 years of publishing and I took it down and his name no longer appears on this site. End of story.

      * Edited to correct – it was not over a month ago – it was towards the end of August.

    4. I’m sure K.G. is the only person in the world with the same name. No good deed…

    5. 🙂 Well, there is that… 🙂 🙂

    6. What you say makes sense, Becky, especially if you have removed his name from your website. It won’t come up in searches anymore.


      If he demands a correction, give it to him. And be sure to mention his name five times. Brilliant.

      Or you can ignore him and double down. Then you can demand the same be done for you with your libelist and slanderer. And show him how nobody really cares these days about righting wrongs unless you are the Queen or the local DA. Or a police chief who posts his children’s pictures publicly on the internet but says that they are ‘in danger’ if someone else posts them.

      And they wonder why Lancaster has over 20 unsolved murders and is rated as one of the crime ridden cities in Pa. Worse than the city that is usually made fun of which is York.

    7. Yes, and I will have to post his Facebook profile pic with it so people make sure they know which of all the people with that name is him! 🙂

    8. And while I’m at it, I think I’ll send him all my emails and throw in my bank statements for good measure! What kind of moron like this works for a “multinational corporation?”

    9. Answers are coming!

    10. Thank you to the person who sent me the heads up yesterday. All Markle does is spend hours and hours creating his fake accounts and networks. Astonishing! His insanity level is through the roof!

    11. A random google search did not pull up the person’s name who demanded a retraction and an email and later told me about the success rate of defamation lawsuits! LOL! He is “friends” with at least three of Steven Markle’s fake accounts and Markle alerted him and probably also gave him the absolute nonsense wording he sent to me. You have been fooled!

      Despite your nasty attitude, I looked you up, realized whoever emailed me was wrong, and took your name down. If you think you can sue this site for defamation, when there are multiple people with your name and there was no further identification given, and it was up for two weeks on a small site that earns no revenue whatsoever, then you go for it! I am still waiting for that call from your lawyer and would very much enjoy speaking with him or her! Goodday!

    12. I wonder what he would do if I went to my twitter or Facebook account and “told” the world how stupid he is? 🙂

      Okay, I’m done!