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    Posted on September 7th, 2017 Becky 3 comments



         Someone has been very busy working on Michael Baker’s case/docket this afternoon. Under the original, posted here yesterday with a filing date of 9-1, all of the charges were “withdrawn” and the case “closed” (see below).
         If was refiled today with a different arresting officer, bail revoked and the additional charge of attempted murder added (that docket was posted today and is immediately below). They really are trying to put Michael Baker in jail for years and years.
         Apparently things in this case are much different than originally reported by LNP in their story on September 5th titled, “16-year-old Manheim Township boy charged after pointing loaded gun at brother,” (click here).
         What is going on? I will try to find out.        


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    ***  They have now revoked 16-year-old Michael Baker’s bail and added a third felony – Criminal Attempt at Homicide. 

    **   I will call the Lancaster Branch and report back.

    *   County GOP Chairman Dave Dumeyer voiced agreement with a shocking “both sides” statement equating white supremacists and neo-Nazis with their protesters (“Local leader behind Trump,” Aug. 17). He should step down.
    From a Letter to the Editor in today’s LNP print edition (click here).


          Last night the sheep of the GOP endorsed Chris Leppler over Louie Rodriguez. For the first time the GOP had an opportunity to endorse a highly qualified career law enforcement professional and respected Latino but instead went with Chris Leppler who could never rise above sergeant by his own merits and has a horrendous financial history. And he flipped off President Judge Reinaker and was suspended for it a few months back. Another committee man called Leppler out about the incident and Leppler bold faced lied to everyone.  
         Most racist crap I have ever witnessed. The embarrassment on so many faces when that vote was read was astounding. 30% of committee people were not even there in person. By proxy fake voting and a fixed convention won it for Leppler. Charles Hamilton even endorsed Louie Rodriguez!!!! Spineless and corrupt Dave Dumeyer made people vote on a second round ballot before giving Hamilton the right to speak and endorse Louie. GOP is a joke. You need to look into how many republican committee members receive government pay checks of some sort. No true republican can respect what has happened to this party.
    This comment in this morning (thank you).
    Click here for LNP’s, “Sergeant Deputy Sheriff Chris Leppler secures Lancaster County GOP nomination in election to replace Mark Reese,” and here for, Democrats pick former city police officer Genetti to compete for ex-Sheriff Mark Reese’s seat in November election,” and please check back later today.


    3 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE *** BREAKING NEWS *** – ** – * FLIPPED OFF A JUDGE?”

    1. Same Ole, Same Ole. The Dems do it in the City and the GOP does it in the County. We don’t need one or the other, we need real change and it ain’t on the horizon. The local power elite, OF BOTH PARTIES, Is not concerned about the public, they are only concerned about themselves and holding on to their own power! We need outsiders. Not outsiders in the sense of idiots like Trump, we need outsiders in the sense of people willing to put the public /principal before themselves and their benefactors.

    2. Yawn. Politics as usual with the Lancaster GOP. Did anyone seriously think Rodriquez would beat Leppler? They don’t care about the candidates background or financial status. It’s all about faithful party service. Oh, and back scratches.

    3. What am I missing? A kid holds a gun to his little brother’s head. Mom calls cops. Kid is arrested. Where’s the racism part?